Learn about the world wide epidemic which isn’t and “78%” of you are infected with.

I wonder what “education” is being offered to those who may not have even heard of HPV?

I know that some groups in the U.S.A. have actually lobbied successfully to prevent this disease from being  listed as an epidemic or pandemic by their government.

HPV is not even listed in Canada as  a “reportable” STI ?

They say all  it takes is “skin to skin contact” to pass along HPV.

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Dewey Cheatem ‘n’ Howe

September 26, 2008
To whom it may concern,
Dalton McGuinty Premier, Howard Hampton MPP and John Tory, Leader of the Official Ontario opposition were witnessed by myself and likely others to “agree” to continue “publicly funding” of some separate schools in Ontario to the exclusion of all others and without a vote held in the Ontario parliament.
There are many other religions in Ontario that are not allowed by law to redirect public school taxes to their own private or “separate”school board.
This is a hate crime in my opinion. The continued actions by the three leaders of this province to force the continuation of funding for only private Catholic (separate) schools is discrimination and also tax fraud.

John Tory’s plan to extend this tax fraud to other private schools was a further insult to the Ontario tax payer and a failure, thankfully. John Tory has since returned to his original position of supporting hateful discrimination of funding only private (separate) Catholic schools.
Dalton McGuinty, Howard Hampton and John Tory were and still are committing a criminal offence by conspiring without a vote to fund only private Catholic schools with public school taxes and by definition should be held accountable for their “hate crimes”.
Private schools are called private schools for a reason and not so “lying” criminals can fund some and allow others to re-direct public school taxes from public schools to their own private (separate) religious school board. That is called theft, not that someone who would tell “two hundred lies” to win an election would know anything.
I say fix the problem now or face this kind of “threat” in a criminal court, that would be my advice to Ontario’s parliament, believe it or not.
I think the RCMP should be called today and the three charged and hauled off to jail! Slime-balls, “Do not pass GO”, that’s my opinion. I’ll post this to my publicly accessible blog, with hope someone else may have the energy or time to deal with you “criminals”.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

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I see a ‘hate crime’ somewhere?

November 28, 2007
Dear member(s) of parliament for *, * *, m.p. and * *, m.p.p.,
The province of Ontario is discriminatingly funding one particular religious school to the exclusion of all others.
This discrimination is now illegal and an indictable offense in Canada, since the passing into law of the federal hate crimes bill.
What, if anything, can you or the provincial member of parliament do to enforce Canada’s law and may cause the premier of Ontario to stop the present discriminatory and illegal funding of one religious school to the exclusion of all others in Ontario, before expensive and legal means may become necessary?
This blatant religious discrimination by the government of Ontario or any other, should not be ignored or tolerated by Canada’s legal or government officials and should be dealt with accordingly and as is now prescribed by the federal hate crimes bill, which would see the ‘doer’s of the crime doin the time’.
I make this statement as a citizen of Canada, resident of Ontario, constituent of your government(s) riding(s) and also a witness to the above mentioned and government sponsored hate crime in Canada by all present leaders and all present parties of the Government of Ontario.

Sincerely yours,
* *
* * * *
*, Ontario, Canada

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