mad Jack

Subject: I heard Jack Layton say he would “abolish the senate”.

Dear member of parliament for * – *, *,
Would not that give the Prime Minister enough support to do that very thing?
I would prefer an elected senate if that is possible?
“The Senate was intended to mirror the British House of Lords, in that it was meant to represent the social and economic élite.”
I was reading the reason for having an appointed senate was due to the fear that if elected they could be more popular than the house of commons. This seems like a legitimate reason for appointing the senate to me.
What about electing them while ensuring their numbers are always less than the number of mp’s, this would always ensure the senate could not ‘out-do’ though still have a say?
All I know for sure is that these ‘life time appointments’ (until age 75) do not seem very democratic. Just forcing a limit to the time the senators are allowed to hold office and getting rid of the age discrimination may be of enough benefit. Something needs to be done and if Jack Layton mp would support abolishing the senate may be he would also support making it more democratic, ie., say, eight year term limits instead of basically as is now, for life.
The senate should probably not be abolished completely even though I think that would be a better choice than leaving it, as is.
May be “we” could ask mad-Jack if he can help?
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I hear that *-* still needs a “Icebreaker”. Let’s get something going on there please, we need the jobs and all that goes with that. Obviously not a ship that is just an icebreaker, possibly some kind of search&rescue or military type vessel stationed here of course. We need that here and especially the jobs that could go with it.

October 8, 2009 - Posted by | Canadian Politics |

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