Scrap the CRTC?

Dear winner of the next federal election in Canada,
Which should be whoever cuts the lowest federal tax bracket and applies income splitting fairly to all Canadian families.Conservatives more likely gaining a majority by doing so.
Whoever wins, could they please do something about the CRTC which seems to have little difficulty with Canadians watching 24 hours a day of CNN while preventing the FOX News from broadcasting here altogether?
Canada does not need the CNN or FOX News really, so should not allow the CNN to broadcast here either. Is this blatant political broadcasting discrimination against the “right-wing” in Canada.
Or, just scrap Canada’s CRTC and open the market up and scrap the CBC too which is so Liberally biased, especially the CBC Radio Overnight program.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada


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From the roots, up


Dear member of parliament for *****


“Income-splitting”should be for all Canadian families.
Attention should be payed to cutting income taxes of “the poor”, first.
Tax parity between Business/Industry and individuals should be a “social goal” and Business should be cut off from “Corporate Welfare” including any tax relief.

Manufacturing jobs in Canada are being lost due to the Free Trade deal and the Canadian dollars rise to U.S. parity which makes exports more expensive – “abrogate” Free Trade/NAFTA.
Health Care,- “An ounce of prevention……
Marijuana is a “gateway drug”, do build more jails and increase criminal drug sentencing, greatly.
Tobacco is an even bigger gateway drug ,do criminalize the sales of nicotine products.
Alcohol may not be a “gateway drug” in my very non-“expert” opinion.
Global Warming/ Climate Change is mostly a left-wing political fraud, “Kill” Kyoto.

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Smog costs the health care system

October 03, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * * *,
Tobacco nicotine and “smog”.
Nicotine should be made a controlled (banned) substance in Canada and the discrimination by outrageous and ridiculous (criminal really) taxation by Canada’s government’s against some who are “addicted” to these legal products stopped, or individuals should face hate crimes charges.
Smog, caused mostly by automobiles and coal powered electricity plants without scrubbers are costing the health care system in Canada money, – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
Put scrubbers on the coal plants and introduce California like smog controls on the automobiles.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Do rid Canada of the metric system, official languages Act and please “abrogate” Free Trade in Canada, like someone promised to once.
Do not build any new nuclear power plants in Canada please unless they are absolutely necessary.

“Global Warming/Climate Change” in Canada is not “man made” or “man caused”.

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The NDP is a fraud

reply to the NDP newsletter,

How can Canada afford giving those with a net income of $188,000.00 or less, “more”?
The NDP is a bomb for the working people of this country.
Bob Rae legalized Sunday shopping when he was the NDP premier of Ontario, how does that help the average working person?
The NDP is a fraud.

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