Lower taxes first

September 26, 2008
Dear member of parliament **,**,
“Lowering taxes” – “creating jobs” and “helping the economy” while running a surplus?
Lowering the tax rate of the lowest income bracket and with the intention of removing lowest income earners in this country from the income taxes altogether is what’s needed. There are many benefits from lowering the cost of operating a business to putting money in the pockets of consumers to lowering seniors taxes while reducing social spending costs, all at the same time.Low income earners in this country are the most vulnerable to economic changes and mortgage costs in society and deserve the most attention to tax cuts- first and welfare-handouts from Liberal-panderers-last.
The Liberals, the Bloc, the NDP and the Greens have all gone overboard with C02 worries. Real science does not support any of the rhetoric of greenhouse gases or any need for C02 capture or a carbon credit exchange. The Alberta wetlands and the ground environment need the most protection. The dam on the Fraser River that has ruined the lives of the local natives and changed the course of the fishery on that great river should be removed “busted”. There are alternative methods of producing energy now. Dams on the rivers in this country are a natural disaster and a national embarrassment.
Sorry but ‘the carbon is bad people’ are still setting the agenda with rhetoric and stand to be corrected.
I suggested raising the basic deductible amount during the last election to twenty thousand dollars and Jack Layton even used the idea in his election run. I think a better way though is to eliminate the lowest tax bracket and make some adjustments to the other rates by increasing the top rate by 4 to 6 points.Anyone who earns less than twenty thousand thousand dollars would not be charged federal income tax. Between twenty to thirty thousand dollars should pay no more than five percent federal income tax.Use any “surplus” for this purpose to lower business costs, create jobs, help consumers and the “working poor” and seniors to survive in this very shaky economy.
Government spending bad, (Dion, Layton, Duceppe, May), tax cutting good (Harper). May and Dion also being foreigners that should not even be allowed to run for Canada’s highest elected office.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario
P.S. Dump the Official Languages Act into a ‘Trudeaupian’ garbage can at the first possible chance if you win a majority government.


September 26, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics


  1. Right on. Canadian households spend at least 45% of their income on taxes at all levels. This doesn’t leave much room for the bare essentials of life (food, clothing, shelter), does it?

    For starters, we need to implement a flat tax for all personal income of no more than 15%.

    Comment by Werner Patels | September 28, 2008

  2. Yes, a flat tax is a good idea but should not apply to those “living in poverty” that goes for the provinces too and should be made a law.
    The poor in this country are paying for their own “welfare”, that’s Liberal politics in my view.

    Comment by blanks57 | September 28, 2008

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