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How about the missing E.I. surplus that was supposed to have been “capped at twenty billion dollars”? The media is reporting this to be at fifty seven billion dollars now while the NDP asks the prime minister where the surplus is? The PM’s response was that it was “spent ten years ago by the Liberals” and apparently the answer has satisfied everyone in parliament because there has been no further questions about it that I have heard.

That E.I.surplus sure would be good to have at a time like this.

I think there is something criminal going on when this kind of absolute rip-off occurs and then is totally ignored by those who could do something.

So much for the “government of accountability” as far as I’m concerned.



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Nominations open until Nov. 14th

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Beyond belief – “ghg” and politicians

Subject: “Integrated carbon market” – No thanx!

November 05-08
Dear Member of Parliament for *, *, * *
Does Canada need an “integrated carbon market” to cut down on “ghg” when Stephen Harper has said that ghg’s do not even exist?
Science, real science, has proven that global warming is “historical”, “predictable” and the most likely cause is activity of the sun and not carbon dioxide emissions!
I agree with Stephen Harper and real climate scientists.
Dr. David Suzuki is a Botanist and Al Gore is a politician, these people should not be setting our public policy based on their fantasies, even when they know better.
‘Officials told CP the Conservatives had been waiting for Bush’s replacement to be elected before they began working with the incoming president to design an integrated carbon market’
I’m tired of learning about things like this. Every time I turn around Harper has another “Fiberal” piece of garbage plan in the works, the guy should be thrown out of the Conservative Party, never mind the government.He has literally committed sedition and seditious libel by referring to and calling “Quebec a Nation” along with Jean Charest MPP and Gilles Duceppe MP. That adds up to about twenty one years in a prison for each if convicted.
Our leaders seem unable to control themselves quite frankly, Dalton McGuinty tells “200 lies” to get elected and commits hate crimes by canceling the Ontario Private School Tax Credit while continuing to fund private Catholic schools and now Harper is committing indictable criminal offences in Quebec.
Canadians do not seem to get a break from leaders who can not be trusted.
We do not need a “carbon credit market”, please ask our elected Ministers in charge to read up on the subject of sun activity and maybe learn before they leap for a change.
Sincerely Yours,


Feds confirm plan

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BBC censures “deniers”

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Subject: I’m surprised

Dear Member of Parliament for *,*,
Not that Barak Obama won the the U.S. presidential election since it was the Democrats turn to win but that this Conservative government of Canada has let a golden opportunity to fillet the Liberals and return to Canadian tax payers their E.I.surplus.
I can not understand how this could happen?
This “fifty seven billion dollar E.I. Surplus” would sure be nice for tax payers and the workers and even the government to have in their back pocket at a time like this.
Could you please explain to me in writing how this government can do nothing and has done nothing to return Canada’s 57 billion dollar E.I. surplus to Canadians or did take no action to hold those responsible for “spending” this “rainy day” account and that was supposed to have been “capped at twenty billion dollars” ?
Makes no sense to me why or how our government could let this happen?
Do nothing for working people and wonder why they don’t vote for you or are being “apathetic” toward voting?
What goes around comes around?
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I did receive a letter from the Minister of Finance any yourself explaining some new bureaucracy being created to babysit the HRDC but I read nothing to explain how the surplus which should now be treated as a criminal theft as far as I’m concerned was to be recovered. Harper is being all talk about “accountability” but seems quite useless when it comes to accounting.

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