JFK “free and independant”

I would say probably got John F. Kennedy killed.

“…..a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy,,,,,”


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Nominations open until Nov. 14th

Nominate your favourite Infidel




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Gattling Done

Or what a 1.8 tonne machine gun can do from up to 6 kilometers.

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calling UK

A call for High treason from the U.N.?

Marcus Simon Serjeant (born 1964) is notable for firing six blank shots at Queen Elizabeth II as she rode down The Mall to the Trooping the Colour ceremony in 1981.

Lord Lane, sentencing him to five years’ imprisonment, said that “the public sense of outrage must be marked. You must be punished for the wicked thing you did”. Serjeant appealed against the length of the sentence but the appeal was refused.


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Mohammed cartoons, “a declaration of war”

A “peaceful protest” in England.

‘with your blood with your blood’, ‘with your head with your head’

“You have declared war against Allah and his prophet”

The Muslim religion should be completely banned from any civilized society, it’s pure hate.

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“unGerman” ideas’

‘The students, along with brownshirted storm troopers, tossed heaps of books into a bonfire ………’

‘Geheime Staats Polizei’

“Arbeit Macht Frei” – work sets you free’ – Dachau

‘Some were even arrested on suspicion they might commit a crime in the future.’

‘A number of the SA leaders, including Röhm, were known homosexuals.’

(later called the Reich List of Unwanted Persons)

‘.., their homosexuality would be used as a partial excuse for their subsequent executions.’

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A real Judge and everything ……?

government accountability

‘The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney’- is a crook and tax evader, we all know that, why waist money on a real commission with a real judge and everything?

‘Oliphant was appointed a Justice ……….. and later, Associate Chief Justice, by then-Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’

‘Mr. Justice Oliphant, Associate Chief Justice, Court of Queen’s Bench for Manitoba, has been appointed as Commissioner under Part 1 of the Inquiries Act, with all the powers set out in the Act, including the authority to hold hearings, summon witnesses and gather evidence needed to conduct the inquiry.’

This should not be considered accountability by anyone, anywhere not even in this Country of “kangaroo” parasite justice.

h/t Grumpy voter

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“We’ll be waiting”?

* * M.P.,

a) review the mandate and operations of the Commission;

b) review the Commission’s application and interpretation of section 13 of the Act;

c) Solicit and consider oral submissions from the Chief Commissioner and oral or written submissions from other interested persons or organizations;

d) Submit a report, including any proposed amendments to the Canadian Human Rights Act arising out of the results of the Committee’s inquiry.

E) abolish human rights commission’s in favour of democracy or hold those responsible for their criminal abuse of the “justice” system.

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Keith Calder Norton

Dear Keith,

I seem to be having hateful thought’s?

What to do, call my old friend Gilles Duceppe

or – turn myself in to the local constable?


Barbara Hall

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Apologize first and ask questions later

Subject: Apology not accepted.

June 10, 2008
Dear the Minister of * *,
I would not accept an apology from this government for what has occurred at residential schools.
An apology may be in order though I have to question why this government should apologize for years of Liberal and Progressive government neglect and abuse of Native children?
The apology offered to chinese for a needed “Head Tax” placed on them was wrong. An apology by the government to a man on a RCMP Terror Watch List for being mistreated by the RCMP was wrong.(The government should find out what went wrong at the RCMP and fix the problem not apologize, then cover- up).
An apology to Svend Robinson m.p. by a previous leader of the official opposition was wrong, Svend did not deserve any apology.
Is the government responsible for the abuse that has occurred at these residential schools?
Should there not be be a criminal investigation before an apology is offered, I didn’t hear of any criminal charges in this case? Should there be an apology for this “monstrous” case of human neglect which some have considered a case of “Government sponsored genocide”?
Apology not accepted,
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Affordable housing or tax discrimintion

Subject: Watching the senate hearings into ‘poverty, housing and homelessness’.

June 10, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * * *,
The municipalities tax rental housing at a far higher rate than non-commercial housing.

Commercial real estate taxes are way out of line and discriminate against renters which includes “the poor” in Canada. Now that agriculture prices are up and not including natives.

Tobacco and Pork farmers do not need more welfare they do need bankruptcy. Beef and Softwood producers should be considered separately for cause.

Building affordable housing recommended at the senate hearing should not be undertaken by government while municipal tax discrimination against renters is a common, wide spread, acceptable, practice.

Government should take a closer look at lowering personal income tax rates back to where they were, “six percent” for the lowest rate and before they lowered the highest tax rate to 29%.

One could find out what is paid in general welfare and compare that with corporate welfare spending compared to taxes. One who’s job it might be or may concern and report this to the senate committee?

Fix this discrimination against renters first.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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“First they came…” … for the outspoken ?

Look Who Cares Now

These official investigations are on top of the nearly-unanimous public outrage at the CHRC’s behaviour, which has drawn criticism from across the ideological spectrum. Groups ranging from PEN Canada, to the Canadian Association of Journalists, to the former executive director of EGALE, to the head of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, to every newspaper in the country from right to left, have united in opposition to the CHRC.

“First they came…” is a poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

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E.I. Surplus, what E.I. Surplus?

Does this look like someone who\'d know where 50 billion dollars is?

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“Sexist” “Racist” “Bigot” “Nazi” “Phobe” or a “double standard”?

New York supporter has allot to say

h/t sda , PJ’s, – Update

I hope she’s right.

In Canada she could be charged with “Hate” speech.

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why isn’t the U.N.

The war in Iraq is over, American troops are “babysitting”.The “war” was over in the first week and a half.

“Babysitting” to prevent anarchy and bloodshed.

The question shouldn’t be why are American’s in Iraq, the real question should be why isn’t the U.N.?

Saddam Hussein was a Weapon of Mass Destruction the Iraqi people were being starved to death and terrorized by Hussein’s rule.

His refusal to allow U.N. weapons inspectors free access is what started the war.
I give Bush credit for doing what was needed even though “friends” at the U.N. wouldn’t help.
How to get out without leaving anarchy in charge is another problem.

The U.N. should be helping in Iraq.



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More “equality”

Check this for gender imbalance.

There is one woman on the list.


Warning: contains strong language and real bullets

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“Harm Reduction” should begin with jail

June 08, 2008
Dear the Minister of * the Honourable * * M.P.,
Likely the Insite program in Vancouver is good for the local community the addicted drug users and may even save some lives.Supporting the use of illegal drugs though is not good for the government.
“Safe Injection Site” says something to society that society should not accept, the safe use of illegal and deadly drugs. Many heroin users die from overdose.
Crack cocaine is an epidemic drug in the area I live, * -*.There are heroin users here too that go to treatment and expensive treatment from what I have seen, drug use is epidemic in this country and the drug laws are weak and impotent.
Drug users should go to jail heroin users should have to serve at least two years in prison and crack cocaine users should go to jail for using this highly addictive illegal drug for at least one year, minimum, actual time served, plus parole which must include “treatment”.
There is no point having any “war on drugs” without very strongly enforced laws against the users as well as the sellers or providers.
Drug users are also involved in allot of criminal activity from robbery and assault to stealing food because they’ve spent their money on “Crack”. I know this from personal experience living in the “lower” end of this city.Marijuana is a joke it’s as easy to get as native tobacco, maybe easier.
Illegal drug use is supported by the legal sale of other addictive drugs,such as alcohol and tobacco though should not be justified.
Libby Davies “sex workers” are really “whores” and “prostitutes” and unless they go to go to jail for at least one full year plus any treatment when convicted of this crime they are going to be right back to “work”,”Working”.
Jail the addicted drug users for a minimum of one year (actual time served) and treatment should be a part of the parole process for drug addicts.
Save more than one life, save them all by sending the drug addicts and prostitutes to jail and save the rest of us from the crimes these criminals commit!
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. There needs to be real time for real crime in this country and the liberal parole and sentencing of courts in this country needs to be stopped.There should be Jail time for illegal drug use and especially addictive drug use, enforce the law!

Of course the sales and supply of these same drugs in jails and prisons would also need to be prevented.

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‘In Canada, Holocaust denial can be prosecuted as a hate crime.’

Which one, Germany/Poland 1939-1945 5,000,000 non-Jews died in German camps, mainly Polish Christians and Catholics, or.

In 2005, a Federal Court ruling that Zundel was a threat to national security because of his connection with white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups paved the way to his extradition.

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Witch Hunts

Rick Dykstra M.P.,

Kieth Norton chief commissioner of the Ontario human rights commission was heard on the radio, twice,by myself, say ‘the ontario private school tax credit’ was “discriminatory” and “caused harm to the Ontario public school system” ,one of these occasions say the same thing during an Ontario provincial election while I know that the province of Ontario funds some private schools directly.

An un-elected, respected, government authority declared the government of that day to be ‘racist and discriminatory’ by allowing a tax credit for private schools without mentioning government funding of some private schools in the same province.Catholic private schools receive direct public funding in the province of Ontario and without complaint.The chief human rights commissioner did not mention that in his radio comments (tirade really) or consider the public funding some private schools to be “discrimination” or “to cause harm to the public school system” contrary to a United Nations order which the province of Ontario does pretend to uphold.
The human rights commissioner lied, failed to his job, uphold a UN order at the time and committed a criminal offense by fraudulent use of his office to affect the outcome an election and to alter public opinion with deception and during an election.
This is just one example I know of the human rights commissions over stepping their bounds, if they even have any and that may have affected the outcome of an Ontario election which premier Dalton Mc”Tell200lies” won.
I think these “kangaroo court” commissions which I.m reading about on the Internet need more than a government investigation or inquiry into their activities, they need to be shut down.
*, Ontario

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Corprot welfare

June06, 2008
Dear Member of parliament for *, * *,
Two hundred fifty million dollars seems like allot of money to give away.
Dalton McGuinty is spending five hundred million on the Auto Industry in Ontario.
I think I could build a whole new state of the art factory with that much money.
Complete from the ground up and very likely have money left over.
I’m just curious to find out exactly what Ontario pays out in a year in general welfare (Ontario Works) not including these funds.
Zero percent interest loans is welfare because somebody is paying the interest.
Buzz Hargrove really wants the government’s to pay for his memberships wages and benefits and keep jobs for them to, comrades.
No one should be surprised with the jobs being lost and plant closing in the Ontario auto Industry, least of all Buzz Hargrove.
Why don’t we just buy the auto factories and employ the workers to the state. We could save tax dollars, break the union and keep they’re jobs for them?
Let them sink or swim on their own and stop the welfare bleeding to corporations in this country! Jackon Layton says so and I agree.
Buzz always want the government to pay the bill.I’m sick of the auto industry in this province and wish they would go to Texas or Mexico or Zimbabwai.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Why don’t North American auto makers sell their cars abroad especially Japan and Korea?
Or what Japanese would want to own an inferior product that costs more money?
The Canadian dollar and high union wages and benefits is what’s really hurting the industry and not just the auto industry.

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Mulroney raised my taxes!

June 06, 2008
Dear the Honourable Minister ** , **, M.P.,
Mulroney raised the lowest tax bracket from 6% to 17%“.
Increased from six to seventeen percent,- taxes!
No wonder feminists are up in arms in this country and want to start another tax funded bureaucracy to fix all their problems.
Cutting business taxes may be needed I agree but the average Canadian pay’s two thirds of Canada’s overall tax bill while businesses pay only one third. I looked up that fact from Statistics Canada.
“The poor”, so-called are disproportionately affected by taxes, Liberals don’t want to change that, they want to start a whole new bureaucracy.

This government would lose if an election were held in Canada today. Cutting business taxes is the real reason your party is continuing the slide and pandering to Quebec is likely the second biggest reason.
I can not believe the Liberals are using an obscene Mulroney tax increase to justify the need for “Gender Equality” in this country, but it is true.
I could likely justify the Mulroney tax increase if he hadn’t “lowered the highest tax bracket to 29%”. I can’t even believe what I’m hearing.
This government needs to correct some wrongs of the past and this would be a better place to start. The Chinese paid a head tax because that was the law, the Chinese were singled out because there were too many of them coming too Canada and there weren’t enough jobs for them, too late the apology has already been given.Apology for what?
The idea that Mulroney is a Canadian Conservative is a fairy tale and likely the reason the party he belonged now has no members elected to federal government, none, zero. Progressive Conservatives hold no seats in the government of Canada, though some of them do seem to still be lingering around. John Tory supports Abortion, Same – Sex Marriage, “Equality” and the continued exclusive funding for some private schools in Ontario, he is very Progressive in my opinion but not very conservative, big or small c.
The lowest tax bracket should be put back to six percent and that may help you get “re-elected” though would not be enough for me.
Income splitting, the Liberals are going to use your special treatment of seniors, income splitting, as more discrimination against women and appears they are already are doing so.
Lower taxes but don’t stop at lowering your own, that would be a Paul Martin/Brian Mulroney-ism.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Nobody v. MaCleans

Dear * * member of parliament for ***,
The most important event in Canada is occurring right now in British Columbia.
A complaint by a supposed victim of discrimination is being heard by the B.C. human rights tribunal. This is not a court of law.
I have been doing some reading about the case and I must say I am very disturbed.
Seems a member of a religion can take a national magazine and its writers to court for causing personal damages to him by telling the truth about the terrorist organization (Islam) he is a member of, without actually mentioning him personally in the “offencive” article.
The “Court”/Tribunal/”/”Star Chamber” apparently hears evidence that is submitted but gives no opportunity for defence, the trial seems based on opinions and feelings and too me ‘set up’.
Sadly, human rights commissions in this country have become “Big Brothers House” and those present, live in the basement and do what they’re told with no regard for due process of the law.
The government is responsible for allowing this nonsense to go on and should take action against these “courts”.
A Liberal member of parliament is calling for an enquiry. Too late for the present case in B.C.. I would like the parliament to abolish these “kangaroo courts”.
They are being abused by terrorists and every fruit cake and lunatic in the country to defend themselves from the truth. We know what the homosexuals have done with these human rights commissions.
No Charter or Law required just go to a human rights commission tell them your feelings are hurt and get your way, like McDonald’s, Have It Your Way, pervert.

What a sham these so-called human rights courts are to democracy.They are a disgrace to this entire country.
I remember hearing on the radio Kieth Norton CEO of the Ontario Human Rights Commission telling the people of Ontario and during an election that the Ontario Private School Tax Credit was “discriminatory”. I didn’t see how that could be possible knowing that the provincial government directly funds private Catholic schools. Just the utter Gaul and complete contempt of this human rights leader was literally criminal. They need to be put out of business.

Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. The drug den Insite in Vancouver should be closed and addicted drug users sent to jail for extended periods. Unfortunately they would need to be sentenced to twenty years to serve five years, that’s what makes a real joke of Canada’s justice

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Abuse of “freedom of speech” can lead to addiction.

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pair of scaredy-pants

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By Ayesha Ahmed

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Canadian Islamic Congress

What is this some kind of hate group?

Quran 8:39 – “…And fight them (non-Muslims) until persecution (disbelieve in Islam) is no more, and religion is all for Allah…” {No others left-This sura alone, says it all}

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I hate my greens

Not you, I meant my veggies.

I think the CHRC should let me hate you, as long as I don’t promote violence against you?

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We could replace the CBC with FOX


June 02, 2008
Dear the Minister * *,
CBC is Canada’s national broadcaster and is wrongly allowed to air commercials.
CBC radio and television do unfairly influence the market place with subsidized programing.
I do agree with the Bill intended to refuse tax credits to some for objectionable content and I would refuse tax credits to all and let them sink or swim regardless of Canadian or objectionable content.There is too much bureaucracy, Canada has the CRTC to regulate, let them regulate.
I heard while in the U.S.working that ‘Canada does not allow FOX News to broadcast in this country’. Disturbing to say the least though at the time Jean Chretien was the prime minister so didn’t overly surprise me.
If I can watch the CNN and all the U.S. cable channels why can’t I watch FOX News if I want to?
Not that I am too crazy about having another American news station on my T.V.,its only fair especially since CNN is so lopsided in their reporting, FOX News would bring some balance to the lives of Canadians who watch CNN.
Also the CBC is prejudiced against ‘right wing’ Canadians and plays shows that are intentionally biased to the ‘left wing’. Let’s put a stop to the CBC’s free ride in this country and make them earn their way if they want to stay.
TV Ontario is viewer supported public television and has no commercials and national public television and radio in the U.S. works this way too.
Let’s stop the CBC’s commercial broadcasting completely and let them be “viewer supported” like other “public” television and radio stations.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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“Cap and Trade” what does Dalton McGuinty know about “climate change”?

June 02, 2008
Dear * * Ontario member of parliament for * *,

The hate criminal, as I have pointed out to you and others in previous email, Dalton McGuinty, now goes off on his own with the Liberal premier of Quebec and starts a carbon “cap and trade” Industry. They have looked into their crystal ball and have seen that the “Americans are going too when the next president wins”.

I have watched some of the political coverage of the presidential race in the U.S. and I do not believe that John McCain is any friend of the Kyoto protocols or supports “Cap and Trade”.
Dalton McGuinty and Jean Charest’s main premise for their Cap and Trade plan is a complete fraud!

Where do these two “premiers” “get off” running out and committing themselves and the rest of us to something based on total fraud and lies?

Kyoto is a fraud, a government fraud, “global warming” is real but it is not man caused and does occur in “five thousand year cycles”. This government is a fraud, the premier commits hate crime’s against the people of Ontario while promoting an “anti-hate” doctrine.

Dalton McGuinty, Howard Hampton and John Tory have committed at least one hate crime that I am aware of. I don’t hear any complaints from the Ontario human rights commissions though.When Mike Harris passed the Ontario private school tax credit the Ontario human rights commission had very much to say to Ontarians about discrimination and damage this could cause to the public school system.

Hate crimes committed by Liberal governments though apparently don’t cause any harm to the public good.

What happened to “closing down the coal fired power plants in Ontario by 2007”? Maybe if Dalton McGuinty kept his promises to the people of Ontario he would not need to run off with Jean Charest and start a new Industry based on fraud and Liberal NDP lying political rhetoric.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Fifty one billion dollars in 2007?

May30, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * * *,
Fifty billion dollars has apparently disappeared from a public tax account.
Have you heard?
Months ago I heard Jack Layton say the EI surplus was “spent” and that this government should put it behind them, now Jack Layton does forcefully question where this “missing” tax money has gone and the prime ministers reply is that the ‘Liberal government used it to pay down federal debt 10 years ago’.
This is as much as I know of Canada’s fifty plus billion dollar E.I. Surplus.
Does Canada’s Auditor General know the EI surplus capped at twenty billion dollars was over fifty billion dollars and is only now discovered to be missing? In fact if this occurred “ten years ago” why are we only now beginning to hear that it has been “spent”?
Does the government by its complete silence (hush hush) over this lost tax surplus imagine that it is not responsible for this stolen E.I. money?
I really do not understand why this government does not use this to their advantage and to inform Canadians of this lost or “spent” $ surplus E.I. account.
Sincerely yours,

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Mohamed the Jew and You

Who is going to win the battles of Mohamed the Jew and you, freedom or naught?

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May29, 2008
Dear member of parliament for *, *,
Reading about the human rights commission’s and occurred to me that Canada’s lawmakers are the human rights commissions and court room judges.
I thought only an act of parliament could pass or make a law?
Should parliament any longer act on the recommendations of court room judges or of the human rights commissions? We have witnessed what has become of the definition of marriage preceded by a perverted and abused minority being used as political pawns by courtrooms and the human rights commissions in this country.

I say that “the people” are tired of being told what to do by courtrooms and incompetent “legal experts”.
This parliament is in a minority situation and has lost any real chance of being re-elected for a second minority let alone achieving a majority of the seats.
We have an impotent government or a government of the Liberals by default, again, for two reasons; Quebecer pandering and business tax cuts.
As I mentioned to you a few times, remember?

Not only does pandering to Quebecois not help this party, it hurts the party and the government.Apparently “we” don’t “learn from our past”. Tax cuts for businesses that pay only one third of the tax bill in the first place is just plain stupid.
I voted Conservative but this government acts like a bunch of fruitcakes.
Since the day this government was elected into office it has behaved badly with Quebec and the taxpayers of Canada.
Flaherty is retarded, literally. He can not grasp the simplest concept that taxpayer and voters are connected or understand that business executives do not matter at the polls any polls.
What an absolute lost opportunity for “the Right”.
This government has been a victory for “the Liberal” and possibly more so for the NDP.
Gross incompetence that seems to go through this government to Quebec and just a guess but likely to Brian Mulroney and his Liberal “Free Trade” deal with the U.S.
This is what happens when there is no accountability to anyone or anything by the courts, commissions or parliaments.
Quacks in charge.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Who is Ezra Levant?

Who is Ezra Levant?

The person responsible for the creation of the Conservative Party of Canada, ‘Holocaust denier / “N.a.z.i. war criminal supporter'”?

Or did I miss something while reading his bio. on Wikipedia?

I have voted for the Conservative Party and never knew that he had such an influential place. I may be changing my vote, though not for Stephane Dion.

My apology to Ezra Levant and he should get one in writing if I misunderstand if not this post should be enhanced in the future.

Found this also;

‘Publisher and columnist Ezra Levant argues that Warman’s actions as plaintiff before the Canadian Human Rights Commissions are tantamount to censorship in the name of human rights.[36] In response, Warman sued Levant for defamation.’

‘Syndicated columnist Mark Steyn states that Warman abuses the intent of the Canadian Human Rights Act by personally appearing as the plaintiff about half of section 13 “hate speech” cases in the history of CHRA, and all of such cases since 2002.[35]’

‘Charlie Gillis of MacLean’s magazine asserts: “Richard Warman says he’s fighting hate. Critics say free speech is the real victim.” [37]’

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section 13

May 28, 2008
Dear the Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson M.P.,
Section 13 of the CHRC seems to be getting abused by some employees of human rights commissions, this is not to say that section 13 should be “removed’ altogether though I do support that, rather that section 13 might receive some attention as pertaining to its apparent abuse and misuse by some government employees.
I do consider that section 13 of CHRC is a real abuse of freedom of speech and is truly being abused by the CHRC. I could file charges under this section against some who’s heads would spin. I do not support this section or the human rights code in Canada for that matter. Some complain that the senate is unelected.
Dalton McGuinty m.p.p.,Howard Hampton m.p.p., and John Tory leader of the Official Opposition in Ontario’s parliament were witnessed by myself and very likely others, “agree” that without a vote held in parliament, they would continue the racist, discrimination of publicly funding Catholic private schools and to the exclusion of all others, in the province Ontario. It could be witnessed by any that Dalton McGuinty and Howard Hampton continued in this racist and discriminatory manner in supporting the continued publicly funding of Catholic private schools during the past Ontario election debates which were public and televised. This is actually a hate crime by definition in the Canada criminal code as I understand and an indictable offence in Canada.
“Hate speech” law is being abused by human rights commissions in Canada while others who break federal law walk the streets and in some cases, own them.

Canada should abolish all of the human rights commissions, there has been too much abuse by them already, some of which may just be beginning to show.

Sincerely yours,


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Unemployed and maybe looking for work

Dear member of parliament for **, **,
I have been working on and off mostly in Canada’s federally regulated trucking Industry with some time spent as a taxi cab driver in Ontario.
What an absolute joke my employment history has been and still is.
Most recently I was assaulted in the city of * by two “crack heads” while driving a taxi.
The *-* Police officers who showed up half an hour after they were called did not look for a weapon that I told them one of the perpetrator’s had in his possession, had they bothered to take the time to search for this foot long serated butcher knife possibly I would not have been the one charged.
This is going to be a complete waste of time not only for me but also for the police, the courts and the lawyers that must now deal with the false charge against me.
My employer * * *
says that I am not bondable because of this charge, I do not go to trial until August, 2008, the incident occurred in October of 2007. That is the soonest court date? Fair and speedy trial?
In the mean time I am going to find out if I am really bondable or not, since I have not been convicted or should be.
I thought we were until proven guilty in a court of law?
Such is life for some of us who must work in these unregulated, uncontrolled, ‘do as you please’ Industries in this country that have NO labour standards to speak of because the government’s do not do there job.
The employer mentioned above did not pay me severance pay which is required by law, I am entitled to one week of severance because I wasn’t given notice, they know that.
More work for Ontario’s bureaucracy and bureaucrats ie. Labour Standards.
Taxi Companies in this province including * Transportation in London, Ontario and * * Cabs do hire illegal employees to work for them.
More trouble for legitimate workers and public funded tax collectors to deal with.
“Owner operators” or “lease operators”, those who do not own the actual business licence, in Ontario’s Taxi Industries and Canada’s federally regulated Trucking Industries are illegal workers according to federal and provincial labour laws and the CRA and are not required to pay income taxes?
The NDP says little, the Liberals had thirteen years to fix this criminal behaviour and what is your government going to do Mr. *?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Paul Martin and Svend Robinson say it’s a hate crime

January 25, 2008
Dear the Ontario Human Rights Commission,
Howard Hampton m.p.p., Dalton McGuinty m.p.p. and John Tory leader of the official opposition should know that funding Catholic “separate” schools exclusively is illegal in Ontario and a hate crime by law.
“Agreeing” to maintain this illegal and hateful discrimination is conspiracy in my opinion.
A conspiracy to commit hate.
Also an indictable offence in Canada now.
Wondering why no one has filed a human rights complaint against these “criminals”?
Could the OHRC consider this to be my official human rights complaint to them?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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