No Deal

Flaherty meets with G7

October 11, 2008
Dear the Minister of Finance the Honourable Jim Flaherty, MP,
Canada should not have any part of signing any “deals”, “treaties” or “agreements” with the same ‘morons’ that are responsible for this mortgage/economy/banking/credit – crisis in the U.S.
I sent an email to this minister and Cc: to the Ontario minister of finance last year after George Bush blamed “the borrowers” and not the lenders for what was then only a “mortgage crises” in the U.S. I mentioned that was wrong for President Bush and that he had “missed the ball” by blaming the borrowers when the lenders were the ones that caused the problem.
Their government is responsible for this mess and for letting the irresponsible lobbying schemers to take charge of the policy making of their government.
The U.S. government’s own corruption is the real cause of the trillions of dollars in losses and bailouts being suffered.
Let them fix their own mess.
Beware of any “deals” with them or the European’s and this finance minister if re-elected should try to get back the TSX from the S&P in Toronto asap.
I support the Conservative Party of Canada this time and “the abrogation” of ‘Free Trade’ or NAFTA.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. What has NAFTA done for Canada’s softwood lumber industry or Canadian manufacturers lately?


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