Dear member of parliament,
Canada should not name “things” owned by the Canadian government after a person responsible for the decommissioning of the Avro Arrow. I do not know his political stripe or care but I do know the name Diefenbaker is not worthy of having on a coast guard or military or any machinery except, possibly, an RCMP dog?
If Canada builds something good and then destroys it, that could be named “a Diefenbaker”.
Diefenbaker’s name should not be on a CCG Ice Breaker or anything else built or owned by the federal government of Canada.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. Canada should build its own new fighter aircraft to replace the CF-18.

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Avril Sparrow?

Dear The Honourable Minister of Defence,
If Canada is going to spend on Defence why not spend the tax dollars here in this country?
We should build our own military aircraft?
How long did it take them to build the Arrow anyway especially since time seems to be a concern for some.
Sincerely yours,

*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. You may already know this, in case you don’t;
The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was a delta-winged interceptor aircraft, designed and built by Avro Aircraft Limited (Canada) in Malton, Ontario, Canada, as the culmination of a design study that began in 1953. Considered to be both an advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement for the Canadian aviation industry, the CF-105 held the promise of Mach 2 speeds at altitudes exceeding 50,000 ft (15,000 m), and was intended to serve as the Royal Canadian Air Force’s primary interceptor in the 1960s and beyond.’

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Boeing and make them build them it here

Dear the Minister of Defence,
This new “Euro-plane” is not for me thanks.
Let’s not pay 5 billion for 3 billion worth of airplanes this time either. Let the Euro’s have their Euro plane and the U.S. can have them too.
Who exactly is this new plane intended to “defend” us from anyway? If you asked me the European’s including Sarkozy who thinks Quebec is part of his country, are the ones we may need defending from?
Though I do not imagine things ever coming to that.
I read somewhere that Boeing was cheated in the contracting of this new fighter plane and as I recall by the same company that Mr. Karl Heinz Schreiber was involved with and builds the new euro plane
Go with Boeing please but I think we need to be a little more say “thrifty” went it comes to purchasing. I recall “googling” the price of the new Cargo Planes and finding quite a discrepancy in the price paid by the U.S. military, I believe those are made by Boeing.
Definitely give Boeing a chance and maybe you could even convince them into building those here.
If they can fire they’re cruise missiles here they can build an airplane here.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

Joint Strike Fighter

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case closed

Most climatologists agree that over the last century, the Earth’s average temperature has risen about one degree Celsius.

So where is the problem?

It will take at least another century to determine if the temperature is even changing?

“Global Warming”  case closed.

these guys are stupid

Where is the “controversy” when there isn’t any?

If a tree falls in the forest and the tree is “global warming” does anybody hear?

Apparently the answer is, yes,  though we all know it’s not.

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mad Jack

Subject: I heard Jack Layton say he would “abolish the senate”.

Dear member of parliament for * – *, *,
Would not that give the Prime Minister enough support to do that very thing?
I would prefer an elected senate if that is possible?
“The Senate was intended to mirror the British House of Lords, in that it was meant to represent the social and economic élite.”
I was reading the reason for having an appointed senate was due to the fear that if elected they could be more popular than the house of commons. This seems like a legitimate reason for appointing the senate to me.
What about electing them while ensuring their numbers are always less than the number of mp’s, this would always ensure the senate could not ‘out-do’ though still have a say?
All I know for sure is that these ‘life time appointments’ (until age 75) do not seem very democratic. Just forcing a limit to the time the senators are allowed to hold office and getting rid of the age discrimination may be of enough benefit. Something needs to be done and if Jack Layton mp would support abolishing the senate may be he would also support making it more democratic, ie., say, eight year term limits instead of basically as is now, for life.
The senate should probably not be abolished completely even though I think that would be a better choice than leaving it, as is.
May be “we” could ask mad-Jack if he can help?
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I hear that *-* still needs a “Icebreaker”. Let’s get something going on there please, we need the jobs and all that goes with that. Obviously not a ship that is just an icebreaker, possibly some kind of search&rescue or military type vessel stationed here of course. We need that here and especially the jobs that could go with it.

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one ice breaker please

Subject: did I mention we need a Ice Breaker?

Dear Member’s of Parliament for *-*, *,

Yes, I think I did somewhere.

Of course I did not mean a polar-class icebreaker. A ship that will break ice, is that too much to ask? That’s needed here and the jobs that go with it being stationed in the area would be very welcome.
The trouble here I think is waiting for a icebreaker when it is needed and then it not being able to break through the ice because the ice build-up before the icebreaker can get here. That is why it needs to be stationed here.
Let’s use a pittance of the billions of dollars your government is throwing around for “make-work projects” to finally get this area something it needs and has needed for decades.
I can not believe there isn’t already a Icebreaker on this side of the Niagra Falls? At least not from what I can glean from the Canada Coast Guard’s web page. There doesn’t seem to be any stationed in the Great Lakes area at all?
Christmas is coming, call “Santa” and order me one please.
Tell him we also need the job’s here that would go with it, and I want a station too, a big one, may be ask for a Polar Class even though I know he’s out of those.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. Not kidding

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the CBC killed Global and an eye for an eye

Oct. 08, 2009
Dear the Minister of Heritage and Official Languages,
I’m writing to the minister to mention that the OLA should be scrapped, especially since Gilles Duceppe MP has even agreed that Canadian’s do not need this act. I could not agree more. This act does nothing for the French or the English except cause brain damage among those who think they are “bilingual” in my opinion. I say let the frogs be frogs and let the other ninety percent of us be free of this useless Liberal burden act.
I’m also writing today to hopefully point out to this minister that the CBC’s existance is likely the REAL reason CanWest is now going bankrupt.
Why is the CBC still receiving public funding if it is going to continue running commercials?
Can you fix the CBC without destroying it, like I could, overnight – no pun intended.
Please force the CBC to stop running commercials and earn their own keep like TVO, or get rid of it all together. That should be the only choice and if done sooner may have prevented what is occuring now at CanWest?
Why wait the CBC is a corporate welfare tax sucking business let’s “fix” it or “kill” it, please.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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“revenue neutral”

October 08, 2009
Dear member of parliament for * -*, *,
This “HST” being forced on to the Canadian public and on the Provinces by your finance minister is not really “revenue neutral” as some have suggested.
In fact this “HST” is going to increase taxes on individuals while lowering taxes for business, a backwards step if you asked me. This may be “revenue neutral” for the government books but not for those of us already paying the lion’s share of taxes in this country.
Unless you plan on lowering the taxes of individuals while increasing business taxes at the same time as you implement your HST I would very strongly suggest rather flushing this “new tax” down the toilet where it belongs. It is quite frankly just Horse Shit after all like Canada’s official opposition in parliament in my opinion.
How is this “new tax” going to improve anything if it is “revenue neutral” anyway? Is it more fair?
Business taxes should be increased, at least doubled, while individual income taxes should be reduced and by much more than that.
You guys are just plain useless dumb-bells as far I’m concerned and I barely graduated from high school.
You just lost my vote mister.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. You seem more like a woman to me anyway.

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Your new HorseShitTax

October 08, 2009
Dear Member of Parliament for * – *, *,
Ironic our Prime Minister pushing for the “new” Horse Shit Tax is from Alberta and even wears a cowboy hat, eh?
Do you know that Alberta does not even have a provincial sales tax?
Though I’m sure the likes of  Danny Williams, premiere of NFLD appreciates the effort of this government to increase the income for his pathetically under funded province?
The finance minister should not be forcing the provinces to accept a “new tax” on goods and services. As a conservative so-called you should be slapping yourself down or the minister responsible for even imaginging this “new tax” on the Canadian public.
Wow, a new Alberta Horse-Shit-Tax?
Works for McGuinty and other Liberal’s, be sure of that.
I hear the Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative’s is against the new “Horse-Shit Tax”, good for him.
He gets my vote until he changes his mind.
Wondering why none of Canada’s opposition has bothered to point out this rather bizarre event (new “horse shit tax”) as being quite hypocritical of so-called conservatives?
Cuzz the Liberals, NDP and BQ like to have new taxes on Canadian’s, that’s why.
Horse shit.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. What next a tax on cow shit, a “CST”? I think that was tried recently once.

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Your HST

Dear the Prime Minister of Canada,
Only a loser “Conservative” or a “progressive” Conservative would be pushing for a new tax. Ironic since the new PC leader of Ontario is “against the HST”?
The HST is not the answer to Canadian or Provincial government’s overspending this country into deficit and creating huge debt for future generations to pay off. Stop the HST now.
If you don’t have better ways to take care of this country than by increasing taxes you should be thrown out of office and I do not mean just voted out.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. I recall Jim Flaherty being a progressive Conservative, could this be the real problem with Canada’s tax increases, deficit’s and growing debt? In my opinion yes, We need a “reformer” in finance not another Danny Williams type of so-called “conservative”. The HST is just more of government Horse Shit.

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Do you have HPV

STI and HCV Surveillance and Epidemiology Section
Community Acquired Infections Division
Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control
Public Health Agency of Canada
100 Eglantine Driveway, Health Canada Building #6
A.L. 0603B, Tunney’s Pasture
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0K9


from <*>
date Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 12:09 PM
subject Do you have HPV?

Why are you hiding (HPV) from the public as a “reportable STI”?

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Where is “HPV”?

Executive Summary

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) continue to be a significant and increasing public health concern in Canada.  Reported rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis have been rising since 1997.  This report outlines the trends in these three nationally notifiable STIs from 1998 to 2007, providing an overview of the descriptive epidemiology of these infections in Canada.

Canada apparently has no infection stats on HPV?

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Learn about the world wide epidemic which isn’t and “78%” of you are infected with.

I wonder what “education” is being offered to those who may not have even heard of HPV?

I know that some groups in the U.S.A. have actually lobbied successfully to prevent this disease from being  listed as an epidemic or pandemic by their government.

HPV is not even listed in Canada as  a “reportable” STI ?

They say all  it takes is “skin to skin contact” to pass along HPV.

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Back …

Back from a break/sorta

Mostly I just need to post a email I sent to the RH Paul Martin.

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China is better off than Africa?

February 16, 2009
Dear the Right Honourable Paul Martin,
Is there anything I could say that would encourage you to leave this country and to not return, not ever? You are responsible for “gay-marriage” becoming law ie.,”same-sex marriage”.
You are also responsible for the Atlantic accords giving special treatment to some provinces which as I know is not even legal.You went on national television during the last election and accused the Conservative government of spending the country into the economic crises and breaking promises while you are the one responsible for allowing the E.I. surplus to go over the twenty billion dollars cap and then “spending” the entire surplus.
Yesterday I heard you speaking on CPAC TV saying that “China was better off than Africa because China has only one communist dictator while Africa has many elected leaders”, which apparently makes the Africans worse off than the Chinese somehow?
Honestly any man with your track record of lying and cheating as all other Liberal leaders that come to my mind in this country including Pierre (OLA) Trudeau and Chretien do or have done, should be investigated by the authorities as far as I’m concerned. CP ships and somhow gets an exemption from paying taxes while off-shore, which occurs while you are the finance minister?
Really I think you should be in jail sir along with your friends the “RH’s” Brian Mulroney and Steven Harper and the traitor’s Gilles Duceppe and Jean Charest.
Just amazing how some in the highest office’s in this country can do the things they do with impunity?
Because one ass covers for the other, that’s the ONLY reason Brian Mulroney and KH Shreiber aren’t being criminally investigated right now and why you are being allowed to run around when you should either be in a pshychiatric institution or a prison for your absolute criminal behaviour and actions. Only a lunatic could “spend” fifty plus billion dollars of  E.I. surplus and then run around telling everyone that the country is in desperate condition because someone else didn’t spend five billion dollars on Indian welfare or on national child daycare?
There is politics and then there is what you have been doing and frankly I consider you  a criminal and also an enemy of this country and neither a friend of the country nor a politician.
You should be expelled from this country for you behaviour quite frankly. Your friends Brian Mulroney, KarlHeinz Schrieber, Gilles Duceppe and Jean Charest on your coat tails, Harper can stay but should do at least three years for harbouring criminals in my opinion.”Ignorance is no excuse” as they say.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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OUCH is right

How about the missing E.I. surplus that was supposed to have been “capped at twenty billion dollars”? The media is reporting this to be at fifty seven billion dollars now while the NDP asks the prime minister where the surplus is? The PM’s response was that it was “spent ten years ago by the Liberals” and apparently the answer has satisfied everyone in parliament because there has been no further questions about it that I have heard.

That E.I.surplus sure would be good to have at a time like this.

I think there is something criminal going on when this kind of absolute rip-off occurs and then is totally ignored by those who could do something.

So much for the “government of accountability” as far as I’m concerned.


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Beyond belief – “ghg” and politicians

Subject: “Integrated carbon market” – No thanx!

November 05-08
Dear Member of Parliament for *, *, * *
Does Canada need an “integrated carbon market” to cut down on “ghg” when Stephen Harper has said that ghg’s do not even exist?
Science, real science, has proven that global warming is “historical”, “predictable” and the most likely cause is activity of the sun and not carbon dioxide emissions!
I agree with Stephen Harper and real climate scientists.
Dr. David Suzuki is a Botanist and Al Gore is a politician, these people should not be setting our public policy based on their fantasies, even when they know better.
‘Officials told CP the Conservatives had been waiting for Bush’s replacement to be elected before they began working with the incoming president to design an integrated carbon market’
I’m tired of learning about things like this. Every time I turn around Harper has another “Fiberal” piece of garbage plan in the works, the guy should be thrown out of the Conservative Party, never mind the government.He has literally committed sedition and seditious libel by referring to and calling “Quebec a Nation” along with Jean Charest MPP and Gilles Duceppe MP. That adds up to about twenty one years in a prison for each if convicted.
Our leaders seem unable to control themselves quite frankly, Dalton McGuinty tells “200 lies” to get elected and commits hate crimes by canceling the Ontario Private School Tax Credit while continuing to fund private Catholic schools and now Harper is committing indictable criminal offences in Quebec.
Canadians do not seem to get a break from leaders who can not be trusted.
We do not need a “carbon credit market”, please ask our elected Ministers in charge to read up on the subject of sun activity and maybe learn before they leap for a change.
Sincerely Yours,


Feds confirm plan

This post is dedicated

BBC censures “deniers”

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Subject: I’m surprised

Dear Member of Parliament for *,*,
Not that Barak Obama won the the U.S. presidential election since it was the Democrats turn to win but that this Conservative government of Canada has let a golden opportunity to fillet the Liberals and return to Canadian tax payers their E.I.surplus.
I can not understand how this could happen?
This “fifty seven billion dollar E.I. Surplus” would sure be nice for tax payers and the workers and even the government to have in their back pocket at a time like this.
Could you please explain to me in writing how this government can do nothing and has done nothing to return Canada’s 57 billion dollar E.I. surplus to Canadians or did take no action to hold those responsible for “spending” this “rainy day” account and that was supposed to have been “capped at twenty billion dollars” ?
Makes no sense to me why or how our government could let this happen?
Do nothing for working people and wonder why they don’t vote for you or are being “apathetic” toward voting?
What goes around comes around?
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I did receive a letter from the Minister of Finance any yourself explaining some new bureaucracy being created to babysit the HRDC but I read nothing to explain how the surplus which should now be treated as a criminal theft as far as I’m concerned was to be recovered. Harper is being all talk about “accountability” but seems quite useless when it comes to accounting.

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Indictable offences in Quebec

October 28 – 08
Dear Member of Parliament for * *, *,
Stephen Harper MP the prime minister of Canada and Jean Charest, MPP and the premiere of the province of Quebec were witness by myself to have committed criminal offences during the recent Francophone and EU economic summit meetings held in Quebec.
The Bloc Quebecois leader and MP Gilles Duceppe was also witnessed by myself to have committed the same criminal offences of sedition and seditious libel, both of which are indictable offences in Canada and for Canadian citizens.
I should demand there be an Inquiry into these criminal activities by Canada’s elected representatives.
Also a Thomas D’Quino the CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and John Manly MP and the RT. Hon. Paul Martin are also known by myself to have committed these same indictable offences and as I did make known to yourself by email last year.
These crimes should be investigated by the proper authorities.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Reply to a newsletter,

I heard the premier’s say they would be deficit spending “if necessary” too.
I watched the TV broadcasts of the Francophone summit and the premier’s meetings and

heard the prime minister and the finance minister say before the premier’s that Canada “would” and “could” run a deficit. Prime minister Harper even seems to think that Quebec can run itself like another country rather than as a province accountable to the federal government of Canada.

Ontario’s finance minister is projecting a five hundred million dollar deficit in a province that has had a twenty plus billion dollar surplus over the past few years and has not paid down any of their debt and have managed to increase the debt by thirty billion dollars.
I think the premier’s of Canada and especially Jean Charest of Quebec and the prime minister are acting out of control and behaving radically and even treacherously with Canada and Canadians.
Even the recent interest rate cut by the Bank of Canada seems completely unreasonable while the dollar is already falling and the prices of commodities and oil are plummeting.

Possibly following the “leadership of business” isn’t working?

Whatever is going on is treacherous if you asked me and not something easily fixed if at all.
These guys do what they want when they want and don’t give a flying leap what the outcome is or what the the people of Canada care about. They’re out of control in my opinion.Much more so in Ontario and especially Quebec.

I think the law needs to get involved with what is going on in with Charest and Duceppe and this federal government’s dealings with them.


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The DisHonourable Stephen Harper PM

October 17, 2008
Dear the former Prime Minister of Canada the DisHonourable Stephen Harper PM
You are obviously extremely deluded when it comes to relations between France and Quebec “being more than friends”, etc., etc.
You are being criminally negligent with this crown country’s sovereignty at the present ‘Francophone summit’ and are now on public record of libeling the crown, which is an indictable offence in Canada.
If you don’t believe me check the Canada Criminal Code, I did.
Your fired
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Jean Charest and Gilles Duceppe

October 17, 2008
Dear * *, Member of Parliament for * *, *,
Jean Charest the provincial premier of Quebec is a traitor and I want him arrested and tried.
Gilles Duceppe MP has only committed sedition and seditious libel to my knowledge but Jean Charest MPP, Premiere, is a traitor as I have previously mentioned.
This president of France that I am listening to right now “Live” on CTVNews should be THROWN out of this country and France should be removed from any nation’s that we deal with as “friends”. Until they stop their sedition in this country.
‘New France’ was seceded to the crown of Great Britain, c.1763, in exchange for some British properties and was defeated by war with Great Britain.
Do put a stop to any further “Francophonie summits” within Canada please.
Cancel the Official Languages Act in Canada immediately and do stop calling the Province of Quebec, PQ, “A Nation”, Mr.Prime Minister, and do remove the “National Assembly of Quebec” from within Canada.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Why isn’t Karl Heinz Schreiber facing a criminal trial for his admission of “bribing” a former prime minister of Canada?
Sorry, that is called being “above the law” and we all know ‘that aint right’.

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What (EI) Surplus?

October 17, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament for * -*, *, * *
The Conservative finance minister did a decent job considering the previous years of mismanagement of Canada’s finance’s. Canada’s HRDC reportedly had a “fifty seven billion dollar E.I. surplus” that seems to not have been accounted for. Where is this gigantic “surplus” that belongs to Canadian employee’s and employer’s and was supposed to be “capped” at “twenty billion dollars” by Paul Martin a previous finance minister. Did the honourable Ralph Goodale MP do something that we should know about? Rumour has it the surplus was “SPENT” on “other programs” or the “national debt”? The E.I. surplus “twenty billion dollars”, belongs to and should be returned to the HRDC (lump sum, plus interest). The excess surplus (thirty”plus” billion reported), should be returned to those who own and overpaid by lump-sum (all). Even if the country has to go into debt to do so. “Bad Liberals”, the economy- “be damned”. This government needs to “pull-out the stops” to get the “E.I. surplus” back for the tax payers of this country and this finance minister should “pay the price” for not having done so already. Do my member of parliament think this government or any other government in Canada should steal a “fifty seven billion dollars” “rainy day” savings account without any accountability to anyone? I your like me probably not. Flaherty must pay the price for failing to take action to retrieve this “spent”, (I would say stolen), EI surplus? Where is the “Accountability” for those who have been robbed of they’re “rainy day” E.I. savings account? Sincerely Yours,

P.S.Fifty seven billion dollars is allot more important than any “Free” trade with Europe or France and if you asked me there should be no agreements with Europe. The EU is a big pathetic financial suck-hole even bigger than the U.S. Get the EI surplus back first, please!
One thing seems certain given the global economic turmoil buffeting Canada: Harper won’t be listening to idle whispers that it’s time to replace Finance Minister Jim Flaherty when he names the new cabinet sometime around Oct. 27.

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CTV won’t get my vote

October -16 -08
Dear CTV News,
I was reading on the Internet a “Boycott” CTV’s Mike Duffy letter
about some considered injustice committed against the Liberal
candidate Stephane Dion by a CTV News interviewer and posted by a
blogger. I had seen the interview in question, several times
and I know that the interviewer said nothing wrong or misleading to
Mr. Dion with his question and that some are using this to discredit
Mike Duffy and CTV. This “Boycott” letter I came across, whether
actually mailed to CTV or not is unknown to myself. I included it for
your “possible amusement”.
I thought it ridiculous and even so-laughable that I copied and
re-edited it for my own email blog.

Not Another CTV Boycott letter

We continue to give letters. Oh yes we do.

Feel free to utilize it

Here’s mine!

Mr. Duffy,

I wanted to let you know that I think it is very fair of you to
broadcast the out takes of Stephane Dion’s interview with the ATV
journalist that has now been broadcast all over Canada in this
election.’That guy’s’ question was the most fairly worded question I
have ever heard. The grammar was accurate and it is quite
understandable that a man for whom English is a second language and
who has a mild hearing problem may have a harder time understanding
what he was talking about.

The best part of it is that your guy made a verbal agreement to not
air this bit even after the interview was over – and yet you and/or
your organization saw an opportunity to report this.

If there is one thing that this Conservative government has been
wrongly accused of over the past two years it is the lack of respect
for Parliament and of low blow tactics that they have used in their
campaign against Dion’s character – before and during the election.
Who would have thought that a journalist, whose job it is to be fair
and objective and provide us with valuable insights so that we can
vote with our hearts, would provide the lowest blow in the campaign in
order to report the news.

I could go on and on here about the obvious bias Canadian media
continually shows to the mildewed left Party’s and their bizarre
personality cults. But I will close by saying that I will NEVER ever
watch your show without popcorn again and will encourage others to do
the same. Perhaps, if you personally apologize to Stephane Dion and
the Liberal Party for your journalistic transgression I may consider
not watching your show again but somehow I doubt that should ever

Not John McGivern

GPersonem@il at, CTV won’t get my vote!

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put-up or shut-up

“EU climate policy” is not and should not be Canada’s climate policy.

October 16, 2008

Forwarded to the Honourable’s David Emerson and Josee Vernier,

October 16, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament for *-*, *,*,
Canadians do no longer accept Stephane Dion and the Kyoto protocols premise of “man-made” or “man-causes” of the “Global Warming/Climate Change” presumption.
Canada should not even be involved with EU climate policy that allows for the presumption/falsehood of “man-made” or any C02 causes for “global warming/climate change”.
Science does say that the sun’s activity is the real cause of “climate change/global warming” and that this is “predictable and historical”. I would like Canada out of the Kyoto Accord altogether along with the Atlantic accords that still give Newfoundland too much transfers.
EU – “Free-Trade” with Canada should not be undertaken until the U.S.-Canada-Mexico agreement (NAFTA) is fixed. In fact most Canadians believe Free-Trade should be cancelled or even “abrogated”.
I would ask that the prime minister do not even attend the EU climate change or free trade-deal meetings. Canada does not need the EU and if you or this prime minister does not like that you should know “where the door is” and use it.
Resigning your seat or office is not out of the question if you believe that the EU has anything to offer Canada that is not in the best interest of Canada and are lacking in “intestinal fortitude”/guts to say to them “No Deal”.
The Canada/U.S “Free-Trade Deal” was a scam according to some well respected Canadians and I remember allot of talk about Canadian “softwood lumber” not being honoured by this “deal” and how Jean Chretien PM had made a promise to scrap this deal or “abrogate”. The government could and should keep this promise and cancell American “Free-Trade” (NAFTA), and do so for the majority of Canadians that did not and still do not support this Brian Mulroney Trade “deal”.
Or the prime minister should be asked by yourself to resign in my opinion.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Say no to Kyoto

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(MMP) Looking for a problem with Canadian politics (FPTP)

By proportion of seats in the parliament and by percentage of the popular vote. If the Bloc Quebecois had won the Conservative vote numbers they would have won nearly 200 seats in the house of commons, a huge majority.

(FPTP) Plurality, “Winner take-all” election system is not the problem, regional racist voting is.

(MMP) Proportional electing would only leave a government with more than two parties a perpetual minority and practically useless and would allow for even more division or anarchy.

This country needs a plumber and not a doctor.

The Bloc Quebecois won more seats than the NDP with only half as many votes.

The real problem is the regional and racist voting allowed in the federal election not the need for a better voter system.

Conservative 143 46.4 46.4% 5,205,334 37.6 37.6%
Green Party 0 0.0 0.0% 940,747 6.8 6.8%
Bloc Québécois 50 16.2 16.2% 1,379,565 10.0 10.0%
NDP-New Democratic Party 37 12.0 12.0% 2,517,075 18.2 18.2%

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Need a Job?

October 15-08
Dear Member(s) of Parliament,
Reading this was work.
The history of Canadian voter turnout from Elections Canada. You have to read the small print at the top and bottom to get the accurate picture.
Do especially note the years 1891 to 1898, ruffly a 54% average voter turnout.
Save us the rhetoric please.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario

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Just when you thought the worst may be over,

This Happens

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Does the EU have Canada’s E.I.?

October 15, 2008
Dear *, Member of Parliament for *-*, *,
Curious the prime minister should be ‘jetting off’ to Europe for trade talks with the president of France at a time in this country when the Governor General should likely be calling out Canada’s Armed Forces against the Francophone Gilles Duceppe MP and the seditious Bloc Quebecois regional, criminal, race, party, or resigning her position?
Does the E.U. have Canada’s E.I., because I really can’t imagine any trade talks that could take precedent over returning Canada’s ‘missing 54 billion dollar E.I. surplus’ or this Franco- “Quebecois”/”crises”.
Do we run off and forget the people of this country in order to sign some more useless some would even say “stupid”, Free-Trade deals, with a bunch of bankrupt European misfits?

“I dooon’t think so”.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

E.I. E.I. Ohhhh?

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“Low Voter Turnout” “58%”, update: “59.1%”

October 15, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament for * *, *
“Conservatives do better with a high voter turnout”. – the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper
I was curious about this mysterious and unexplained phenomena of “low voter turnout” in Canadian elections. I checked with the governments official statistics web page and looked for any record of voter turnouts during national elections.
Seems there is some and there really is no such “phenomena” or any “mystery” that points to any kind of “declining voter turnout” since confederation and the election of the first prime minister in 1867.
Other than what I would guess to be an expected decline due to having so many elections consecutively over such a short period of time which could likely leave some people feeling they would rather stay home, I would be one of those people but this year I forced myself.
There is some decline showing in the record of voters going to the polls but only over the last five years and that should be very obvious that this is not a trend.
We do not need this kind of rhetoric being promoted by the government on to the citizens of this country.
Canadians need to be told the truth, there is no real “decline in voter turnout” and contrary to the opinions of our governments and since the confederation of this country in 1867.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Update: 1891-1898 only about 54% averaged, of Canadians bothered to vote. Don’t our elected professionals have access to this kind of data, poor things, they must need another pay raise.

O look they even held a referendum in 1898 , only 44% bothered to turnout. Surely a crises in democracy must have ensued.

I’ve heard the other “leaders” in Canada’s government telling us this same rhetoric.

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Another, Letter to the Governor General

October 15, 2008

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall, 1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A1

Telephone: (613) 993-8200
Toll-free: 1 (800) 465-6890
Fax: (613) 998-8760


A Respectful Government for Canada

I beg of you to actually do your job and have the traitor Gilles Duceppe MP Leader of the Bloc Quebecois in Canada arrested for sedition by the authority granted you as representative of the crown in this country.

To allow Gilles Duceppe MP to escape this justice would expose Canada to policies that the majority of Canadians clearly do not want. They could diminish Canadian sovereignty and further undermine the supportive social programs and civil liberties that Canadians citizens have come to enjoy.

Or you should resign your office if not for ethical reasons then under threat of facing similar charges.

Gilles Duceppe MP said tonight (and this morning being the 15th) on cpac television that he had “won a majority”. He has usurped his authority as a member of parliament broken his sworn oath and should be removed from the house of commons and the parliament of Canada.

Yours for a free and democratic Canada,

* *
*, Ontario ( my name and location)

P.S.Abortion doctors that “defy the lawshould go to prison with Gilles Duceppe MP and not receive the country’s highest honours.

Bye, bye, Michael Jean


(Links not included )

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GO Maroons!


October 14, 2008
Dear *, Member of Parliament for *,
Congratulations on your win tonight.
Hope “we” don’t spend this mandate trying to please “the east” or “the Quebecois nation”.
Saw on TV some of the local debate and thought you did a good job, the Liberal was a fairly strong opponent and the NDP voters can also be strong in this area.
I may even buy a Hyundai if the U.S. doesn’t “melt down” due to a lack of North American made auto sales.
Tax cuts for the poor can be difficult when some of “the poor” are receiving seven thousand or more dollars a year in child benefits. I do not know how anyone in this country can really be “poor” or how children can be “living in poverty”, as we seem to hear so much, except for those on general welfare which are not very many at all. Natives of course do not pay taxes and should not be allowed to vote or receive tax benefits nor should be persecuted or put down.
Caledonia is not your riding but is a federal responsibility and needs to be cleaned up according to treaty rights.Be good to the Natives but not their Liberal babysitters, please.
Quebec is not a lost cause but Ontario is where any federal party has to win, unless they are the Bloc Quebecois.
Governments have spent too much time trying to “win in Quebec” and “worrying about the east”, some even seem to think that Ontario is in the east when it is really central from a political view and close enough geographically also.
Ontario has to be central to any winning campaign which I did not see in this election from any party, Jack Layton ran the best campaign at least in Ontario and I think that will show..
Down with the Official Languages Act, Atlantic Accords, “Free Trade” “Corporate Welfare”, the commercial seal hunt in Canada and any special treatment for any other “Nations” and including First Nations in this country.
Enough of the Quebecois attitude of inherited rights that do not even exist except as some Liberals let them. Conservatives should “kill” the Arts and Culture spending in this country and the damned Liberal/UN, Stephane Dion stench called the ‘Kyoto Accord’.
A larger minority is still a victory, I’m against the Mulroney Free Trade Deal and want Karl Heinz Schreiber charged criminally for bribing Mulroney and before this week is done, this a criminal matter and not for a government ‘public Inquirey’ held behind closed doors and overseen by a Judge that was appointed by Mulroney.’Not gonna happen’ and do try to get back the E.I. surplus that the previous finance minister Jim Flaherty seems can be forgotten. I must demand that there be a ‘public Inquirey’ and some “accountability” for Canada’s stolen E.I. surplus.
“Kill” Kyoto and not the dog.
‘Press your nose to the window Danny Williams your on the outside looking in.’, a quote from a blog comment I read earlier tonight that I thought worth repeating.
I just saw your numbers on the TV screen your a runaway 18000 plus to the Liberal, 11,000. You got mine too just in case, I saw the debate and thought * was going to hurt ya, or visa-versa. : l
Were not exactly un-accustomed to going “hands-on” in this town, go Maroons.
I hear that the prime minister likes to read and is interested in the history of professional Hockey, my favourite sport when I was a youth, to watch that is, but I couldn’t play very well, two left feet, Disappointing but we can’t have everything, I went to school with Dave *, my brother and his kids help on his mothers farm near *. Just between you and I, you should try to get a * jersey for the PM or maybe I can ask around and drop one off at your office if I get my hands on one.
Sincerely Yours
*, Ontario, Canada
A “disgruntled”, “under-employed”, “poor” trucker and ex-cab driver – because I got beat up by “crack-heads” and the police charged me. Waited ten months for a court date date and the Judge threw my case out when I fired my lawyer who wanted me to plead with no witnesses in the court room. Law games, they want to play law games with peoples lives. They cost me my job and I’ll never go back if that’s how cabbies get treated by the law and their employers.

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Close but no cigar

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We don’t need no stinking … “Brokers”

CRA and Canada Labour

October 15, 2008
Dear * *, Member of Parliament for *-*, *,
If successfully re-elected and Conservatives are the new government I would ask that the Liberal federal labour law in this country be fixed or repaired.
Really it isn’t the law that is “Liberal” it is the application of the Labour and Revenue Agency laws.
Canada Revenue Agency does not apply the definition of employee to all federally regulated workers in Canada fairly and does leave some employee’s working as “contractors” and some temporary workers taking the place of permanent employees such as at ‘* * Transport’ (I know because I used to work there) in Mississauga ON.
Canada Revenue Agency is being negligent and the Canada Labour Code is not being enforced ethically or even legally
Canada’s trucking industry and temporary employers are abusing their rights and the workers of this country.
This may not be easy to fix.
Canada Revenue Agency and the Canada Labour Program need to be held “accountable” to the taxpayers and electors of this country especially for not collecting from federally regulated employee’s the same taxes and premiums that the rest of Canadian employees are required to pay.
Both these government Agencies may likely need to be dismantled or seriously reworked.
Like the Liberalized courts across this country they are incompetent.
Federally regulated trucking industry in Canada needs much attention from the tax collectors and labour enforcers of this country. Don’t ask them, ask me, I’m, the one who votes, not * International or * * * in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
Good Luck to the Conservatives today.

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Vote Marijuana?

I do not support the Brian Mulroney/Pierre Trudeau vision of “Free Trade“, so I should not vote Conservative.

I do not support carbon taxes or the idea of “man made” “Global Climate Change” so I should not vote Liberal, NDP or Green.

I do not live in the region of Quebec or support communists so I can not vote for the Bloc Quebecois.

This leaves me on the “fringe“.

Or, “the lesser evil“?

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The Medieval Warm Period

I Guess this is what they mean by “Global Climate Change”.

Looking at the grey line things haven’t really “changed” at all and Al Gore, Stephane Dion, Elizabeth May and allot of “scientists” should go back to elementary school and try again.

Or should they refund to taxpayers the cost of their publicly-funded post-secondary educations?

The UN just wants a human caused crises, like their aren’t any real ones ?

More climate “News”.

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Barack Obama, not born in the U.S. or even a legal U.S. citizen?

‘It has been asserted by a number of sources, including Andy Martin, that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii. Philip Berg’s Latest Motion to the Court is more explicit since it gives an exact Place of Birth.’

Doesn’t matter if you were born in Canada, you can still be the prime minister if you want.

Mrs. Obama speaks out against some ‘racist American bloggers’.

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Elizabeth May be a real Hoser

Check out the Bourque News, looks like Elizabeth May was ‘in the sack’ with Stephane Dion for a senate seat/cabinet post.


That’s an ugly picture.

Wouldn’t that be “bribery”?

May’s confusing us, Green candidate says

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Quebec Quebec Quebec

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dear member of parliament,

Do the Conservatives want to win votes in Quebec? If yes,  have a nice two and half years with another minority government, if your lucky.
Do Conservatives want to win votes in Canada and especially in Ontario where they are most needed?
Then cut federal income taxes and raise the basic deductible amount to twenty thousand dollars. Jack Layton NDP MP said he would, you could steal from their plan but since I gave them the idea in the first place you may use it.
Good luck with any incompetent minority government. Thanks to Quebec for that.
Don’t blame Ontario while their losing jobs and need the economic boost that can come from tax cuts especially federal income tax cuts and is the reason why the Liberals “Green Shift” has any popularity at all.
I would guess that now it may be too late but the Conservatives still have today to pull off a last minute win or may be even “a majority”.
Sincerely Yours
*, Ontario, Canada

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No Deal

Flaherty meets with G7

October 11, 2008
Dear the Minister of Finance the Honourable Jim Flaherty, MP,
Canada should not have any part of signing any “deals”, “treaties” or “agreements” with the same ‘morons’ that are responsible for this mortgage/economy/banking/credit – crisis in the U.S.
I sent an email to this minister and Cc: to the Ontario minister of finance last year after George Bush blamed “the borrowers” and not the lenders for what was then only a “mortgage crises” in the U.S. I mentioned that was wrong for President Bush and that he had “missed the ball” by blaming the borrowers when the lenders were the ones that caused the problem.
Their government is responsible for this mess and for letting the irresponsible lobbying schemers to take charge of the policy making of their government.
The U.S. government’s own corruption is the real cause of the trillions of dollars in losses and bailouts being suffered.
Let them fix their own mess.
Beware of any “deals” with them or the European’s and this finance minister if re-elected should try to get back the TSX from the S&P in Toronto asap.
I support the Conservative Party of Canada this time and “the abrogation” of ‘Free Trade’ or NAFTA.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. What has NAFTA done for Canada’s softwood lumber industry or Canadian manufacturers lately?

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Say No to Trudeau

‘Duceppe blasts Trudeau for backing bilingualism’

October 11, 2008

Dear member of parliament for * *, *, * *,

Seems that Gilles Duceppe does not approve of the official languages act.
“Trudeau’s son described those who are unilingual as lazy, as if it wasn’t normal for someone to speak their own language, live in their language and to want to work in their language.” – Gilles Duceppe, Oct.11 -canwest news service
If the Bloc Quebecois do not want national bilingualism then the Canadian government should abolish that act.
I would like to see the metric system in Canada abolished also and the “Atlantic Accords” that are still sending money to some eastern province’s and any other “deal” that allows Saskatchewan or any other province to get around paying or receiving fair transfers.
“Ontario pays twenty billion” more than supposed to to the federal treasury each year, if there is any truth to that then that should be fixed. Ontario is hurting and Quebec is laughing.
The Bloc Quebecois does not want official bilingualism so why do we have have this act in Canada?
Canadians do not want official bilingualism or the metric system for that matter, this government should get rid of both of them.Only the Liberals support this bogus act.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Employment Insurance is not for those who are self-employed and this is further abuse of the original purpose of this program-(unemployment).
E.I. is not for maternity leave either and should be completely scrapped if this is the way the program is going to be used,abused.(Unemployment Insurance)
The “spent” “57 billion” E.I. Surplus must be returned to those who overpaid they’re E.I. premiums and those who ” spent” that should be held “accountable” or the police should be investigating this as a criminal matter!
Karl Heinz Schreiber, Brian Mulroney, Gilles Duceppe and now Paul Martin, who’s going to be next in this country to not be charged for breaking the law, some of us could only wonder?

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Yeast produces C02?

So how much would a loaf of bread cost after “carbon taxes”?

‘The purpose of any leavener is to produce the gas that makes bread rise. Yeast does this by feeding on the sugars in flour, and expelling carbon dioxide in the process.’

Liberal says carbon taxes won’t reduce emissions.

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Ontario stabbed in the back by Quebec, again!

October 09, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament,
Adding insult to the injury of ignoring Ontario, the Conservatives have made by a vote in parliament, a “Nation” of the Quebecois”. Without Bay-Street singing the praises of the economy the Conservatives suffer the consequences, at least if voter polls mean anything.
“519” supports the Conservatives, that is where the “grass roots” are, but “905” is where heavily tax Torontonians live and most of Jack Layton/ Stephane Dion’s welfare yuppies.
Cutting taxes are the Conservative’s key to winning in the “905”.
Commercial residential municipal taxes in Ontario are much higher (very much higher actually) than are the tax rates of single family homes and this is something that needs to be fixed and would be much apprecited.
Cutting income taxes by raising the basic deductible amount is the best way to lower every ones taxes.
“Income-splitting” is a good idea as long as you really mean income-splitting and not income-shifting and leaving out the single-earner family that need it the most.
To win Toronto you need to win new voters, the grass roots area’s may be on side but Quebec is sliding away as I predicted and even foretold in a previous email and as I fully expected. Quebec cares about Quebec.
To help this country’s economy and especially those who need the help the most the government should lower income taxes. I don’t care what you have to do to accomplish lowering payroll taxes.
The government should and must work to get back Canada’s “spent” “57 billion dollar E.I. surplus” and would be very handy to have at a needy time like this.
Karl Heinz Schreiber and Brian Mulroney should be facing criminal charges for the crimes they have already admitted to and not having another tax payer funded “public Inquirey”.
To win Toronto cut their taxes and I do know Tor-on-to.I have some friends and relatives that live there.
Save the “welfare spending” (tax dollar pandering) for the Liberals and “Taliban”-Jack.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
(519) ***-****
P.S. You should not negotiate with Taliban or any middle east terrorists in Afghanistan or elsewhere because they will not negotiate in good-faith.
Afghanistan needs the full attention of NATO or Canada should leave, just pull-out over-night and go home.
If NATO won’t send the help that is needed, Canada should just up and leave.
Were really tired of all the woes of Afghanistan and how NATO won’t do their fair share, tired.

Ontario property tax system

Ontario’s tax madness

The Quebecois a Nation

“Welfare Yuppies”

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October 09,2008
Dear member of parliament,
I was just doing some reading-up on “Income-Splitting” and I had thought this was actually something real and not another government “fiddle-diddle” with the tax-payers program.
“Income-splitting” should allow a spouse/parent with no income to share or actually “split” the gross families income and not just shift taxes from a higher to lower tax bracket. Actually “split’ them and not tax-shifting.
Keep your “fiddle-diddling” plans to yourselves please and out of the public’s conscience.
We have Stephanie Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe to “diddle” us with their stupid plans and ideas all year long, thank you.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Income splitting is only beneficial for taxpayers in the second (22%) bracket or higher, so anyone
earning less than $37,000 is left out.

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Economics – 101

October 09, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
Seems income-splitting would encourage one parent to stay at home to care for the children rather than needing welfare subsidies from the tax payers.
Obviously this would be costly to the government and money could be saved by cuts to tax benefits and social welfare spending and by making business pay a fairer share, (individual Income tax are a business cost, expense, do not overlook those economics), the higher tax brackets may need to be adjusted upward some.
Income-splitting should be a priority for the government including provincial governments and especially those considered “Conservative”.
A big vote getter no doubt.
Income-splitting should be for everyone.
Very do-able in my opinion.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Daycare children abused

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carbon taxes?

Link to petition

h/t Wolk

Add a button to your blog

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Vote Liberal – get it over with!

What is that sucking and blowing sound?

October 08, 2008

Dear member of parliament,
I looked at the spending in the Conservatives platform. It is being called “mild” by comparison to the other Party’s spending.
Reducing income taxes particularly by using “income-splitting” would offer much more help for everything from Housing to the Self-Employed, Artists and Veterans to the economy over-all.
I know this government is well aware of “income – splitting” and it’s costs but are apparently completely ignorant of the benefits to families and consumers and business or the economy.
I thought Conservatives represented lower taxes, less government, less spending and less bureaucracy?
I don’t see any of that in this platform and though considered “mild” according to some Liberal standards, gets a “thumbs down” from me, for overlooking tax cuts, especially for those who need them the most and increasing “Corporate Welfare” and arts and social spending.
“Two thumbs down”!
Cut taxes and government corporate welfare and social spending!
Or I’ll vote for the Liberals too, your stinking welfare spending is costing this economy more than it can afford especially at a time like this.
Shoot the “lame-duck”?
All these “drib-drab”, “limp-noodle” spending increases, ‘here and there’, are sucking out the surplus of this country’s economy while doing nothing good for the economy.
Speaking of a “Surplus” does anyone know where the Liberal’s E.I. Surplus is?
Someone’s been waiting for it to be mentioned in any fiscal budget or a party platform?
Is it missing or something? “57 Billion dollars”? Where is the E.I. surplus mentioned in your government budgets or any party platform?
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Where is Canada’s E.I. surplus?

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Liberally challenged persons

Dear member of parliament,

I think my vote is changing.
You won’t win a majority by canceling the good things and passing off more CorpRott welfare to support business suffering from the affects of Free Trade and a high dollar.
The total cost of the four-year platform is projected at close to $8.7 billion.’
How can government possibly afford to eliminate the lowest tax bracket and income- splitting with this kind of business and Arts sucking-up?

  • The total cost of the four-year platform is projected at close to $8.7 billion.
  • The final year would be the most costly, at $2.8 billion.
  • It projects a cumulative surplus of $8 billion over the four years.
  • The platform pledges $20 million a year to help the forestry industry market its products abroad.
  • It also promises $1.6 billion to help manufacturing and resource industries.
  • Ensures Conservative government maintains a minority government at best.

You are now taking advantage of Canadians in my opinion and should likely not be re-elected.
“Kill” Arts funding in this country after the election stop the E.I. for the self-employed and get back your “spent” E.I surplus and KicK all of the QuebeCers out of the Cabinet and the house of commons, do so for your own good.
Need a pay raise?

from CTV

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Show we the money!

Why can’t I deduct my p.s.t. at tax time?

October 07, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
Business is allowed to deduct taxes from their incomes including municipal and gasoline taxes as a deductible expense.
I can not do this.
Canadian business only pays about “one- third” of the overall tax bill in Canada. So who is paying all the taxes?
We do not want or need the tax-“fiddling”, such as the five thousand dollar tax savings account! Who has five thousand dollars of spare cash in the first place – tax “fiddling”.Handing out tax-credits and giving workers benefits to the self-employed, forgetting about Canada’s E.I. surplus, starting new crown corporations and making new nations are not what citizens (voters) in this country want or need.
This seems all very progressive governing that Canadians do not want.
We already have the Liberals, NDP,Greens and the Bloc Quebecois for some “special” citizens to pander to us with tax dollars.
In short, the tax disparity between business and individuals in this country must be addressed, I’m sure that Jack Layton, Elizabeth May and even Gilles Duceppe would agree, the Liberals of course being lost in some kind of a “Green Shift”.
The lowest tax bracket needs to be removed completely and income-splitting available for all families and the losses made up wherever you have to, I would suggest starting by decreasing government salaries and the benefits of MP’s and Canada’s civil service.
Pandering to the “Quebekers” is a lose-lose proposition for this country and good for no one.This is progressive ideology and not very conservative at all.
I do not like tax spenders very well or this Progressive political tax and spend- pandering.
Cut payroll taxes, it’s called winning votes, and lowers business costs, or go work somewhere else and let the Liberals give us the their “Green-Shaft”.
There’s a progressive stench in this country.
Sincerely yours,
* * (Mulroney should be in jail)
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I would really like to see some of the CA and Reform party green colour in this Conservative party’s official logo and lawn signs. Green is very in.

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What’s good for you?

Sunday, October 05, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
“Income splitting” could be important for all Canadians.
Income splitting would allow a stay at home spouse “partner” or parent to know that they’re work in the home counts for something as it clearly does.
The economy likely matters the most right now to some and this could be an important change that would allow more earned income to stay at home.
This could even be a security measure for those concerned about needing to look for a second job or to go out to work as opposed to rather staying at home to care for their children.
Low income earners are the most stressed in hard times by expenses and by taxes and need tax relief as much as businesses or even more.
Cutting the low income tax bracket and/or income-splitting would be big vote getters in my opinion and are what is ‘good for you’ to, what’s good for Canada is less need for social spending and more take home pay, “income-splitting” does seems like a good deal.
Some of the tax rates may need adjusting upward as this measure should mostly affect those the most needy,the working poorer and those who have to choose between having enough at home or needing to get extra work outside the home.


*, Ontario, Canada
Good ad. by the way.

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Elections Canada ” Regional parties”

Dear member of parliament,
Elections Canada should not allow regional party’s to participate in the federal elections.
Could this wrong not be easily corrected by having some rules that prevent electing regional parties like the Bloc Quebecois to the federal government?
The Reform Party was “regional” at it’s roots but ran and elected candidates in more than just one province and region. I remember voting for the Reform Party in Ontario in the 1993 election.
There needs to be rules that prevent federal political party’s from having only candidates in only one province of the country.
*, Ontario, Canada

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Subsidies = Taxes

-Jul 07, 2008

‘Japanese beef is just one of many government subsidized foods, along with American corn and European fruit. Together, the subsidies are worth a staggering $300 billion a year.’

‘In 2005 the Ontario Liberals started subsidizing ethanol to the tune of $520-million over 12 years.’

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Scrap the CRTC?

Dear winner of the next federal election in Canada,
Which should be whoever cuts the lowest federal tax bracket and applies income splitting fairly to all Canadian families.Conservatives more likely gaining a majority by doing so.
Whoever wins, could they please do something about the CRTC which seems to have little difficulty with Canadians watching 24 hours a day of CNN while preventing the FOX News from broadcasting here altogether?
Canada does not need the CNN or FOX News really, so should not allow the CNN to broadcast here either. Is this blatant political broadcasting discrimination against the “right-wing” in Canada.
Or, just scrap Canada’s CRTC and open the market up and scrap the CBC too which is so Liberally biased, especially the CBC Radio Overnight program.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

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From the roots, up


Dear member of parliament for *****


“Income-splitting”should be for all Canadian families.
Attention should be payed to cutting income taxes of “the poor”, first.
Tax parity between Business/Industry and individuals should be a “social goal” and Business should be cut off from “Corporate Welfare” including any tax relief.

Manufacturing jobs in Canada are being lost due to the Free Trade deal and the Canadian dollars rise to U.S. parity which makes exports more expensive – “abrogate” Free Trade/NAFTA.
Health Care,- “An ounce of prevention……
Marijuana is a “gateway drug”, do build more jails and increase criminal drug sentencing, greatly.
Tobacco is an even bigger gateway drug ,do criminalize the sales of nicotine products.
Alcohol may not be a “gateway drug” in my very non-“expert” opinion.
Global Warming/ Climate Change is mostly a left-wing political fraud, “Kill” Kyoto.

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Smog costs the health care system

October 03, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * * *,
Tobacco nicotine and “smog”.
Nicotine should be made a controlled (banned) substance in Canada and the discrimination by outrageous and ridiculous (criminal really) taxation by Canada’s government’s against some who are “addicted” to these legal products stopped, or individuals should face hate crimes charges.
Smog, caused mostly by automobiles and coal powered electricity plants without scrubbers are costing the health care system in Canada money, – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
Put scrubbers on the coal plants and introduce California like smog controls on the automobiles.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Do rid Canada of the metric system, official languages Act and please “abrogate” Free Trade in Canada, like someone promised to once.
Do not build any new nuclear power plants in Canada please unless they are absolutely necessary.

“Global Warming/Climate Change” in Canada is not “man made” or “man caused”.

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“Happy Birthday”

Woman in Politics

"Woman in Politics"

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Should Canada have debates in French?

October 01, 2008

Dear members of parliament,
Are not “Franco-Canadians” especially from Quebec being racist about their culture in Canada? If “the Quebecois are a nation” they should be expelled from Canada’s parliament and federal government offices.
“The Quebecois” must be defined for citizenship purposes and those who are not Canadian removed as illegals.
Is this some kind of joke of the NDP and the Liberals that supported the motion.
Get the Quebecois out of the federal government or face the consequences which should include hate crimes against individuals.
Get the “frogs” out of Canada please and NO federal FRENCH DEBATES.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. If your French and you know it, get out of Canada please or you should be removed.

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Not debatable

October 01, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
Should Elizabeth May or any other citizen of this country and I would now also include Gilles Duceppe, be allowed to run for the leadership of a political party if they were not born in this country, Gilles Duceppe being a foreigner now?
My Dad was born in the U.S. and I have some serious loyalty concerns about him that I think could be native to his birth country, seriously he voted for Trudeau, “Liberals”.
A Concerned voter,
* ,Ontario
P.S. Bernier was a very bad man and “Quebekers” make me very suspicious.

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October 01, 2008

To whom it may concern, dear member of parliament,
The former PM Paul Martin thinks it is “a tragedy the twelve billion dollar surplus has virtually evaporated”.
What does the former PM think of Canada’s “fifty billion dollar E.I. surplus” being “spent”?
A crime?
Obviously no one else in this government does?
Auditor General, Shiella Fraser, must have been a sleep or was she on Liberal tranquilizers?
Sorry, the leadership of this country needs a wakeup call and I think a prison cell may be in order for the Right Honourable Paul Martin, he could share with Schreiber, Mulroney, Duceppe and Chretien to cut down on incarceration costs to tax payers .
I would suggest the Right Honourable Paul Martin shut-up or get sued for the theft that has cost Canadian’s “fifty four billion dollars” and the Honourable Jim Flaherty is just the man to sue him.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. The leadership of Liberal Paul Martin is the cause of this country’s economic trouble’s today, the guy is a bum, was a bum, and will always be a bum. Oh and a fraud and a thief.

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Income splitting is needed

September 30, 2008

Dear member of parliament,
You might even win ‘a majority’ by sharing income splitting with the ‘stay at home’ spouse, “partner”, partner.
“The poor” need tax cuts more than they need welfare handouts, “Income-splitting” for the stay at home “partner” is likely a better vote getter and more importantly a chance to prove that the Conservatives aggressively support some tax “Equality” for the home and family.
You may remember those including myself who may find ourselves “living in poverty” in Canada and paying far too many taxes, really, and not voting for Jack Layton or Elizabeth May (born in the U.S.A.) or Gilles Duceppe (born in the “nation of the Quebecois”).
The poor do pay an exorbitant amount of their incomes in taxes of one form or another.
Imagine earning seventeen or twenty thousand dollars a year and needing a car to get to work and need to buy gasoline for that car at $1.25/l or around five dollars per gallon.
Do stop the yuppie welfare spending some of us consider that (vote pandering).
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario
Home to the Victory of 1812-15 and Tecumseh’s shameless loss.
Might Giovanni Caboto have a Holiday in Canada someday?

Not that he needs a rest.

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Canada’s last foreign-born Prime Minister, (1894-1896)

Rt Hon Sir Mackenzie Bowell, 1894-96 (b at Rickinghall, Eng 27 Dec 1823)

I may not specifically question Elizabeth May‘s citizenship or her loyalty to this country but she is still a foreigner to me.

Re: You cost this country too much.

Sunday, September 28, 2008 7:07 PM


—–Inline Attachment Follows—–

Dear *. *,

I can assure that you that Ms. May’s commitment and loyalty to Canada is second to none. Elizabeth was born in Hartford Connecticut in 1954 of a British father and American mother. The whole family moved to Canada when Elizabeth was a teenager in 1973. Her parents came as landed immigrants and invested their life savings in opening tourism business on the Cabot Trail. She became a Canadian citizen in 1978.

Thanks very much for your email and let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

Andrew *

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Yuppie Welfare is Everywhere

September 29, 2008
Dear member of parliament for ********,
Why does the government want to spend money like a Liberal and not cut the taxes of those being used by the left-wing in this country to support the “poverty” crying?
This is incompetent managing of Canada’s finances. Cutting business taxes while businesses only pay one third of Canada’s overall tax bill is incompetence.
‘Income splitting’ should be applied to all Canadian families and not just to seniors who are the generation responsible for Canada’s ridiculous debts.Do you need a hired hand to help you add one plus one? Maybe “we” need another pay raise?
Why can’t “we” do what is needed when it is needed and not after it is too late.
Paul Martin MP should be going to jail for spending th this country’s E.I. surplus and this government should be the one sending him to there and not starting a new crown bureaucracy to keep us safe at night while ignoring your “spent” 54 billion dollar surplus” that belongs to Canadian workers and employers.
The Atlantic Accords as they stand aren’t even legal and should be scrapped altogether and are another reason why Paul Martin PM MP should be in jail.
Carry on with your stupid spending and tax credits, if you want the NDP to be running this country, because your only justifying their existence for them.
Income splitting should be for every family and tax cuts for those the government claims “live in poverty” and they do live in poverty.
We don’t need no stinking “Yuppie Welfare”.
Or you really, just ask Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe or Elizabeth May if you don’t believe me.
Cut taxes of the poor and raise the business income taxes and stop yuppie welfare spending, please.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Layton’s platform is yuppie welfare too

Reply to a NDP Newsletter.

I notice Jack Layton believes Canada’s federal members of parliament should be on welfare too.
‘and every family with a net annual household income of $188,000 or less will receive more’
I’m not sure how having a net income of one hundred eighty eight thousand dollars fits into the middle class either unless your U.S. Senator, John McCain?
I do know the NDP are responsible for almost every policy in this country that has been bad for this country including a government sponsored genocide, called abortion.
Jack Layton has shown is true colours in this platform and thankfully Harper will have a majority if this is where the NDP stands
I have coined a new term for this kind of government welfare spending I call this Yuppie Welfare.
Where is Canadian workers E.I. surplus and why isn’t the NDP doing anything to hold anyone in the government accountable for that?
188,000,00 dollars, Jack must be in competition with Dalton McGuinty MPP to see who can afford the most Yuppie Welfare, what a sell out scum the NDP is.
I remember when Bob Rae legalized Sunday shopping in Ontario and I haven’t voted NDP since and I can tell that’s a good thing.
Harper wins by default and Layton may find out what it’s like to actually matter, sadly for this country.
I actually look forward to Jack Layton being leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition with a Harper majority.
Waiting patiently.

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“ABC” easy as one two three …

A reply:

Easy as one two three …

Doe Ray Me
— On Sun, 9/28/08, * * <***> wrote:
From: * * < ****>
Subject: Re: You may have a good point but,
Received: Sunday, September 28, 2008, 11:50 AM

It’s called stealing.
Looks like the Liberals are a wash out, thankfully. I can not see Stephane Dion making a comeback during any debates. In fact I think the federal Liberals are going to be replaced as the official opposition and the Conservatives form a majority
The 2005 deal made by Paul Martin to give the eastern provinces special treatment was illegal and the Conservatives contrary to Danny Williams lies have actually extended this cheating agreement. I say cheat because Ontario doesn’t have any exemptions from the transfer agreement?
The whole thing is a scam and the people of Newfoundland are going to be the ones who suffer for the premiers treachery.
Down with the commercial seal hunt and forever, were tired of your idle pointless threats “Newfie”.
I’m going to do every thing I can do to see that the present deal made with Paul Martin is “abrogated” and that Newfie’s pay a fair share for a change and possibly see that there is a criminal investigation into this Danny Williams, Paul Martin scam of the federal treasury.

— On Sun, 9/28/08, <> wrote:
From: <>
Subject: Re: You may have a good point but,
To: ****
Received: Sunday, September 28, 2008, 2:55 AM

Thank you very much for your email to the ABC Campaign.

Sincere apologies for the delay in responding.  We are reading every
single email and giving close attention to every point raised.

While we as Canadians may sometimes disagree, Canada is strengthened by
the debates we are having as we

 participate in this most fundamental of
democratic processes.

Sincere best wishes,

ABC Campaign

Quoting * * <***>:

> Correct me but "the transfer deal" made to allow and still does
> NL and NB, the (Atlantic Accords), to keep their resource revenues
> out of the transfer formula was in fact a contravention of the
> federal Act regulating transfers and as such was and still is illegal
> and the signers to "the deal" actually criminals under federal
> All the hub bub being made by this premier of Newfoundland and some
> others I have heard complaining of having to pay their fair share is
> more than any Canadian should tolerate.This is government corruption
> at its very worst and the matter is cause for a criminal
> investigation.We'll see if this so-called "premier" of NL

 Williams calls for a criminal investigation into the deal, not very
> likely.
> Ontario doesn't need your Newfie welfare Danny Williams, maybe the
> Newfies should start helping Ontario by paying their fair share
> instead of scamming the public's purse while complaining of being
> mistreated by Stephen Harper.
> Cry on Newfie welfare beggars, cry on and may the commercial seal
> hunt in this country end for ever!
> Yours truly,
> * from *, Ontario

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You cost this country too much

September 27, 2008
Dear members of parliament,
I was reading that Canada spends four thousand five hundred dollars for every person on average for health care costs each year.
A family of four would cost the tax payers of Canada twenty thousand dollars a year.
How do the politicians of this country imagine that Canadians can afford a National or a Provincial Child Day Care System? I say the politicians are attaching some expenses to our society that can not be afforded by those who are paying the bills and they are bankrupting this nation, again.
Business do not pay their fair share of Canadian taxes. Businesses in Canada only pay one third of the overall tax bill each year yet they receive as much of the benefit if not even more.Canadian business has a big advantage over American business and still we must make excuses to lower business taxes, even then can’t keep jobs from leaving the country.
Canadians can not afford to pay the costs of all the Liberal vote pandering of Jack Layton and Stephane Dion or Elizabeth May who wasn’t even born in Canada or Gilles Duceppe who says that Quebec is a separate nation while holding a seat in Canada’s federal parliament, quack. Ya, we should be worried about the U.S. economy with these morons in charge of this country.
Honestly some politicians like Brian Mulroney PM sneak around in society when they should be in the general population at the Kingston penitentiary. Leaving the idea to some that they can take advantage of Canadians and get away with it as long as they have friends.
Low income earners are the ones who are paying the bills and costs in this country and you bums better start getting a clue if you asked me.
Listening to Dion and the Green Shaft and Elizabeth May and her ‘the sky is falling’ and Duceppe’s everything in Canada revolves around Quebec is truly stomach turning from the most pandering bunch of special interests.Gilles Duceppe is a racist by his own definition that he supported in Canada’s parliament, a typical “commie”.
We have more than enough serious problems here without worrying about what U.S. politicians have caused to happen to their own economy.
Some of you would be better off being in the U.S. government and should likely move there, first, asap.
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Do abrogate the official languages Act, NAFTA and the metric system, please.Do not forget to get back “the 54 billion dollar E.I. surplus” “spent” by the Liberals. Gilles Duceppe MP isn’t just a separatist he is also a criminal like Brian Mulroney and Karl Heinz Schreiber, do something, please.

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Lower taxes first

September 26, 2008
Dear member of parliament **,**,
“Lowering taxes” – “creating jobs” and “helping the economy” while running a surplus?
Lowering the tax rate of the lowest income bracket and with the intention of removing lowest income earners in this country from the income taxes altogether is what’s needed. There are many benefits from lowering the cost of operating a business to putting money in the pockets of consumers to lowering seniors taxes while reducing social spending costs, all at the same time.Low income earners in this country are the most vulnerable to economic changes and mortgage costs in society and deserve the most attention to tax cuts- first and welfare-handouts from Liberal-panderers-last.
The Liberals, the Bloc, the NDP and the Greens have all gone overboard with C02 worries. Real science does not support any of the rhetoric of greenhouse gases or any need for C02 capture or a carbon credit exchange. The Alberta wetlands and the ground environment need the most protection. The dam on the Fraser River that has ruined the lives of the local natives and changed the course of the fishery on that great river should be removed “busted”. There are alternative methods of producing energy now. Dams on the rivers in this country are a natural disaster and a national embarrassment.
Sorry but ‘the carbon is bad people’ are still setting the agenda with rhetoric and stand to be corrected.
I suggested raising the basic deductible amount during the last election to twenty thousand dollars and Jack Layton even used the idea in his election run. I think a better way though is to eliminate the lowest tax bracket and make some adjustments to the other rates by increasing the top rate by 4 to 6 points.Anyone who earns less than twenty thousand thousand dollars would not be charged federal income tax. Between twenty to thirty thousand dollars should pay no more than five percent federal income tax.Use any “surplus” for this purpose to lower business costs, create jobs, help consumers and the “working poor” and seniors to survive in this very shaky economy.
Government spending bad, (Dion, Layton, Duceppe, May), tax cutting good (Harper). May and Dion also being foreigners that should not even be allowed to run for Canada’s highest elected office.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario
P.S. Dump the Official Languages Act into a ‘Trudeaupian’ garbage can at the first possible chance if you win a majority government.

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Dewey Cheatem ‘n’ Howe

September 26, 2008
To whom it may concern,
Dalton McGuinty Premier, Howard Hampton MPP and John Tory, Leader of the Official Ontario opposition were witnessed by myself and likely others to “agree” to continue “publicly funding” of some separate schools in Ontario to the exclusion of all others and without a vote held in the Ontario parliament.
There are many other religions in Ontario that are not allowed by law to redirect public school taxes to their own private or “separate”school board.
This is a hate crime in my opinion. The continued actions by the three leaders of this province to force the continuation of funding for only private Catholic (separate) schools is discrimination and also tax fraud.

John Tory’s plan to extend this tax fraud to other private schools was a further insult to the Ontario tax payer and a failure, thankfully. John Tory has since returned to his original position of supporting hateful discrimination of funding only private (separate) Catholic schools.
Dalton McGuinty, Howard Hampton and John Tory were and still are committing a criminal offence by conspiring without a vote to fund only private Catholic schools with public school taxes and by definition should be held accountable for their “hate crimes”.
Private schools are called private schools for a reason and not so “lying” criminals can fund some and allow others to re-direct public school taxes from public schools to their own private (separate) religious school board. That is called theft, not that someone who would tell “two hundred lies” to win an election would know anything.
I say fix the problem now or face this kind of “threat” in a criminal court, that would be my advice to Ontario’s parliament, believe it or not.
I think the RCMP should be called today and the three charged and hauled off to jail! Slime-balls, “Do not pass GO”, that’s my opinion. I’ll post this to my publicly accessible blog, with hope someone else may have the energy or time to deal with you “criminals”.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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The big coinky dink, eh!

September 24, 2008.
Dear member of parliament, ***
Provinces may get stuck with the bill for any new prisons which is fine with me by the way. Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario does have allot of money to subsidize the day care of sixty thousand thousand dollar a year net income earners and that do have on “average 1.4 children”, spare cash I guess. Can “we” say “Yuppie Welfare”.
I would offer or suggest that this area could be a possible location for just such an investment. We are poor here and need some jobs. The old *-* * is not being used I hear and could be an ideal building and location for conversion to a modern prison facility? There is also allot of building space in *-* and cheaper real estate, one thing though, the drug culture here is quite strong and that should be a concern anywhere these kind of places are built or exist, we don’t need drugs in the prisons.
As for the Newfoundland seal hunt, the commercial side of that should be ended for ever and the money presently being stolen from the Canadian tax payers as the result of that 2005 Paul Martin/Danny Williams “deal to buy votes from the east” for Martin’s Liberals, and was in effect extended by this Conservative government,( don’t even talk to me unless you want to get sued), should be used to offset the income of the good people of Newfoundland as the commercial seal hunt is stopped and forever. We all love our Newfies but the Harp seals even more. I’m not suggesting we should club the Newfy’s, I doubt they’re hides would fetch much of a price these days anyway.
This is based on the premise of a continuing Conservative government of course.
Which would be guaranteed I think, if Jim Flaherty would cut the taxes of the lowest income earners in this country who also just happen to be the most needy and make up largest voting block, what an absolute “coinky – dink”, eh?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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45 million in Arts cuts and what of the “E.I. surplus”?

September 24, 2008
Dear the Minister of Finance the Honourable Jim Flaherty MP,
The Honourable Paul Martin as the Minister of Finance of Canada changed the name of Unemployment Insurance to Employment Insurance and placed a “twenty billion dollar cap” on the intended surplus collected from workers to be used as a “rainy day fund”.
Well there has been no “rainy day” in unemployment in this country since and the surplus as of December 03, 2007 is reported to be at fifty four billion.
OTTAWA–’Canada’s employment insurance “surplus” stands at $54 billion – …….’
I noticed there is a supreme court case now concerning the E.I. surplus, some unions are suing to get these tax funds returned to the rightful owners.
I heard Jack Layton MP and Stephen Harper talking about the E.I. surplus in the House of Commons, the prime minister said that “the Liberals spent the E.I. surplus ten years ago”.
“Spent ten years ago” and yet the Toronto Star is reporting there is a fifty four billion dollar surplus in the account as of December 03, 2007.
My point is, someone should have some questions to answer concerning this “spent” E.I. surplus.
My guess is this Minister of Finance has the most answering to do and since I have heard nothing of this “spent” E.I. surplus in the media, who is asking the questions, the Liberal opposition or the Bloc Quebecois or the NDP? I don’t hear them.
Nobody, including the present Minister of Finance are taking the accountable steps to insure that the over-surplus, the amount over the capped twenty billion, is returned to those who have overpaid.
There should be no more collection of E.I. premiums in this country until the “spent” surplus is collected and those who “spent” the money held “accountable”.
I noticed you are not taking any steps to collect the “54 billion dollar E.I surplus” for Canadians or hold the Liberals “accountable” and either has any of the opposition in the house of commons.
That is not a very accountable government if you asked me.
Why do “we” not fight to get this “spent” ( really stolen) E.I. surplus returned to Canada’s workers and I would add make some political gains doing so?
This is just more of the same-old, same-old, back-room politics, that in my opinion is a just cause for a criminal investigation and a politician or two or three to go to jail.
Is this some kind of joke, the government steals the fifty billion dollar surplus that is supposed to be “capped at twenty billion dollars” in the first place and for “a rainy day” and no one has any thing to say about that, wow?
That is what happens when the robbers guard the bank, eh, Jack Layton?
I know the Liberals and NDP and the Bloc Quebecois have spent two days screaming on television over 45 million dollars in (pretend) cuts to Arts and Culture, give me a BREAK!
54 billion of tax payers money gets “spent” and nobody even takes notice or a second look?

I really do have to question the “loyalty” of Canada’s government and opposition parties.
Sincerely yours,
* ,Ontario, Canada

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Cut more of the Arts and NAMBLA too

September 23, 2008
Dear member of parliament for *-*, *, * *,
I support the governments “cuts to the arts” that I’m hearing about on the TV news although sounds like these cuts in funding may only apply to Quebec. I hope that’s not the case and the cuts are “across the board”.
I approve of the Conservatives youth crime improvements too, “do the crime and do the time”, works for me, and fourteen year old’s know full well what they’re doing, so I agree with these good improvements.
Crimes against children should require mandatory minimum and lengthy jail sentences. NAMBLA should be outlawed and persecuted and prosecuted by the government, the courts in this country are still run by Liberals though.
I do not approve of Canada’s new Twenty Four Hour Porn T.V. Station that is set to start broadcasting.
The CRTC denied some Christian radio station in the Ottawa area yet has approved of a twenty four hour a day porn show for the entire nation, sorry but something is terribly imbalanced at Canada’s national communications regulator!
The Bloc Quebecois have a nation now according to Gilles Duceppe “that is why Quebec has a national assembly” and they should, as all “the Quebecois”, be removed from Canada’s federal government and offices including the RCMP, the Military and CSIS. This you must do or face the consequences it’s not a choice any longer.
Lot’s to do including removing the lowest income tax bracket completely helping the poor and even small businesses and cut government spending and tax waste including the Liberals plans for any national child day care or ‘Yuppie Welfare’ as I call it and returning the Liberals “spent” fifty four billion dollar E.I. surplus to Canada’s workers and employers. 34 billion returned and 20 billion replaced to the “capped surplus”, the interest earned on the surplus used to fund or replace the E.I. premiums.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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“National Assembly of Quebec”

September 21, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
I find listening to Gilles Duceppe MP very disturbing.
Gilles Duceppe MP for the Bloc Quebecois and the leader of the Bloc in Canada’s federal parliament says that “Quebec is a Nation” and “that is why Quebec has a National Assembly”. I’m not making this up I’m listening to him right now on CBCnewsworld. Gillles Duceppe MP is traitor by law.
Why would someone who belongs to another Nation be allowed to hold a seat in Canada’s federal parliament? Is this not disturbing to our members of parliament most of whom recently voted to make “the Quebecois a nation within this nation”?
I’m extremely “disturbed” listening to this “foreigner” making his demands from his seat as a federal member of parliament.
Extremely disturbing to hear Jean Charest the premiere of the nation of Quebec agrees with Gilles Duceppe MP.
Some states would consider this type of activity criminal at least if not out right a declaration of war! Where are our leaders, where is Jack Layton Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion? Where is the Conservative leadership?
\ This “Quebecois as a nation” business and listening to these traitors Jean Charest and Gilles Duceppe is very disturbing.
Foreigners should not hold seats in a federal parliament.
Are you insane or disturbed perhaps?
What’s going on behind closed doors in this “country” who else are you selling this country out too?
Enough said?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. When should we be hearing of the criminal indictment of KarlHeinz Schreiber for admitted bribing a federal member of parliament? Looking forward to your reply even though I still haven’t heard if your going to run for the federal seat again. I’d advise, maybe not.
Get the foreigners out of the house of commons please!

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Criminal conspiracy leading to fraud – “fiscal imbalance”?

-Paul Martin-Danny Williams-Stephen Harper and some other’s growing dilemma.

-I’m pretty sure someone should be going to jail over the 2005 deal?

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Stolen E. I. Surplus, etc.

September 21, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
These are some very troubling questions that I sent to the NDP Leader as a reply to their e-letter;
-Elizabeth May was born in the U.S.A. and should not be leading a Canadian political party even if she is now a Canadian citizen?
-I have not heard anything from this NDP about Canada’s fifty four billion dollar E.I. surplus that Harper said was “spent ten years ago”?
-Why did the E.I. surplus get spent without anyone even noticing?
-How does this happen?
-Everyone in this government has some serious explaining to do.
-About making “the Quebecois a nation” and spending a fifty four billion dollar tax surplus.
raise some very serious questions and quite possibly legal or even criminal liability.
-Where’s the explanations?
-How is someone born in a foreign country running for the leadership of this country an no- one says anything?
-Maybe your not paid enough is that the real problem, you need another hundred percent pay raise?
Lower workers taxes first please.
Gerry Ritz should be removed as minister. “Job Stress” is no excuse for me if I run someone over while driving a truck or a taxi, it’s certainly no excuse for you either and I support him as a the Ag. Minister.There is also a rumour that Ritz is abusing the use of alcohol while “at work”.
This government should not be starting a new crown corporation to manage the E.I. funds without first taking measures to return the stolen” fifty four billion dollar E.I. surplus”!
Please don’t make me involve the police with my emails anymore and just do your jobs.
-Flaherty should be fired from finance, if Conservatives win the election of course, which is quite” iffy” at this point. He and this government is 100% responsible now for the stolen E.I. surplus.
Yours Truly,
*, Ontario

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The CRTC is a Porn show

September 20, 2008
Dear the Minister of Canadian Heritage,
My understanding is that your office is responsible for the CRTC among many other priorities of this country.Canada is getting a new “porn channel”, “all Canadian porn”, twenty four hours a day for you and your family. I noticed on a “blog” that the CRTC has refused the application of two Christian radio stations in the Ottawa area citing “imbalance” as their excuse for denying the applications.
Yet the CRTC when approving an Alberta porn station for the TV said it is “not their job to judge morality”.My opinion is the CRTC is more than just hypocritical in this case of denying Christian radio stations while giving pornographers a free reign of the public communications.
From what I have seen and heard over the years the CRTC has outlived its usefulness and is discriminating against minority religions and is far to loose with the” regulations”.
The CRTC has crossed the line and just as the CBC and official bilingualism needs to be done away with and replaced with proper and responsible Canadian leadership and controls.
Now the Human Rights Commissions in this country are trying to force doctors to provide or promote abortions against their own consciences.
The CRTC, the CBC and Human Rights Commissions act the same way and need to be changed for the better and those running them now need to be FIRED, today!

We don’t need another election to fire some stupid bastards and close the damned places down, I hope.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Tax the hole and not the pump please

September 18, 2008
Dear minister of the environment,
To relieve any concerns of oil company’s “leaving” this country, not that they ever would. This minister should know that their are other oil company’s that would be glad to step in and take over from those who would “leave”.
In fact the sooner any would “leave” the better for this country.
The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are the ones that have made the messes by allowing these company’s too much leeway when it comes to polluting and screwing up the federal transfer system (Paul Martin/Danny Williams). Show this country the government cares about their environment by playing hardball with the Alberta wetland destroying oil sands developers.Albertans do not want their wetlands drained and polluted and ruined , help them, please, and raise the oil taxes while lowering fuel taxes or go join the Liberal talk allots and do us all a favour.
Go hardball on these oil guys and make them “leave the country” if you can, there’s other oil company’s that would likely pay to take that oil from Canada’s oil-sands even if it the price was fifty dollars a barrel.
Hit them between the eyes, big guy.Raise the oil taxes to pay for the environment and lower fuel taxes at the pump to relieve everybody else, please.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario


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Man, you still spend like a woman. (Yuppie Welfare)

September 17, 2008
To whom it may concern,
I hope Stephane Dion does not win this election, there isn’t enough money in the country to afford all his Liberal spending promises for “the poor”, “the working poor” and the homeless? (sarcasm I guess)
Man, the poorest in this country are paying half their meager earnings to a bunch of loitering spend thrifts who then later portray themselves as the saviours of the poor and  poor single mothers.
I hope Mr.Harper can get a clue before he starts to spend like a Liberal.
Canada’s income taxes aren’t just hurting the poor I know that, but if you make two hundred thousand dollars a year you have enough money to live on after paying your insane tax bill. “Poverty” in this country is largely due to the “spending like a woman” politicians.
Let’s hope Harper’s majority Conservative government doesn’t spend like a woman that most of them are.
Find a way to lower Canadians oppressive tax burden.Federal and provincial income taxes of the poor and working poor being the most oppressive cost of them all.
Maybe government spending on “yuppie welfare” sounds good during an election but really your only increasing the burden of the poor that you pretend to care about.
Or we should talk about Karl Heinz Schreiber, “indictable offences” and a “spent fifty four billion dollar E.I. surplus” that Jim Flaherty and Stephane Dion and Jack Layton seem to think belongs to them and not to the tax payers of Canada!
Yours Truly,
*, Ontario, Canada

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“Trust, Integrity and Character”

What would The Honourable Danny Williams know about ‘Trust Integrity and Character?

To: <>

Correct me but “the transfer deal” made to allow and still does allow NL and NB, the (Atlantic Accords), to keep their resource revenues out of the transfer formula was in fact a contravention of the federal Act regulating transfers and as such was and still is illegal and the signers to “the deal” actually criminals under federal law?
All the hub bub being made by this premier of Newfoundland and some others I have heard complaining of having to pay their fair share is more than any Canadian should tolerate.This is government corruption at its very worst and the matter is cause for a criminal investigation.We’ll see if this so-called “premier of NL” Danny Williams calls for a criminal investigation into the deal, not very likely.
Ontario doesn’t need your Newfie welfare Danny Williams, maybe the Newfies should start ‘helping Ontario’ by paying their fair share instead of scamming the public’s purse while complaining of being mistreated by Stephen Harper.
Cry on Newfie welfare beggars and may the commercial seal hunt in this country be ended for ever.
Yours truly,
* from *, Ontario

H/T- James Curran

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The origin of the spread of A.I.D.S.

‘in America A.I.D.S. was originally known to exist in the gay community then spread to IV drug users then to the rest of society’. Don’t take my word for it or your Human Rights Commission.

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Congregationalist or Baptist?

The early Congregationalists shared with Anabaptist theology the ideal of a pure church, which made adult conversion experience important for full membership in the church, unlike other Reformed churches. As such, the Congregationalists were a reciprocal influence on the Baptists, differing from them in that they counted the children of believers in some sense members of the church unlike the Baptists, because of baptism.

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“The criminal Danny Williams”

Dear preimer of NL,

The only thing worse than a big-mouthed-Newfie is a big-mouthed-welfare-sucking-Newfie.
The federal government should put a stop to the commercial seal hunt in Canada and pull the plug on Newfie-welfare they still receive even though Danny Williams might have us imagine otherwise.
Obviously Conservatives don’t need Newfies and neither does anyone else except the Liberal Paul Martin who apparently “makes deals” “to buy votes”, what’s up with that?
According to the Liberal Ralph Goodale MP that is “an indictable offence” in Canada.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario
P.S. I’m still waiting for KarlHeinz Schreiber to be charged. I guess he’s exempt from Canadian law too.

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Michael Ignatieff does not support rhetoric.

Dear member of parliament,

‘..challenges we face as a country are too complex to be answered with simple rhetoric.’ – Michael Ignatieff
Can Michael Ignatieff deny the Liberal’s ‘Green Shift’ is not the result of extremist NDP “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” scare-mongering rhetoric and Jean Chretien’s ideological extremist political views and having little if anything to do with reality?
No he can’t and should resign from his elected seat in parliament along with the rest of the lieing rhetoric supporters in this Liberal party including Bob Sunday shopping isn’t work-Rae.


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Save Canada’s small Business

Here’s an idea, how about lowering payroll taxes of “the working poor”.
Reducing the obscene 15% tax paid by lowest income workers to zero %. I’m against raising the the basic deduction any further and favour removing the lowest federal income tax rate completely.
This is something that is real for Canadian small business and should be done before any other needed measures.
Don’t leave the Liberals something to do, not that they would.
These payroll taxes are robbery of “the working poor” that the Liberals and NDP shall continue to use in their favour.
Small business would benefit the most by eliminating the lowest income tax bracket.
To make up the differance if needed raise your own taxes to 90% (ninety percent) and eliminate MP benefits and per Diems and tax write-offs and expense accounts and lower other government salaries and benefits.
‘We don’t need no Liberal education’
Cut the workers taxes and save small and large business in this country. Spare us the smart stuff some of us already lived through Mulroney and Chretien.

Not signing in protest of the PM’s announcements for small business this morning and because your Mulroney (maybe Wilson) is showing.
Speaking of whom when does the criminal trial of Karl Heinz Schreiber begin for his “indictable offence” of paying off a member of parliament?
Really the Liberals goofed up and this government needs to stop “!inquiring” into criminal matters and start working.

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cease and desist

Dear Member of Parliament for *-*,  *,mpp
Why are Ontario tax payers being forced to fund private Catholic schools and now their daycare and second language?
Speaking of discrimination and the most outright blatant disrespect for equality and dignity of public office this continual pushing forward in this religious funding is off the wall.
I’m going to and have already begun to fight this criminal flaunting of the law and constitution of Canada.
“Hate crimes” and you, see you in court,
and it is a hate crime to discriminate according to Dalton McGuinty?

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The other Liberal ‘Green Shift’ and a new crown corp.

September 12, 2008
Dear member of parliament for *,*
This seems like something that should be “an election issue” to me.
The Green Shift I refer to is Canada’s ‘fifty billion dollar E.I. surplus’ that the prime minister said was “spent ten years ago by the Liberals” and was supposed to have been “capped at Twenty Billion Dollars”.
A Liberal green shift or just more bad government all around?
I remember the word “accountability” being used once upon a time, where is the accountability for the missing or “spent” E.I. surplus that belongs to Canada’s workers and employers?
E.I. should be changed back to U.I. for descriptive purposes. Employment Insurance is not a proper name to describe insurance that is for un-employed workers.
Giving un-employment insurance for maternity leave is more likely an abuse of the system and should likely be reconsidered. Maternity leave isn’t really unemployment as they say, “it is their choice”.If it’s “a choice” it’s not un-employment.
Unemployment insurance premiums are paid by Canadian workers and employers. Taking a “surplus” and spending it should be a criminal offence. In fact I thought the government wasn’t even allowed to run a surplus?
This finance minister should get back the “fifty billion dollar surplus” that was “spent by the Liberals ten years ago” and immediately or face criminal prosecution.Criminal prosecution and not a Mulroney/Schreiber whitewash “Inquirey”. Feds in the pen should start with Schreiber, Martin and Mulroney and not with you.
Knock off the ‘government of accountability’ b.s. and hold those responsible for thier theft of the public purse and get the money back from where ever it was “spent” all of it.
Then return the over-surplus, thirty billion, to the tax payers who have been robbed and let the capped twenty billion dollars fund the E.I. premiums. Then you can “KILL” your “new crown corporation” the CEIFB, dead.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Should Ontario’s MPP’s vote themselves another pay raise?

September 06, 2008
Dear Minister John Baird MP,
Dalton McGuinty the premier of Ontario, Howard Hampton Leader of the NDP and John Tory Leader of the Official Opposition “agreed” in and out of the Ontario legislature to continue the discriminatory racist and biased public funding of one private religious school board to the exclusion of all others and even since voting themselves a 25% pay raise recommend by the federal minister.
Funding one religious education or “private school” to the exclusion of all the others is unconstitutional and a criminal offence under federal and provincial hate laws. This makes the matter a security issue as far as I’m concerned and should ask you to report this criminal offence already committed by the leaders of Ontario’s parliament to the RCMP, O.P.P. and the regional CSIS office in Toronto, I would appreciate your cooperation in this most serious matter.
Sincerely yours,

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“Bums” spend another $8.8 billion

‘Bad-economy spending is what Brian Mulroney did’

September 05, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament for * * *,
Look what that got us, thirteen years of Jean Chretien, Sheilla Copps, (“you- right- wing-N.a.z.i.’s!”) and Paul Martin (Fifty billion dollar surplus, what fifty billion dollar surplus?) that’s what.
Now be get a bunch that’s just as bad as the bastard “Conservative” prime minister Brian Mulroney. I’m sure you remember him and what happened to the federal Progressive party and the Refooooorm party.
How soon we forget.
I blame the Ontario members of this party for the continued decline of this government.
I have little respect for loiterers who want to spend tax dollars, especially those of the poor in society to support “the rich” or what I coined Yuppie Welfare or McGuinty spending if you prefer but at least he’s a Liberal and not a Conservative.
I smell Mulroney bums in this parliament and they stink worse than any Liberal or NDP bum or even Bloc bums and that’s a stench not just a smell.
8.8 billion dollars since June? Wow, you guys are done.
Say hello to another Liberal government, bums!
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Hate crimes – “(also known as bias motivated crimes)” -Wikipedia

Sept. 05, 2008
Dear Minister and Member of Parliament,
The Premier of Ontario, Leader of the Ontario NDP and Leader of the Official Opposition were witnessed by myself and very likely many others “agree” (one could say conspire), in public and in the Ontario legislature broadcast on cpac TV, without a vote in the House, agree to maintain the “bias-motivated” and “discriminatory” “publicly funding” of one private-religious school ‘to the exclusion of all the others’.
Should “we” continue to pretend “we” do not receive our emails as some of you do especially concerning this topic, or imagine that leaving your voluntary elected position should free you from any responsibility of the criminal offence which continues in this province and being perpetrated by this government I have taken the liberty of forwarding this email to my local O.P.P.detachment.
Could be too late for denial since I have a drawer full of written replies and many e-replies from some of you including ministers and opposition mp and mpp’s to other emails including from this premier’s office.
Why do our elected legislators who have promoted the issue’s in public and passed the laws against in government against “HATE” and “DISCRIMINATION” stand before the public and in the legislature to commit what is a “government sponsored hate crime”!
I’ll guess “telling 200 lies” to get elected has something to do with that but is really beside the point.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. * * was the police chief of London when I lived there, I recall hearing he was a Catholic and therefore “biased” in my opinion though not necessarily on a personal level I have taken the further liberty of forwarding this email to my local RCMP detachment and to some federal members of parliament and Attorney General of Canada and the Governor General just for the fun of it and the Ontario human rights Commission just so I can listen to the silence of their reply(s) ,no reply, concerning this complaint, again.

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Hey Big Taxer

“Tax my carbon” – please!

September 04, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
While in between emails of criminal malfeasance perpetrated against this country by “some” member(s) of parliament I do watch the CTV News, sometimes.
Stephane Dion Leader of the Liberal Party wants to “tax what we burn and not what we earn”. Sounds like a great idea to me.
The only trouble with taxing carbon output is there is not going to be any net benefit to the tax-payer, the environment, the national treasury or the country in general. In fact the only one’s who I see benefiting are the Accountants, Lawyers, and “Bureaucrats”.
Stephane Dion continuing to follow the leadership shown by Jack Layton and the NDP, in fear of “the Greens” and in keeping with the Kyoto protocols wants to introduce to this country the ‘taxation of carbon’.
You are people I presume and not monsters or “automatons”. People in your positions need to study and not just follow some “third party” rhetoric.
RHETORIC, rhetoric , rhetoric, when does the rhetoric of the Liberals ever end?
Maybe when their all in jail for lieing to the public and to parliament and excepting bribes and libeling the crown I’m sure I could go on. Are you people being paid to loiter in public office?
Your work is the work of loiterer’s and common criminals.
Lazy over-paid incompetent’s.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Karl Heinz and Martin Brian “Swept under the carpet”

September 04, 2008

Dear member of parliament,

The Canada Criminal Code states;

119. (1) Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years who*

(a) being the holder of a judicial office, or being a member of Parliament or of the legislature of a province, directly or indirectly, corruptly accepts, obtains, agrees to accept or attempts to obtain, for themselves or another person, any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment in respect of anything done or omitted or to be done or omitted by them in their official capacity, or

*(b) directly or indirectly, corruptly gives or offers to a person mentioned in paragraph (a), or to anyone for the benefit of that person, any money, valuable consideration, office, place or employment in respect of anything done or omitted or to be done or omitted by that person in their official capacity.

Sincerely yours,

* *

*, *, *

h/t – James Curran

/ Morton

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My top 5 election issues, thnx for asking

September 04, 2008
Dear member(s) of parliament,
I was asked recently by some concerned citizens group’ via email letter, what the most important issues were to me for debate in the the next federal election and wish to share with you my reply to them.
1.Taking three years to “lower the GST” that finance minister said would be “lowered from 7 – 5 % over two years”.
2. Not fixing the federal transfer system which was a Conservative election promise, actually making worse for future abuses.
3.Making “the Quebecois a nation within a nation” which is illegal and motivated by a criminal offence committed by the leader of the B.Q., Gilles Duceepp MP, seditious libel – see Canada Criminal Code.
4.Letting ‘the Liberals’ water down “the Accountability Act” so that parliament can continue their politically corrupt ways and making the act null and void in affect.
5.Not ordering a criminal investigation into the activities of Karl Heinz Schreiber and Brian Mulroney when they were made aware of they’re conspiracy.- I forgot to mention this one in the email.
6.Canada’s federal parliament is so corrupt by Industry leaders a lack of general representation (“voter apathy”) and special interest groups that it is dysfunctional and obscene as a “Democratic Institution”.
These would be some of my top issues for Canadians to consider in the next federal election.
I have others.
*, Ontario



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To whom it may concern,

“Prime Minister intent on fall election”

August 29, 2008
To whom it may concern,
A good time then for Mr. Gilles Duceppe MP to offer his resignation before his formal apology to the house of commons, Oui?
Seditious libel is still an indictable offence in Canada.
Of course what would you bunch of loiterers know, you only make the laws and not follow them?
Can you say, give yourselves another big pay raise.
You would all be thrown out of office if I had ANY say in the matter and I do mean all.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario

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Private health care

August 12, 2008
Dear Minister of Health the Honourable Tony Clement, M.P.,
Liberals say they do not want to support private health care according to the Canada Health Act. So why do they want to fund Henry Morgentalers‘ private health care clinics?
Now Morgentaler the criminal who was performing illegal abortions in Canada since the sixties and has never been charged for his capital crimes is now suing a province demanding public funding for his private health care clinics.
Liberals have criticized the Conservatives and called them “NAZI’s” partly because of their “support” for privatized health care.
Conservatives may support privatizing some national health care but the Liberals have funded Morgentalers private health clinics for years so they should shut-up or put-up.
The government’s of this country are breaking the law if they fund private health clinics according to previous statements I’ve heard from the Liberals.
What is wrong with Henry Morgentaler being allowed to sue a province in this country for something the province’s are legally bound not to pay for?
Are the Judges that allow these cases “out of order”?
Does Health Canada have a job to do by enforcing the Canada Health Act or is this just Liberal smoke and mirrors.
Speaking of smoke have you bought pack of smokes lately?
Eighteen dollars for two packs of cigarettes that should cost six to eight dollars at the most?
What’s-up with that good minister of tobacco sales?
Abortion funding tobacco salesman wow I want my children to grow up in your fabulous and free democracy don’t you?
Let’s get the lead out or go home, please.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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We don’t need no stinking – Yuppie Welfare!

August 12, 2008
Dear the Minister of Finance the Honourable Jim Flaherty, M.P.,
Could you lower the taxes of “the poor” in Canada?
Seems some previous Liberal and so-called Progressive government’s could not be bothered with those most needy.
The poorest of Canada pay the highest taxes based on income and do get the least from the federal government by way of subsidies and benefits.
I think this Conservative government could reduce public spending and taxes, especially of those most burdened by them, the so-called “poor”.
So far you have failed the poor of this country and that are constantly being used by the “Left” as an excuse for spending and red tape expenditures of the government’s public funds.
Conservatives should reduce the taxes and especially of the poor and not raise them by stealth.That would be the “progressive” taxation of Mulroney and the Liberals monkey business, as usual.
Canada should lower the taxes of the poorest of Canadians even if that means reducing federal welfare especially what I would term “Yuppie Welfare”. This finance minister’s business is federal business, run the federal finances and let the provinces run their own monkey business. The badly abused federal transfer program should be fixed according to the law rather than the whining of some spoilt brat liberal cake-eating, premier’s.
We don’t need no stinking Progressives.
Especially in this federal government.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Old Lead Bottom

Dear member of parliament ***,
“Gitmo” prisoners are considered “criminals” and not prisoners of war, at least that’s what I hear.
Canada should demand “a fair and speedy trial” for any Canadian being detained.
Omar Khadar is being called a “child-soldier” by some lunatic General and not the criminal that he is considered to be.
Parliament should clarify for Canadians with a definition of the prisoners being detained at the “Gitmo” prison.
“Criminal”, “detainee”, “soldier”, “terrorist”, “prisoner of war”?
This country needs a clarification of the situation so we don’t have some old lead bottom Canadian General calling the criminals, soldiers.
I doubt any “separatist” though has what it takes to lead any country.
Treason, that’s Omar Khadar, Gilles Duceppe, and Canadian parliament’s troubles these days.

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Can you say, criminal conspiracy

Re: Help stop the text message cash-grab


Friday, July 11, 2008 9:26 AM


Isn’t it against the law in this country for businesses to agree together to set rates for services. That’s what is really going on with this “cash grab”.
Bell and Telus have conspired together to “gouge” their customers. I’m pretty sure that is illegal in Canada.
Someone should find out and let Canadians know instead of talking about this story as “a cash grab”, it’s a crime.
It’s corporate fraud and nobody in this government including the NDP is doing any thing about that!
Can you say overpaid members of parliament fail to do their job’s, again.

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Liberals asking for more money

The Liberals are always asking supporters for donations and claiming financial distress.

Maybe they should try asking Stephane Dion, Belinda Stronach or Garth Turner for some help.

Prominent Liberals who gave ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the Liberal Party in 2007:
1. Belinda Stronach
2. Denis Coderre
3. Garth Turner
4. Ralph Goodale
5. Martha Hall Findlay
6. Wayne Easter
7. Dominic Leblanc
8. Mauril Belanger
9. David McGuinty
10. Keith Martin

Prominent Liberals who gave LESS THAN HALF THE MAXIMUM ($1100)
1. Michael Ignatieff ($462.60)
2. Ruby Dhalla ($462.56)
3. Hedy Fry ($382.24)
4. Paul Szabo ($255.27)

H/T Werner Patels


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Western Cow Farts Not As Bad As NAFTA

Dear member of parliament,

Picked up this from a ‘blog’ today, ‘It’s easy to buy Middle Eastern crude. In fact, Canada imports 40% of its oil for domestic uses.’
I do take some affront to being called an “Eastern Bastard” ( apparently those who reside in Ontario or East- of) by a Western C02 spewing cow seller.I did note that “NAFTA” is the responsible party for Canada’s continued need to import oil from the Middle East.

‘Indeed, Alberta has plenty of oil, more than enough to meet Eastern Canadians’ needs, and export surpluses. But Alberta cannot supply Eastern Canada, even if a crisis hit and they were freezing in the dark, because NAFTA reserves Alberta’s oil for Americans’ security of supply. Although Canada is a net exporter of oil, we import almost one million barrels per day to meet 90% of Quebec’s and Atlantic Canada’s needs, and 40% of Ontario’s. At the same time, Canada exports 63% of its oil and 56% of its natural gas production to the US.

The author of the ‘blog’ mentioned that imported oil is ‘less polluting to the environment’ than is Canadian produced oil yet the real point I got is that Canada can not supply our own needs even if we wanted to and because of “NAFTA”.
May be Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are right about reopening NAFTA except Barrack has now flip flopped on NAFTA and says that he supports it.
Softwood lumber and good paying jobs disappearing and now we find out national security issues can not be met because of the Brian Mulroney/Jean Chretien sham called NAFTA.
Canadian’s should not be held captive to the U.S. because of the NAFTA agreement.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Links not included with email.

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Statuatory Rape

‘On September 30, 1959, it took a jury less than six hours to decide that a 14 year-old boy had raped and then murdered a 12 year-old schoolmate.’ – CBC
Fifty years later the lies go on.
July-07- 2008
Dear member of provincial parliament for *,* *,
Heard today that the Ontario government is offering Stephen Truscott six million dollars while the courts still haven’t declared him to be innocent “due to a lack of evidence“.I do have a question.
If there is ”not enough evidence to find him innocent’ by the courts of Ontario why are we paying him six million dollars, “plus legal costs” and a hundred thousand tax dollars to his wife?
The court’s in this province are seriously out of order if they say a man is “not innocent” – “due to a lack of evidence” and the government is just as stupid and guilty of contempt of the tax payers for paying off this person even though he “is not innocent”!
Some rather “disturbing” events continue to be even more “disturbing” and I would guess I’m not the only one who feels this way.
I’m “disturbed” more by court’s using their power to continue the prosecution of someone who is known to be innocent and was convicted of a crime he nothing to do with as a child.
The prosecution goes on and is now really persecution by this government as far as I’m concerned.
Stephen Truscot should tell the government of Ontario to put their money “where the sun don’t shine”. This man is a Martyr in this province and the Ontario government and courts are his persecutors.
I demand that this man be declared innocent before he is given any payoff from the taxpayers of this province!
The SHAME of this country and this ‘state’ of Ontario does not cease to amaze me, daily.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Links were not included with email.

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‘kill global warming deniers’ & the Comic Majician!

Specifically Pen of Pen&Teller. Now I have to go find the link don’t I? That’s blanks… blanks57.

I read a blog comment yesterday that said “global warming deniers’ referring to the above mentioned, “should be killed“.

I don’t remember the Web site I was at when I read that comment. I think a Link from a Watts Up post?

The below Link reminded me of that comment;

Part of the problem lay in the fact that useful data on ice extent and thickness only dates from the 1950s, yet our temperature record from Jan Mayen Island at the edge of the Arctic shows that the Arctic was warmer during the 1930s than it was during the 1990s. Unfortunately there is no comprehensive ice data from the 1930s. Instead such data begins in the late 1950s, at a time when the Arctic was entering into the grip of a known cold spell. As that cold period ended, it is hardly surprising to find thinner ice during the latter warmer period. [….]

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Or Conservative’s get out!

reply To:
“PMO” <pm@PM.GC.CA>

Let’s remove the Quebec french or “the Quebecois Nationals” from federal employment positions including the police, CSIS, military, and all federal government including the parliament.
To not do so now is treason-ous.

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