“National Assembly of Quebec”

September 21, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
I find listening to Gilles Duceppe MP very disturbing.
Gilles Duceppe MP for the Bloc Quebecois and the leader of the Bloc in Canada’s federal parliament says that “Quebec is a Nation” and “that is why Quebec has a National Assembly”. I’m not making this up I’m listening to him right now on CBCnewsworld. Gillles Duceppe MP is traitor by law.
Why would someone who belongs to another Nation be allowed to hold a seat in Canada’s federal parliament? Is this not disturbing to our members of parliament most of whom recently voted to make “the Quebecois a nation within this nation”?
I’m extremely “disturbed” listening to this “foreigner” making his demands from his seat as a federal member of parliament.
Extremely disturbing to hear Jean Charest the premiere of the nation of Quebec agrees with Gilles Duceppe MP.
Some states would consider this type of activity criminal at least if not out right a declaration of war! Where are our leaders, where is Jack Layton Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion? Where is the Conservative leadership?
\ This “Quebecois as a nation” business and listening to these traitors Jean Charest and Gilles Duceppe is very disturbing.
Foreigners should not hold seats in a federal parliament.
Are you insane or disturbed perhaps?
What’s going on behind closed doors in this “country” who else are you selling this country out too?
Enough said?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. When should we be hearing of the criminal indictment of KarlHeinz Schreiber for admitted bribing a federal member of parliament? Looking forward to your reply even though I still haven’t heard if your going to run for the federal seat again. I’d advise, maybe not.
Get the foreigners out of the house of commons please!


September 21, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics


  1. “Foreigners should not hold seats in a federal parliament.”

    Those foreigners you speak of were there on this land before your puny country existed.

    Plus these foreigners (by this I assume you mean the Quebec Nation, which is about 25% of the Canadian population) still pay taxes to the federal, so we will elect whoever we feel like, thank you.

    Please do not comment Quebec politics until you are not that ignorant. But then, for someone who thinks religion and politics go together, that might be a little much too ask.


    Comment by PhilT | September 21, 2008

  2. “Those foreigners” were defeated in a war maybe you haven’t heard yet?
    Canada has been a crown country since long before confederation maybe you’ve heard of that?
    Now that you mention it though Quebec receives transfers from the rest the country and is the only “Nation” in Canada that has it’s own tax form.
    I say Q.P.P. out, R.C.M.P. in, A.S.A.P.,
    because some are just too ignorant to be in charge of their own “Nation”!
    Concerning “politics and religion” that idiotic Liberals and “Democrats” are always whining about I would refer you to the top posted page click on the link to “The Magna Carta”?
    What if your religion was science and evolution speaking of “IGNORANT”?

    Comment by blanks57 | September 21, 2008

  3. Canadians: Filled with filthy racists since 1867.

    Comment by jasmincormier | September 22, 2008

  4. jasmin, sorry you think being law abiding and pointing out the criminals that are the Bloc Quebecois or any other separatist in the federal parliament is “racist”?
    You are obviously mentally-ill and in need of a treatment centre, maybe “the Bloc” can fund you one?
    The half-educated and libelous comments such as Phil and “jasmin’s” are no longer published here.

    Comment by blanks57 | September 22, 2008

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