CTV won’t get my vote

October -16 -08
Dear CTV News,
I was reading on the Internet a “Boycott” CTV’s Mike Duffy letter
about some considered injustice committed against the Liberal
candidate Stephane Dion by a CTV News interviewer and posted by a
blogger. I had seen the interview in question, several times
and I know that the interviewer said nothing wrong or misleading to
Mr. Dion with his question and that some are using this to discredit
Mike Duffy and CTV. This “Boycott” letter I came across, whether
actually mailed to CTV or not is unknown to myself. I included it for
your “possible amusement”.
I thought it ridiculous and even so-laughable that I copied and
re-edited it for my own email blog.

Not Another CTV Boycott letter

We continue to give letters. Oh yes we do.

Feel free to utilize it

Here’s mine!

Mr. Duffy,

I wanted to let you know that I think it is very fair of you to
broadcast the out takes of Stephane Dion’s interview with the ATV
journalist that has now been broadcast all over Canada in this
election.’That guy’s’ question was the most fairly worded question I
have ever heard. The grammar was accurate and it is quite
understandable that a man for whom English is a second language and
who has a mild hearing problem may have a harder time understanding
what he was talking about.

The best part of it is that your guy made a verbal agreement to not
air this bit even after the interview was over – and yet you and/or
your organization saw an opportunity to report this.

If there is one thing that this Conservative government has been
wrongly accused of over the past two years it is the lack of respect
for Parliament and of low blow tactics that they have used in their
campaign against Dion’s character – before and during the election.
Who would have thought that a journalist, whose job it is to be fair
and objective and provide us with valuable insights so that we can
vote with our hearts, would provide the lowest blow in the campaign in
order to report the news.

I could go on and on here about the obvious bias Canadian media
continually shows to the mildewed left Party’s and their bizarre
personality cults. But I will close by saying that I will NEVER ever
watch your show without popcorn again and will encourage others to do
the same. Perhaps, if you personally apologize to Stephane Dion and
the Liberal Party for your journalistic transgression I may consider
not watching your show again but somehow I doubt that should ever

Not John McGivern

GPersonem@il at, CTV won’t get my vote!


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put-up or shut-up

“EU climate policy” is not and should not be Canada’s climate policy.

October 16, 2008

Forwarded to the Honourable’s David Emerson and Josee Vernier,

October 16, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament for *-*, *,*,
Canadians do no longer accept Stephane Dion and the Kyoto protocols premise of “man-made” or “man-causes” of the “Global Warming/Climate Change” presumption.
Canada should not even be involved with EU climate policy that allows for the presumption/falsehood of “man-made” or any C02 causes for “global warming/climate change”.
Science does say that the sun’s activity is the real cause of “climate change/global warming” and that this is “predictable and historical”. I would like Canada out of the Kyoto Accord altogether along with the Atlantic accords that still give Newfoundland too much transfers.
EU – “Free-Trade” with Canada should not be undertaken until the U.S.-Canada-Mexico agreement (NAFTA) is fixed. In fact most Canadians believe Free-Trade should be cancelled or even “abrogated”.
I would ask that the prime minister do not even attend the EU climate change or free trade-deal meetings. Canada does not need the EU and if you or this prime minister does not like that you should know “where the door is” and use it.
Resigning your seat or office is not out of the question if you believe that the EU has anything to offer Canada that is not in the best interest of Canada and are lacking in “intestinal fortitude”/guts to say to them “No Deal”.
The Canada/U.S “Free-Trade Deal” was a scam according to some well respected Canadians and I remember allot of talk about Canadian “softwood lumber” not being honoured by this “deal” and how Jean Chretien PM had made a promise to scrap this deal or “abrogate”. The government could and should keep this promise and cancell American “Free-Trade” (NAFTA), and do so for the majority of Canadians that did not and still do not support this Brian Mulroney Trade “deal”.
Or the prime minister should be asked by yourself to resign in my opinion.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Say no to Kyoto

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(MMP) Looking for a problem with Canadian politics (FPTP)

By proportion of seats in the parliament and by percentage of the popular vote. If the Bloc Quebecois had won the Conservative vote numbers they would have won nearly 200 seats in the house of commons, a huge majority.

(FPTP) Plurality, “Winner take-all” election system is not the problem, regional racist voting is.

(MMP) Proportional electing would only leave a government with more than two parties a perpetual minority and practically useless and would allow for even more division or anarchy.

This country needs a plumber and not a doctor.

The Bloc Quebecois won more seats than the NDP with only half as many votes.

The real problem is the regional and racist voting allowed in the federal election not the need for a better voter system.

Conservative 143 46.4 46.4% 5,205,334 37.6 37.6%
Green Party 0 0.0 0.0% 940,747 6.8 6.8%
Bloc Québécois 50 16.2 16.2% 1,379,565 10.0 10.0%
NDP-New Democratic Party 37 12.0 12.0% 2,517,075 18.2 18.2%

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“Low Voter Turnout” “58%”, update: “59.1%”

October 15, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament for * *, *
“Conservatives do better with a high voter turnout”. – the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper
I was curious about this mysterious and unexplained phenomena of “low voter turnout” in Canadian elections. I checked with the governments official statistics web page and looked for any record of voter turnouts during national elections.
Seems there is some and there really is no such “phenomena” or any “mystery” that points to any kind of “declining voter turnout” since confederation and the election of the first prime minister in 1867.
Other than what I would guess to be an expected decline due to having so many elections consecutively over such a short period of time which could likely leave some people feeling they would rather stay home, I would be one of those people but this year I forced myself.
There is some decline showing in the record of voters going to the polls but only over the last five years and that should be very obvious that this is not a trend.
We do not need this kind of rhetoric being promoted by the government on to the citizens of this country.
Canadians need to be told the truth, there is no real “decline in voter turnout” and contrary to the opinions of our governments and since the confederation of this country in 1867.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Update: 1891-1898 only about 54% averaged, of Canadians bothered to vote. Don’t our elected professionals have access to this kind of data, poor things, they must need another pay raise.

O look they even held a referendum in 1898 , only 44% bothered to turnout. Surely a crises in democracy must have ensued.

I’ve heard the other “leaders” in Canada’s government telling us this same rhetoric.

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Another, Letter to the Governor General

October 15, 2008

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall, 1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A1

Telephone: (613) 993-8200
Toll-free: 1 (800) 465-6890
Fax: (613) 998-8760


A Respectful Government for Canada

I beg of you to actually do your job and have the traitor Gilles Duceppe MP Leader of the Bloc Quebecois in Canada arrested for sedition by the authority granted you as representative of the crown in this country.

To allow Gilles Duceppe MP to escape this justice would expose Canada to policies that the majority of Canadians clearly do not want. They could diminish Canadian sovereignty and further undermine the supportive social programs and civil liberties that Canadians citizens have come to enjoy.

Or you should resign your office if not for ethical reasons then under threat of facing similar charges.

Gilles Duceppe MP said tonight (and this morning being the 15th) on cpac television that he had “won a majority”. He has usurped his authority as a member of parliament broken his sworn oath and should be removed from the house of commons and the parliament of Canada.

Yours for a free and democratic Canada,

* *
*, Ontario ( my name and location)

P.S.Abortion doctors that “defy the lawshould go to prison with Gilles Duceppe MP and not receive the country’s highest honours.

Bye, bye, Michael Jean


(Links not included )

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We don’t need no stinking … “Brokers”

CRA and Canada Labour

October 15, 2008
Dear * *, Member of Parliament for *-*, *,
If successfully re-elected and Conservatives are the new government I would ask that the Liberal federal labour law in this country be fixed or repaired.
Really it isn’t the law that is “Liberal” it is the application of the Labour and Revenue Agency laws.
Canada Revenue Agency does not apply the definition of employee to all federally regulated workers in Canada fairly and does leave some employee’s working as “contractors” and some temporary workers taking the place of permanent employees such as at ‘* * Transport’ (I know because I used to work there) in Mississauga ON.
Canada Revenue Agency is being negligent and the Canada Labour Code is not being enforced ethically or even legally
Canada’s trucking industry and temporary employers are abusing their rights and the workers of this country.
This may not be easy to fix.
Canada Revenue Agency and the Canada Labour Program need to be held “accountable” to the taxpayers and electors of this country especially for not collecting from federally regulated employee’s the same taxes and premiums that the rest of Canadian employees are required to pay.
Both these government Agencies may likely need to be dismantled or seriously reworked.
Like the Liberalized courts across this country they are incompetent.
Federally regulated trucking industry in Canada needs much attention from the tax collectors and labour enforcers of this country. Don’t ask them, ask me, I’m, the one who votes, not * International or * * * in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
Good Luck to the Conservatives today.

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The Medieval Warm Period

I Guess this is what they mean by “Global Climate Change”.

Looking at the grey line things haven’t really “changed” at all and Al Gore, Stephane Dion, Elizabeth May and allot of “scientists” should go back to elementary school and try again.

Or should they refund to taxpayers the cost of their publicly-funded post-secondary educations?

The UN just wants a human caused crises, like their aren’t any real ones ?

More climate “News”.

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Yeast produces C02?

So how much would a loaf of bread cost after “carbon taxes”?

‘The purpose of any leavener is to produce the gas that makes bread rise. Yeast does this by feeding on the sugars in flour, and expelling carbon dioxide in the process.’

Liberal says carbon taxes won’t reduce emissions.

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Just ask Michael Wilson, dumb separatist

need a “paltform”, why don’t you ask Michael Wilson for some idea’s?

Maybe you could cut down on the the perceived vote pandering with taxpayers money?
Ie. extending workers benefits to the self-employed which the more I read about the more I do not like.
Not to mention letting the Liberals get away with stealing the E.I. surplus from Canadians.
Avoid segmentation vote pandering to certain parts of society while basically ignoring the whole.
A Conservative government is only going to be successful cutting taxes unless they only cut business taxes, which is really a bad idea if you want to be re-elected.
Pandering in Quebec and to Quebecers has reached all time highs with this government and has cost the Conservatives and this country.
You seem more liken an Alberta Separatist and a dumb one at that.
Who would imagine being in charge of Canada and ignoring the Ontario voter could ever be a good thing?
Joe Clarke?
The U.S. economy is bad but you need to run this country and not their’s and visa-versa.
Americans need to keep their “Business” out of this country’s politics and politicians.
Or why should Canadians pay for you and a parliament?
You stink but you still smell less than the Communists I mean Liberals and the Nut Democrats.I don’t speak for the Bloc supporting Quebeker.
You can think your smart but voters are not so stupid.

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The NDP is a fraud

reply to the NDP newsletter,

How can Canada afford giving those with a net income of $188,000.00 or less, “more”?
The NDP is a bomb for the working people of this country.
Bob Rae legalized Sunday shopping when he was the NDP premier of Ontario, how does that help the average working person?
The NDP is a fraud.

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Dear NCC

reply to NCC newsletter,

Health care in Canada has been pretty good to me, the cost is an issue though.
The only Canadians looking for a “Choice in healthcare” that I know are those opening private womans health care (“abortion”) clinics?
What does “choice in health care” mean to the NCC?
Choice to buy your own health care insurance to get bet “better” care, then go through what Americans do and sell your house to get the proper care when the health insurance company won’t pay?
Get serious please.
I support the Conservatives but private health clinics are only supported by Henry Morgentaller and those who support his kind of blackmailing Liberal politics.
Do clarify what you mean by “Choice in health care” for your readers?
American health care is only good if you can afford it!
Ie., are a Millionaire at least, or John, (I’m not sure how many houses I own or how many lobbyists work for me), McCain.
I would support McCain over Obama but he still needs a math test and a moral compass.
We do not want Americans telling Canadians what to do, period.
I’m surprised that no one has raised Elizabeth May’s birth state as an issue in this election?

October 03, 2008


Thanks for your email. We are not advocating privatizing health care- we do believe the system is broken and needs to be fixed. Disagree totally with your comments that we have a secret agenda – I do appreciate your comments with respect to prevention of health costs. We will be continuing with our health care campaign with the assistance of Dr. Schumacher and hope to have a report ready by the spring that will offer concrete suggestions for easily implementable improvements to the health care system.

We do believe in the public system but being on a waiting list is not access to health care and we need to get more doctors and health care professionals into the system- they will pay for themselves by helping people before they get sick and cost the system even more.

Would like to hear your feedback on what needs to be done to improve the health care system.

Again, many thanks for your email.

Please send me your feedback at your convenience

Best regards

Peter *

“Peter *” <p*>

“We are not advocating privatizing health care-”
Glad to hear that, I think Henry Mortgentaller is really the only one that is doing that.
If “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, then Canada should “get rid” of the metric system, a.s.a.p. : )
Then rid this country of the Official Languages Act, Paul Martin/Danny Williams version of the Atlantic Accords, and scrap NAFTA.
Health care is being plucked by all the other social spending especially provincial child day care.
They want it all and someone else to pay for it.
Canadian tax payers do not and never will have enough money to pay for all the new social spending programs.

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NASA sucks and blows

AL Gore

September 29, 2008

Dear member’s of parliament,
NASA is claiming that temperatures are really falling and global warming is the result of Sun activity and that the Antarctica ice cap has not really been shrinking after all.
NASA can not be trusted to tell people what’s really going on with the environment anymore.
The carbon credit exchange recently opened in Montreal by Environment Minister John Baird MP needs to be closed down and the governments ‘hot air’ directed at cleaning the environment and away from the ‘carbon caused warming’ lies we have been hearing.
Get off your butts and do the checking yourselves or go and “get a job”, elsewhere, please.
Sincerely Yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada


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“The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nations.”

Unless your name is Svend Robinson, Paul Martin, or Henry Morgentaler.

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‘…., Mr.Mulroney will ask all Canadians, all parties, and all people who believe in rejecting a regime that behaves so unacceptably toward its own people,…’

Is this what Alanis Morissette meant by “Ironic”?

😦 the CBC version

I’m sure she meant Moronic.

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“threat of violence”

‘The comment you recently left on my blog reads a lot like a threat of violence. I would appreciate it if you could please contact me privately to clarify your meaning.’ – ” Jason

You didn’t really get a ‘threat of violence’ “stupid”, “lieing”, “ignorant”, racist, “loitering”, “Liberal” “Lawyer”?

there are threats and there are acts I should recommend that you do learn the difference if you are going to talk to your doctors doctors lawyers ex that way

I have heard that “The Reserves” are hiring my strongly wording legal friend?

Perhaps, what you ask is “a Duel”, sir?

or may be section1 article 27 of the Geneva convention concerning the violence of loitering Legalizers upon prisoners of war

“gold flake in bowl and not gold flake in window” – Liberal Eugine Whalen, around the time Jason may toilet trained

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Mr Goodale MP Goes To Washington

June 28, 2008
Dear member of parliament, ***
I was recently ‘surfing the web’ and came across a statement in reference to something said by Liberal, Ralph Goodale MP.
‘If the Harper Conservatives don’t use those quotes to hang a sign around the neck of the Liberals reading ‘Made in Washington’ Energy Policy, their political brain trust should be hauled out to Kandahar and thrown to the jihadis’

I’m writing a ‘blog post’ on this subject.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. I also discovered “on the net” that Prime Minister Trudeau was really a Liberal, in case you hadn’t heard.
I knew that he was a professing “Continentalist” and not a “cowardly” “Canadian Nationalist” but a Liberal to, wooe?

h/t sda

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“wet dream” or “political scheme” …

June 28, 2008
Dear member of Ontario parliament,
Seems to me that “BFI” could be “fired” and recyclables collected by regular garbage collection and sorted at the local Landfill.The municipality and or province sharing in the profit instead of just the expense of recycling and making recycling real instead of the phony expensive scheme that it is presently. At the same time removing hundreds of recycling trucks from their regular routes, saving tonnes of fuel and tax dollars.
I could guess that half of the garbage that goes to Ontario landfills is recyclable, why not collect it all with the regular garbage pick-up and sort it at the landfills?
I guess that would just make too much sense and cost BFI a rather lucrative, tax dollar wasting, contract?
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Sorry to seem so sarcastic but some things are just so obvious that one can only wonder how this could be overlooked unless someone somewhere is getting some ‘grease on their palms’ to maintain the ridiculous “blue box” collection?

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The “six million dollar howitzer”

June 27, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
After reading of three billion dollars being spent for five military cargo aircraft for the Canadian Armed Forces a couple years ago I did some checking and found the U.S. Air force was paying just over two hundred million dollars each for the very same warplane, the very same year.
Even after the dollar exchange rate of the time and all “the extras” were calculated there seems to be some unexplained costs discrepancies which have gone unexplained and really unquestioned to my knowledge.
The DND then reportedly purchased some ‘howitzer for six million dollars each’.
I “blew a gasket” and know a howitzer is a 1919 mobile gun and generally found in war museums and parks today.I emailed to the previous minister of defence and did complain of the cost of these “guns” ,six million dollars, and received no reply. Afterward I learned these were actually “Self – Propelled Howitzers”,big difference the error is on account of some lazy reporting in the news.
The “howitzers” costs are “explained”. The five military cargo warplanes seem to have cost Canada too much money. I’m not here to be the babysitter of the DND or monitor their spending, just trying to answer some concern I have heard from others and that I share.
Unfortunately the previous minister was replaced before I could send “this correction” and do so now in case you have had any concern of this matter.
Perhaps someone at the DND could offer an explanation of the reported costs of these five U.S. made aircraft which seem to retail to the U.S. Air force for about half of the price the DND apparently paid. I know about “the extras” and the dollar exchange expense but the cost of three billion dollars for two billion Canadian dollars worth of airplanes and etc. still seems unexplained to me.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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the big “show”

8.If this were an ordinary court proceeding, Maclean’s would be seeking an order that the Complainants pay costs, because of the inordinate expense and inconvenience involved. However, out of a show of respect for this Tribunal, and a show of respect for the Muslim community, Maclean’s is not seeking costs.

MacLeans magazine owes no “respect to the Muslim community” or to that mockery “tribunal”.
Out of real respect for everyone else in this country and common decency, do sue.
For the sake of others who may not be able to afford to defend themselves against these “Kangaroo court” costs and the sake of common decency defend yourselves!
Make an example of them and sue, or lose any “cred.” that you may have left.

Yours truly,


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Hate against those considered not hateable

Status of bill C-250:

‘The bill was given royal assent by the Queen’s representative in Canada on 2004-APR-29. It took immediate effect. It is now part of the legal code of Canada. Some propaganda directing hatred against persons of any sexual orientation, heterosexuals, homosexuals and/or bisexuals, is now a crime in Canada. Sexual orientation has now joined four other groups protected against hate speech on the basis of their “color, race, religion or ethnic origin.1 However, a “not withstanding” type clause allows hate speech if it is religiously motivated. In essence, the law states that the freedomof one person to express religiously-motivated hatred is given higher priority that the freedom of another person to be free of hatred expressed against them.’

‘Under Section 318, it is a criminal act to “advocate or promote genocide” – to call for, support, encourage or argue for the killing of members of a group based on colour, race, religion or ethnic origin. As of April 29, 2004, when Bill C-250, put forward by NDP MP Svend Robinson, was given royal assent, “sexual orientation” was added to that list.’ ….

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(c) assists an enemy at war with Canada,

June 24, 2008
Dear member of parliament for * * *,
I do consider St. Jean Baptiste Day treasonous and Gilles Duceppe m.p. an enemy of the commonwealth of Canada and treasonous to the crown.
The Bloc Quebecois party is treasonous rot in the federation and I request they be expelled from the federal parliament of Canada as traitors.
I wish not to show you the law’s in the Canada Criminal Code but that you would look them up for yourself and possibly note those who do nothing to prevent treason in Canada are guilty of the same offence and those who do act and even with violence to stop it are exempt from all punishment by Canadian law. Of course like most Canadians I’m sure I would prefer not resort to violence of force rather apply the laws of The Canada Criminal Code effectively and efficiently to avoid any possible bloodshed. The RCMP are charged with the responsibility of this Nations security and they should be asked do their job.
Do remove ‘Saint John Baptiste Day’ from the federation of Canada, please.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

‘Today we mark Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day knowing that the Parliament of all of Canada has recognized that the Québécois form a nation within a united Canada.

“Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day reminds us that French is the founding language of Canada. In a few days we will be marking the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City, the 400th anniversary first permanent francophone presence in North America.’


Failure to mention first discovery of North America and of the Continental “America’s” by English explorer Giovanni Caboto or Cabot in proclaiming this Franco-ganda lie is unacceptable.
The French in this country are traitors because Gilles Duceppe MP has committed treason and which the parliament of Canada has conspired to.
You have witnesses to this crime occurance, Bill Graham MP, Jack Layton MP, Stephen Harper MP and Gilles Duceppe MP.
Who was Saint Jean Baptiste?
Another traitor?
The French in Canada are not Canadian any more my friend’s and stop saying they are.

‘In 1977, an Order-in-Council by Lieutenant Governor Hugues Lapointe, on the advice of René Lévesque, made June 24 the national holiday of Quebec.’

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Toronto – Ottawa : $812.24

Travel in convenient Comfort class

Toronto-Ottawa $59

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are all lawyers jewish?

Can you ‘hate a lawyer’ and not be “antisemitic” or “judeophobic”?

If you hate anything you had better keep that to yourself, or else!

‘Big Brother’ IS watching.

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Air India go boom, … twenty three years later

Interesting I had never thought of the Air India bombing as terrorism. Hope “they” figure out who did it, soon. Has only been twenty years or so and “they’re” still trying to figure out who did it and why?
Crazy, just nuts, who is the worst in this case the “terrorists” or the police and csis?
Twenty three long years later the legal fiasco still isn’t settled, silly.

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the NDP isn’t my party, anymore

Reply to NDP newsletter

Not sure why we seem so concerned with “post-Kyoto commitments”.

The Kyoto commitments signed onto by Jean Chretien’s Liberal government “because I was leaving office and didn’t care” have not been met and according to the present Environment minister can not be met, now.
Why even have “post- Kyoto commitments”? Do Canadians need to have even more commitments?
“Once upon a time” I believed the NDP represented the common or average “Joe” working class in society but I think this “workers” political party has been too busy trying to satisfy the minor issues and has done a grave and even harmful disservice to Canada and too all Canadians.
Just say, no to “post – Kyoto”! Kyoto isn’t even dead! Like it would be if I had any say.
The NDP has certainly made “history” but won’t do so any longer with this labourers support and not since Bob Rae legalized Sunday working or (“shopping”) in Ontario!
I could live with Svend Robinson’s constant whining since he was generally in the background but Bob Rae has tipped the NDP apple cart, as far as I’m concerned, may be that’s why he’s now a Liberal.
The NDP needs to get away from inflammatory rhetoric of the Kyoto protocols and the “Global Warming” “debate”.
Do the NDP even know or care to know the facts about “Global Warming’?
They want to spew political rhetoric Svend Robinson style and scare people with some lies made up by political pundits who have NO KNOWLEDGE of climate science and/or climate history and especially “climate change”.
“Making history” instead of ‘learning from it’?
It’s called Politics I guess seems a little endangering to me.
RHETORIC is made up stuff used to promote an agenda, it worked for Svend Robinson and “the homosexuals” real well thanks to the NDP.

Re: Making history and making life better

‘… commitments,’

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Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and G8 Summit in Cottage country

Great but could we ask the Bilderburger Group to stay at home, they are only supposed to have their “meetings” in North America every four years.
Their “secret” conference was held in Ottawa in 2006 and again in Virginia, this year.

A replacement should be found for Mr. Wilson, the Mulroney “bag man” someone that is not a member of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, American Industry representative, or “a Jew”, (sorry Mel Hurtig).

‘953. Private correspondence with foreign governments.

The Logan Act is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.

In Canada treason and sedition are punishable by ‘up to seven years to life’, in prison.


June 19, 2008
Huntsville, ON

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the 2010 G8 Summit will be held at the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario. It will be the fifth G8 Summit hosted by Canada since the country joined the prestigious international organization in 1976. The Prime Minister was joined at the announcement by Tony Clement, Canada’s Health Minister and Member of Parliament for Parry Sound-Muskoka.

“Huntsville is a jewel in the Canadian Shield and an ideal location for this gathering of world leaders,” said Prime Minister Harper. “Our international guests will be charmed by the uniquely Canadian beauty of the region and by the warm hospitality of Muskokans.”

The Prime Minister emphasized the Summit will be a tremendous opportunity to promote Canada’s values and interests on the world stage; to advocate for open markets and free trade; to insist on truly global action against global warming; and to champion freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

He also observed that Huntsville and the Muskokas will benefit from the significant economic activity associated with the Summit, noting the 2002 G8 Summit in Kananaskis, Alberta generated an estimated $300 million for the regional economy. Prime Minister Harper added that the international media attending the Summit would introduce millions of potential tourists to the many attractions of Ontario cottage country.

“The 2010 G8 Summit will provide short and long-term economic benefits for the region and the province, and it will be an exceptional opportunity for Canada to advance its values and interests on the world stage,” Prime Minister Harper concluded.

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Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an unofficial annual invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in the fields of business, media and politics.

In 2006 the Bilderberg conferance was held in Ottawa.

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“intellectual anti-matter”z

Dear SDA,

‘The Nazis Didn’t Carry Out The Holocaust

The German state did that. National Socialism just gave the machinery of state censorship and oppression a new brand name and game plan.’

Some factually backward information of the worstest kind.

The Nazi’s really did carry out the Holocaust and the German state did NOT do that.

“National Socialism” was the political wing of the Nazi party Hitler used to win seats in the German democratic State government.

Hitler did become the state of Germany.

Hitler overthrew the democratic state government of Germany by force and did away with the Presidents office at Hindenburg’s death and proclaimed himself ‘Supreme Ruler of the Third Reich’.

Around 1933 the Holocaust began first as work camps for political prisoners, mostly communists and some jews.

After the annexation(s) and military invasions of Europe “The Holocaust” of the Jews and Gypsies really began.

For the entire gut turning and insightful story of Hitler’s NAZI Party and the evolution of “The Third Reich”-

Hitler was “The Nazi’s”!

I consider Hitler’s rise to power a warning to democrats and republicans alike. If Hitler had won the war Stalin’s communists would have met their end and followed by Europe.

Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Quebecois in Canada should be considered ‘pikers compared to Stalin’.

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“fast and loose” revenuers and lawyers

January 24, 2008
Dear the minister of labour and member of parliament **,
Canada’s federal ministry’s of labour and revenue do not enforce the law toward trucking company’s fairly, accurately or even legally.
The federal ministry of labour has been and is known to “hound” some workers who work legally as contractors while at the same time ignoring truck drivers working illegally as owner operators and lease operators and drivers. Possibly because of the abuses of the “fast and loose” “temp.” employers which are greatly employed in this federally regulated industry.
Some would call this incompetence and have regress.
Billions of regress.
Why after years of pointing out these flaws of these two government agencies has nothing been done?
Will the beaver fix its own tail?
Are not the ministers of these federal agencies responsible for the failures of these two federal agencies?
Are not the ministers in charge of these two loitering agencies and at tax payers expense be responsible the law is enforced fairly and “equally” among Canada’s federally regulated employers and employees?
Should Canadian employers be allowed to rob from the CRA and abuse federal labour standards with the knowledge and support of this federal government and their ministers?
I hope not.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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Two days

and one trashed pc. later.

Finally managed to move from Blogger to this very nice place.

 h/t – david akins on the hill

Though I can’t seem to find a font button. *@%

I’m wracked and going to my grate for some sleep.

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Hello WordPress,

Welcome to

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So far so good except i just played w/ the code and erased the link that was here

oops @#*

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Kyoto, no mo

February 26, 2007
Dear member of parliament for Chatham-Kent, **,
I was reading that farmers could trade and sell Industry carbon credits which can be used to avoid reducing carbon dioxide output.
Meaning the reason for Kyoto is really carbon credits and not pollution, “GHG” reduction, meaning more needless bureaucracy for Canadians while possibly more important needs are ignored.
Sincerely yours,
** St.
*, Ontario, Canada

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Pit Bull Terrier found stupider than the average poodle

Pit Bull Terriers should be banned from any who do not know how to manage an animal bred for fighting.

That should be almost everyone.

These animals are bred “killing machines” are “not predictable” and “dangerous in the wrong hands”. Especially of those who are stupider and not smarter than average which is dumber to.

That would be more stupid than accepted, making for extra stupid or stupider, a requirement for allowing these animals to be legally purchased, owned or sold.

Pit Bulls are bred for fighting and killing other dogs.

I say ban the American Pit Bull Terrier even though,
The Romans ,the Greeks, British, Spanish, as well as French have used dogs for fighting purposes, dating back hundreds or thousands of years.’

The Intelligence of Dogs

Working/Obedience Intelligence. This is breed dependent.

Rank Breed
1 Border Collie
2 Poodle
3 German Shepherd
4 Golden Retriever
5 Doberman Pinscher
6 Shetland Sheepdog
7 Labrador Retriever
8 Papillon
9 Rottweiler
10 Australian Cattle Dog

66 Bull Terrier

‘Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It is a felony offense in all but two states—Idaho and Wyoming—where it is a misdemeanor. Because dogfighting is a felony in most states, dogfighting rings are difficult to infiltrate and are run by extremely dangerous people.’

‘…. top three fighting dogs …’

‘listen i know dogs ok I’ve fought them I’ve trained them I’ve bred them ok 3 dog breeds ok even though most everybody says pit bull nope wrong sure there good fighting dogs but do they listen when there fighting no you want a listener and a fighter #1 is english staffordshire bull terrier very smart strong dog ok #2 is pit bull has the will and strength #3 chow chow smart strong ok there’s your breeds now the match ….’

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$6,408.00/yr or 25%

$6,408.00, One year of welfare in Ontario for a single person.

$4,000.00, One year of low income shelter cost.
$2,408.00, A year to live on.

25 % or about
$20,000.00 is Dalton Mcguinty and the Liberal governments yearly pay increase voted to themselves.

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