Stolen E. I. Surplus, etc.

September 21, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
These are some very troubling questions that I sent to the NDP Leader as a reply to their e-letter;
-Elizabeth May was born in the U.S.A. and should not be leading a Canadian political party even if she is now a Canadian citizen?
-I have not heard anything from this NDP about Canada’s fifty four billion dollar E.I. surplus that Harper said was “spent ten years ago”?
-Why did the E.I. surplus get spent without anyone even noticing?
-How does this happen?
-Everyone in this government has some serious explaining to do.
-About making “the Quebecois a nation” and spending a fifty four billion dollar tax surplus.
raise some very serious questions and quite possibly legal or even criminal liability.
-Where’s the explanations?
-How is someone born in a foreign country running for the leadership of this country an no- one says anything?
-Maybe your not paid enough is that the real problem, you need another hundred percent pay raise?
Lower workers taxes first please.
Gerry Ritz should be removed as minister. “Job Stress” is no excuse for me if I run someone over while driving a truck or a taxi, it’s certainly no excuse for you either and I support him as a the Ag. Minister.There is also a rumour that Ritz is abusing the use of alcohol while “at work”.
This government should not be starting a new crown corporation to manage the E.I. funds without first taking measures to return the stolen” fifty four billion dollar E.I. surplus”!
Please don’t make me involve the police with my emails anymore and just do your jobs.
-Flaherty should be fired from finance, if Conservatives win the election of course, which is quite” iffy” at this point. He and this government is 100% responsible now for the stolen E.I. surplus.
Yours Truly,
*, Ontario


September 21, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics

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