China is better off than Africa?

February 16, 2009
Dear the Right Honourable Paul Martin,
Is there anything I could say that would encourage you to leave this country and to not return, not ever? You are responsible for “gay-marriage” becoming law ie.,”same-sex marriage”.
You are also responsible for the Atlantic accords giving special treatment to some provinces which as I know is not even legal.You went on national television during the last election and accused the Conservative government of spending the country into the economic crises and breaking promises while you are the one responsible for allowing the E.I. surplus to go over the twenty billion dollars cap and then “spending” the entire surplus.
Yesterday I heard you speaking on CPAC TV saying that “China was better off than Africa because China has only one communist dictator while Africa has many elected leaders”, which apparently makes the Africans worse off than the Chinese somehow?
Honestly any man with your track record of lying and cheating as all other Liberal leaders that come to my mind in this country including Pierre (OLA) Trudeau and Chretien do or have done, should be investigated by the authorities as far as I’m concerned. CP ships and somhow gets an exemption from paying taxes while off-shore, which occurs while you are the finance minister?
Really I think you should be in jail sir along with your friends the “RH’s” Brian Mulroney and Steven Harper and the traitor’s Gilles Duceppe and Jean Charest.
Just amazing how some in the highest office’s in this country can do the things they do with impunity?
Because one ass covers for the other, that’s the ONLY reason Brian Mulroney and KH Shreiber aren’t being criminally investigated right now and why you are being allowed to run around when you should either be in a pshychiatric institution or a prison for your absolute criminal behaviour and actions. Only a lunatic could “spend” fifty plus billion dollars of  E.I. surplus and then run around telling everyone that the country is in desperate condition because someone else didn’t spend five billion dollars on Indian welfare or on national child daycare?
There is politics and then there is what you have been doing and frankly I consider you  a criminal and also an enemy of this country and neither a friend of the country nor a politician.
You should be expelled from this country for you behaviour quite frankly. Your friends Brian Mulroney, KarlHeinz Schrieber, Gilles Duceppe and Jean Charest on your coat tails, Harper can stay but should do at least three years for harbouring criminals in my opinion.”Ignorance is no excuse” as they say.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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What (EI) Surplus?

October 17, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament for * -*, *, * *
The Conservative finance minister did a decent job considering the previous years of mismanagement of Canada’s finance’s. Canada’s HRDC reportedly had a “fifty seven billion dollar E.I. surplus” that seems to not have been accounted for. Where is this gigantic “surplus” that belongs to Canadian employee’s and employer’s and was supposed to be “capped” at “twenty billion dollars” by Paul Martin a previous finance minister. Did the honourable Ralph Goodale MP do something that we should know about? Rumour has it the surplus was “SPENT” on “other programs” or the “national debt”? The E.I. surplus “twenty billion dollars”, belongs to and should be returned to the HRDC (lump sum, plus interest). The excess surplus (thirty”plus” billion reported), should be returned to those who own and overpaid by lump-sum (all). Even if the country has to go into debt to do so. “Bad Liberals”, the economy- “be damned”. This government needs to “pull-out the stops” to get the “E.I. surplus” back for the tax payers of this country and this finance minister should “pay the price” for not having done so already. Do my member of parliament think this government or any other government in Canada should steal a “fifty seven billion dollars” “rainy day” savings account without any accountability to anyone? I your like me probably not. Flaherty must pay the price for failing to take action to retrieve this “spent”, (I would say stolen), EI surplus? Where is the “Accountability” for those who have been robbed of they’re “rainy day” E.I. savings account? Sincerely Yours,

P.S.Fifty seven billion dollars is allot more important than any “Free” trade with Europe or France and if you asked me there should be no agreements with Europe. The EU is a big pathetic financial suck-hole even bigger than the U.S. Get the EI surplus back first, please!
One thing seems certain given the global economic turmoil buffeting Canada: Harper won’t be listening to idle whispers that it’s time to replace Finance Minister Jim Flaherty when he names the new cabinet sometime around Oct. 27.

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carbon taxes?

Link to petition

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Vote Liberal – get it over with!

What is that sucking and blowing sound?

October 08, 2008

Dear member of parliament,
I looked at the spending in the Conservatives platform. It is being called “mild” by comparison to the other Party’s spending.
Reducing income taxes particularly by using “income-splitting” would offer much more help for everything from Housing to the Self-Employed, Artists and Veterans to the economy over-all.
I know this government is well aware of “income – splitting” and it’s costs but are apparently completely ignorant of the benefits to families and consumers and business or the economy.
I thought Conservatives represented lower taxes, less government, less spending and less bureaucracy?
I don’t see any of that in this platform and though considered “mild” according to some Liberal standards, gets a “thumbs down” from me, for overlooking tax cuts, especially for those who need them the most and increasing “Corporate Welfare” and arts and social spending.
“Two thumbs down”!
Cut taxes and government corporate welfare and social spending!
Or I’ll vote for the Liberals too, your stinking welfare spending is costing this economy more than it can afford especially at a time like this.
Shoot the “lame-duck”?
All these “drib-drab”, “limp-noodle” spending increases, ‘here and there’, are sucking out the surplus of this country’s economy while doing nothing good for the economy.
Speaking of a “Surplus” does anyone know where the Liberal’s E.I. Surplus is?
Someone’s been waiting for it to be mentioned in any fiscal budget or a party platform?
Is it missing or something? “57 Billion dollars”? Where is the E.I. surplus mentioned in your government budgets or any party platform?
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Where is Canada’s E.I. surplus?

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What’s good for you?

Sunday, October 05, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
“Income splitting” could be important for all Canadians.
Income splitting would allow a stay at home spouse “partner” or parent to know that they’re work in the home counts for something as it clearly does.
The economy likely matters the most right now to some and this could be an important change that would allow more earned income to stay at home.
This could even be a security measure for those concerned about needing to look for a second job or to go out to work as opposed to rather staying at home to care for their children.
Low income earners are the most stressed in hard times by expenses and by taxes and need tax relief as much as businesses or even more.
Cutting the low income tax bracket and/or income-splitting would be big vote getters in my opinion and are what is ‘good for you’ to, what’s good for Canada is less need for social spending and more take home pay, “income-splitting” does seems like a good deal.
Some of the tax rates may need adjusting upward as this measure should mostly affect those the most needy,the working poorer and those who have to choose between having enough at home or needing to get extra work outside the home.


*, Ontario, Canada
Good ad. by the way.

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