mad Jack

Subject: I heard Jack Layton say he would “abolish the senate”.

Dear member of parliament for * – *, *,
Would not that give the Prime Minister enough support to do that very thing?
I would prefer an elected senate if that is possible?
“The Senate was intended to mirror the British House of Lords, in that it was meant to represent the social and economic élite.”
I was reading the reason for having an appointed senate was due to the fear that if elected they could be more popular than the house of commons. This seems like a legitimate reason for appointing the senate to me.
What about electing them while ensuring their numbers are always less than the number of mp’s, this would always ensure the senate could not ‘out-do’ though still have a say?
All I know for sure is that these ‘life time appointments’ (until age 75) do not seem very democratic. Just forcing a limit to the time the senators are allowed to hold office and getting rid of the age discrimination may be of enough benefit. Something needs to be done and if Jack Layton mp would support abolishing the senate may be he would also support making it more democratic, ie., say, eight year term limits instead of basically as is now, for life.
The senate should probably not be abolished completely even though I think that would be a better choice than leaving it, as is.
May be “we” could ask mad-Jack if he can help?
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I hear that *-* still needs a “Icebreaker”. Let’s get something going on there please, we need the jobs and all that goes with that. Obviously not a ship that is just an icebreaker, possibly some kind of search&rescue or military type vessel stationed here of course. We need that here and especially the jobs that could go with it.


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one ice breaker please

Subject: did I mention we need a Ice Breaker?

Dear Member’s of Parliament for *-*, *,

Yes, I think I did somewhere.

Of course I did not mean a polar-class icebreaker. A ship that will break ice, is that too much to ask? That’s needed here and the jobs that go with it being stationed in the area would be very welcome.
The trouble here I think is waiting for a icebreaker when it is needed and then it not being able to break through the ice because the ice build-up before the icebreaker can get here. That is why it needs to be stationed here.
Let’s use a pittance of the billions of dollars your government is throwing around for “make-work projects” to finally get this area something it needs and has needed for decades.
I can not believe there isn’t already a Icebreaker on this side of the Niagra Falls? At least not from what I can glean from the Canada Coast Guard’s web page. There doesn’t seem to be any stationed in the Great Lakes area at all?
Christmas is coming, call “Santa” and order me one please.
Tell him we also need the job’s here that would go with it, and I want a station too, a big one, may be ask for a Polar Class even though I know he’s out of those.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. Not kidding

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the CBC killed Global and an eye for an eye

Oct. 08, 2009
Dear the Minister of Heritage and Official Languages,
I’m writing to the minister to mention that the OLA should be scrapped, especially since Gilles Duceppe MP has even agreed that Canadian’s do not need this act. I could not agree more. This act does nothing for the French or the English except cause brain damage among those who think they are “bilingual” in my opinion. I say let the frogs be frogs and let the other ninety percent of us be free of this useless Liberal burden act.
I’m also writing today to hopefully point out to this minister that the CBC’s existance is likely the REAL reason CanWest is now going bankrupt.
Why is the CBC still receiving public funding if it is going to continue running commercials?
Can you fix the CBC without destroying it, like I could, overnight – no pun intended.
Please force the CBC to stop running commercials and earn their own keep like TVO, or get rid of it all together. That should be the only choice and if done sooner may have prevented what is occuring now at CanWest?
Why wait the CBC is a corporate welfare tax sucking business let’s “fix” it or “kill” it, please.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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“revenue neutral”

October 08, 2009
Dear member of parliament for * -*, *,
This “HST” being forced on to the Canadian public and on the Provinces by your finance minister is not really “revenue neutral” as some have suggested.
In fact this “HST” is going to increase taxes on individuals while lowering taxes for business, a backwards step if you asked me. This may be “revenue neutral” for the government books but not for those of us already paying the lion’s share of taxes in this country.
Unless you plan on lowering the taxes of individuals while increasing business taxes at the same time as you implement your HST I would very strongly suggest rather flushing this “new tax” down the toilet where it belongs. It is quite frankly just Horse Shit after all like Canada’s official opposition in parliament in my opinion.
How is this “new tax” going to improve anything if it is “revenue neutral” anyway? Is it more fair?
Business taxes should be increased, at least doubled, while individual income taxes should be reduced and by much more than that.
You guys are just plain useless dumb-bells as far I’m concerned and I barely graduated from high school.
You just lost my vote mister.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. You seem more like a woman to me anyway.

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Your new HorseShitTax

October 08, 2009
Dear Member of Parliament for * – *, *,
Ironic our Prime Minister pushing for the “new” Horse Shit Tax is from Alberta and even wears a cowboy hat, eh?
Do you know that Alberta does not even have a provincial sales tax?
Though I’m sure the likes of  Danny Williams, premiere of NFLD appreciates the effort of this government to increase the income for his pathetically under funded province?
The finance minister should not be forcing the provinces to accept a “new tax” on goods and services. As a conservative so-called you should be slapping yourself down or the minister responsible for even imaginging this “new tax” on the Canadian public.
Wow, a new Alberta Horse-Shit-Tax?
Works for McGuinty and other Liberal’s, be sure of that.
I hear the Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative’s is against the new “Horse-Shit Tax”, good for him.
He gets my vote until he changes his mind.
Wondering why none of Canada’s opposition has bothered to point out this rather bizarre event (new “horse shit tax”) as being quite hypocritical of so-called conservatives?
Cuzz the Liberals, NDP and BQ like to have new taxes on Canadian’s, that’s why.
Horse shit.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. What next a tax on cow shit, a “CST”? I think that was tried recently once.

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Your HST

Dear the Prime Minister of Canada,
Only a loser “Conservative” or a “progressive” Conservative would be pushing for a new tax. Ironic since the new PC leader of Ontario is “against the HST”?
The HST is not the answer to Canadian or Provincial government’s overspending this country into deficit and creating huge debt for future generations to pay off. Stop the HST now.
If you don’t have better ways to take care of this country than by increasing taxes you should be thrown out of office and I do not mean just voted out.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. I recall Jim Flaherty being a progressive Conservative, could this be the real problem with Canada’s tax increases, deficit’s and growing debt? In my opinion yes, We need a “reformer” in finance not another Danny Williams type of so-called “conservative”. The HST is just more of government Horse Shit.

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