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We don’t need no stinking … “Brokers”

CRA and Canada Labour

October 15, 2008
Dear * *, Member of Parliament for *-*, *,
If successfully re-elected and Conservatives are the new government I would ask that the Liberal federal labour law in this country be fixed or repaired.
Really it isn’t the law that is “Liberal” it is the application of the Labour and Revenue Agency laws.
Canada Revenue Agency does not apply the definition of employee to all federally regulated workers in Canada fairly and does leave some employee’s working as “contractors” and some temporary workers taking the place of permanent employees such as at ‘* * Transport’ (I know because I used to work there) in Mississauga ON.
Canada Revenue Agency is being negligent and the Canada Labour Code is not being enforced ethically or even legally
Canada’s trucking industry and temporary employers are abusing their rights and the workers of this country.
This may not be easy to fix.
Canada Revenue Agency and the Canada Labour Program need to be held “accountable” to the taxpayers and electors of this country especially for not collecting from federally regulated employee’s the same taxes and premiums that the rest of Canadian employees are required to pay.
Both these government Agencies may likely need to be dismantled or seriously reworked.
Like the Liberalized courts across this country they are incompetent.
Federally regulated trucking industry in Canada needs much attention from the tax collectors and labour enforcers of this country. Don’t ask them, ask me, I’m, the one who votes, not * International or * * * in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
Good Luck to the Conservatives today.

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Vote Marijuana?

I do not support the Brian Mulroney/Pierre Trudeau vision of “Free Trade“, so I should not vote Conservative.

I do not support carbon taxes or the idea of “man made” “Global Climate Change” so I should not vote Liberal, NDP or Green.

I do not live in the region of Quebec or support communists so I can not vote for the Bloc Quebecois.

This leaves me on the “fringe“.

Or, “the lesser evil“?

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