Vote Marijuana?

I do not support the Brian Mulroney/Pierre Trudeau vision of “Free Trade“, so I should not vote Conservative.

I do not support carbon taxes or the idea of “man made” “Global Climate Change” so I should not vote Liberal, NDP or Green.

I do not live in the region of Quebec or support communists so I can not vote for the Bloc Quebecois.

This leaves me on the “fringe“.

Or, “the lesser evil“?


October 14, 2008 - Posted by | Canadian Politics | , ,

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  1. You are correct. Who should we vote for?

    Vote independent or for one of the small parties.

    The main parties do not work for Canada or Canadians.

    They work for their masters.

    A strong message must be sent.

    Please read the Green Agenda and the Cloak of Green via my site or google.

    You won’t be a happy camper, but you will understand what is going on.

    Our halls of govt. are filled with traitors, and they must be exposed.

    Interesting times lay ahead!

    Comment by atomcat | October 14, 2008

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