Ontario welfare yuppies

Dear *(my provincial member of parliament),
Is Ontario using it’s cuts in general welfare to municipalities and savings from amalgamation to fund welfare day-care for “Yuppies” ?
I was reading in this mornings news that the province of Ontario is going to be funding child day-care for families that earn a NET income of sixty thousand dollars a year.
You say (my mpp) in the article that “children need help in their preparation for entering grade one”.
A “welfare mom” receives less income today due to provincial decreases than in the 1980’s.
Yet the province has money to subsidize day-care spots for the child of a family with a net income of sixty thousand dollars.
There is something so obviously wrong here that I must consider that something criminal may be going on in your government which could lead to this present situation.
I’ll look for stuff and if I find anything disturbing enough I shall consider involving the police, attorney general and Ontario’s human rights commission if or when warranted.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

“Hate crimes”


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