(MMP) Looking for a problem with Canadian politics (FPTP)

By proportion of seats in the parliament and by percentage of the popular vote. If the Bloc Quebecois had won the Conservative vote numbers they would have won nearly 200 seats in the house of commons, a huge majority.

(FPTP) Plurality, “Winner take-all” election system is not the problem, regional racist voting is.

(MMP) Proportional electing would only leave a government with more than two parties a perpetual minority and practically useless and would allow for even more division or anarchy.

This country needs a plumber and not a doctor.

The Bloc Quebecois won more seats than the NDP with only half as many votes.

The real problem is the regional and racist voting allowed in the federal election not the need for a better voter system.

Conservative 143 46.4 46.4% 5,205,334 37.6 37.6%
Green Party 0 0.0 0.0% 940,747 6.8 6.8%
Bloc Québécois 50 16.2 16.2% 1,379,565 10.0 10.0%
NDP-New Democratic Party 37 12.0 12.0% 2,517,075 18.2 18.2%

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Elections Canada ” Regional parties”

Dear member of parliament,
Elections Canada should not allow regional party’s to participate in the federal elections.
Could this wrong not be easily corrected by having some rules that prevent electing regional parties like the Bloc Quebecois to the federal government?
The Reform Party was “regional” at it’s roots but ran and elected candidates in more than just one province and region. I remember voting for the Reform Party in Ontario in the 1993 election.
There needs to be rules that prevent federal political party’s from having only candidates in only one province of the country.
*, Ontario, Canada

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