Tax the hole and not the pump please

September 18, 2008
Dear minister of the environment,
To relieve any concerns of oil company’s “leaving” this country, not that they ever would. This minister should know that their are other oil company’s that would be glad to step in and take over from those who would “leave”.
In fact the sooner any would “leave” the better for this country.
The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are the ones that have made the messes by allowing these company’s too much leeway when it comes to polluting and screwing up the federal transfer system (Paul Martin/Danny Williams). Show this country the government cares about their environment by playing hardball with the Alberta wetland destroying oil sands developers.Albertans do not want their wetlands drained and polluted and ruined , help them, please, and raise the oil taxes while lowering fuel taxes or go join the Liberal talk allots and do us all a favour.
Go hardball on these oil guys and make them “leave the country” if you can, there’s other oil company’s that would likely pay to take that oil from Canada’s oil-sands even if it the price was fifty dollars a barrel.
Hit them between the eyes, big guy.Raise the oil taxes to pay for the environment and lower fuel taxes at the pump to relieve everybody else, please.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario



September 18, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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