October 15, 2008
Dear *, Member of Parliament for *-*, *,
Curious the prime minister should be ‘jetting off’ to Europe for trade talks with the president of France at a time in this country when the Governor General should likely be calling out Canada’s Armed Forces against the Francophone Gilles Duceppe MP and the seditious Bloc Quebecois regional, criminal, race, party, or resigning her position?
Does the E.U. have Canada’s E.I., because I really can’t imagine any trade talks that could take precedent over returning Canada’s ‘missing 54 billion dollar E.I. surplus’ or this Franco- “Quebecois”/”crises”.
Do we run off and forget the people of this country in order to sign some more useless some would even say “stupid”, Free-Trade deals, with a bunch of bankrupt European misfits?
“I dooon’t think so”.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Who is Richard Warmen and why is he still employed at Canada’s Department of National Defence as the chief human rights investigator?
This is the same Richard Warmen that has admitted under oath to writing “the Anne Cools Post” and calling her the naughty N word referring to Blacks and the naughty C word referring to some parts possibly learned in a ladies anatomy school class.This is Canada’s DND human rights “chief Investigator”. One could wonder and must ask how this man could land that kind of sensitive position with in the government and when?

E.I. E.I. Ohhhh

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