Your HST

Dear the Prime Minister of Canada,
Only a loser “Conservative” or a “progressive” Conservative would be pushing for a new tax. Ironic since the new PC leader of Ontario is “against the HST”?
The HST is not the answer to Canadian or Provincial government’s overspending this country into deficit and creating huge debt for future generations to pay off. Stop the HST now.
If you don’t have better ways to take care of this country than by increasing taxes you should be thrown out of office and I do not mean just voted out.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. I recall Jim Flaherty being a progressive Conservative, could this be the real problem with Canada’s tax increases, deficit’s and growing debt? In my opinion yes, We need a “reformer” in finance not another Danny Williams type of so-called “conservative”. The HST is just more of government Horse Shit.


October 8, 2009 - Posted by | Canadian Politics | ,

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