Just ask Michael Wilson, dumb separatist

need a “paltform”, why don’t you ask Michael Wilson for some idea’s?

Maybe you could cut down on the the perceived vote pandering with taxpayers money?
Ie. extending workers benefits to the self-employed which the more I read about the more I do not like.
Not to mention letting the Liberals get away with stealing the E.I. surplus from Canadians.
Avoid segmentation vote pandering to certain parts of society while basically ignoring the whole.
A Conservative government is only going to be successful cutting taxes unless they only cut business taxes, which is really a bad idea if you want to be re-elected.
Pandering in Quebec and to Quebecers has reached all time highs with this government and has cost the Conservatives and this country.
You seem more liken an Alberta Separatist and a dumb one at that.
Who would imagine being in charge of Canada and ignoring the Ontario voter could ever be a good thing?
Joe Clarke?
The U.S. economy is bad but you need to run this country and not their’s and visa-versa.
Americans need to keep their “Business” out of this country’s politics and politicians.
Or why should Canadians pay for you and a parliament?
You stink but you still smell less than the Communists I mean Liberals and the Nut Democrats.I don’t speak for the Bloc supporting Quebeker.
You can think your smart but voters are not so stupid.

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