Dear NCC

reply to NCC newsletter,

Health care in Canada has been pretty good to me, the cost is an issue though.
The only Canadians looking for a “Choice in healthcare” that I know are those opening private womans health care (“abortion”) clinics?
What does “choice in health care” mean to the NCC?
Choice to buy your own health care insurance to get bet “better” care, then go through what Americans do and sell your house to get the proper care when the health insurance company won’t pay?
Get serious please.
I support the Conservatives but private health clinics are only supported by Henry Morgentaller and those who support his kind of blackmailing Liberal politics.
Do clarify what you mean by “Choice in health care” for your readers?
American health care is only good if you can afford it!
Ie., are a Millionaire at least, or John, (I’m not sure how many houses I own or how many lobbyists work for me), McCain.
I would support McCain over Obama but he still needs a math test and a moral compass.
We do not want Americans telling Canadians what to do, period.
I’m surprised that no one has raised Elizabeth May’s birth state as an issue in this election?

October 03, 2008


Thanks for your email. We are not advocating privatizing health care- we do believe the system is broken and needs to be fixed. Disagree totally with your comments that we have a secret agenda – I do appreciate your comments with respect to prevention of health costs. We will be continuing with our health care campaign with the assistance of Dr. Schumacher and hope to have a report ready by the spring that will offer concrete suggestions for easily implementable improvements to the health care system.

We do believe in the public system but being on a waiting list is not access to health care and we need to get more doctors and health care professionals into the system- they will pay for themselves by helping people before they get sick and cost the system even more.

Would like to hear your feedback on what needs to be done to improve the health care system.

Again, many thanks for your email.

Please send me your feedback at your convenience

Best regards

Peter *

“Peter *” <p*>

“We are not advocating privatizing health care-”
Glad to hear that, I think Henry Mortgentaller is really the only one that is doing that.
If “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, then Canada should “get rid” of the metric system, a.s.a.p. : )
Then rid this country of the Official Languages Act, Paul Martin/Danny Williams version of the Atlantic Accords, and scrap NAFTA.
Health care is being plucked by all the other social spending especially provincial child day care.
They want it all and someone else to pay for it.
Canadian tax payers do not and never will have enough money to pay for all the new social spending programs.


October 2, 2008 - Posted by | Miscellaneous

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