What’s good for you?

Sunday, October 05, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
“Income splitting” could be important for all Canadians.
Income splitting would allow a stay at home spouse “partner” or parent to know that they’re work in the home counts for something as it clearly does.
The economy likely matters the most right now to some and this could be an important change that would allow more earned income to stay at home.
This could even be a security measure for those concerned about needing to look for a second job or to go out to work as opposed to rather staying at home to care for their children.
Low income earners are the most stressed in hard times by expenses and by taxes and need tax relief as much as businesses or even more.
Cutting the low income tax bracket and/or income-splitting would be big vote getters in my opinion and are what is ‘good for you’ to, what’s good for Canada is less need for social spending and more take home pay, “income-splitting” does seems like a good deal.
Some of the tax rates may need adjusting upward as this measure should mostly affect those the most needy,the working poorer and those who have to choose between having enough at home or needing to get extra work outside the home.


*, Ontario, Canada
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