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I heard the premier’s say they would be deficit spending “if necessary” too.
I watched the TV broadcasts of the Francophone summit and the premier’s meetings and

heard the prime minister and the finance minister say before the premier’s that Canada “would” and “could” run a deficit. Prime minister Harper even seems to think that Quebec can run itself like another country rather than as a province accountable to the federal government of Canada.

Ontario’s finance minister is projecting a five hundred million dollar deficit in a province that has had a twenty plus billion dollar surplus over the past few years and has not paid down any of their debt and have managed to increase the debt by thirty billion dollars.
I think the premier’s of Canada and especially Jean Charest of Quebec and the prime minister are acting out of control and behaving radically and even treacherously with Canada and Canadians.
Even the recent interest rate cut by the Bank of Canada seems completely unreasonable while the dollar is already falling and the prices of commodities and oil are plummeting.

Possibly following the “leadership of business” isn’t working?

Whatever is going on is treacherous if you asked me and not something easily fixed if at all.
These guys do what they want when they want and don’t give a flying leap what the outcome is or what the the people of Canada care about. They’re out of control in my opinion.Much more so in Ontario and especially Quebec.

I think the law needs to get involved with what is going on in with Charest and Duceppe and this federal government’s dealings with them.



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