You cost this country too much

September 27, 2008
Dear members of parliament,
I was reading that Canada spends four thousand five hundred dollars for every person on average for health care costs each year.
A family of four would cost the tax payers of Canada twenty thousand dollars a year.
How do the politicians of this country imagine that Canadians can afford a National or a Provincial Child Day Care System? I say the politicians are attaching some expenses to our society that can not be afforded by those who are paying the bills and they are bankrupting this nation, again.
Business do not pay their fair share of Canadian taxes. Businesses in Canada only pay one third of the overall tax bill each year yet they receive as much of the benefit if not even more.Canadian business has a big advantage over American business and still we must make excuses to lower business taxes, even then can’t keep jobs from leaving the country.
Canadians can not afford to pay the costs of all the Liberal vote pandering of Jack Layton and Stephane Dion or Elizabeth May who wasn’t even born in Canada or Gilles Duceppe who says that Quebec is a separate nation while holding a seat in Canada’s federal parliament, quack. Ya, we should be worried about the U.S. economy with these morons in charge of this country.
Honestly some politicians like Brian Mulroney PM sneak around in society when they should be in the general population at the Kingston penitentiary. Leaving the idea to some that they can take advantage of Canadians and get away with it as long as they have friends.
Low income earners are the ones who are paying the bills and costs in this country and you bums better start getting a clue if you asked me.
Listening to Dion and the Green Shaft and Elizabeth May and her ‘the sky is falling’ and Duceppe’s everything in Canada revolves around Quebec is truly stomach turning from the most pandering bunch of special interests.Gilles Duceppe is a racist by his own definition that he supported in Canada’s parliament, a typical “commie”.
We have more than enough serious problems here without worrying about what U.S. politicians have caused to happen to their own economy.
Some of you would be better off being in the U.S. government and should likely move there, first, asap.
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Do abrogate the official languages Act, NAFTA and the metric system, please.Do not forget to get back “the 54 billion dollar E.I. surplus” “spent” by the Liberals. Gilles Duceppe MP isn’t just a separatist he is also a criminal like Brian Mulroney and Karl Heinz Schreiber, do something, please.


September 27, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics


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