one ice breaker please

Subject: did I mention we need a Ice Breaker?

Dear Member’s of Parliament for *-*, *,

Yes, I think I did somewhere.

Of course I did not mean a polar-class icebreaker. A ship that will break ice, is that too much to ask? That’s needed here and the jobs that go with it being stationed in the area would be very welcome.
The trouble here I think is waiting for a icebreaker when it is needed and then it not being able to break through the ice because the ice build-up before the icebreaker can get here. That is why it needs to be stationed here.
Let’s use a pittance of the billions of dollars your government is throwing around for “make-work projects” to finally get this area something it needs and has needed for decades.
I can not believe there isn’t already a Icebreaker on this side of the Niagra Falls? At least not from what I can glean from the Canada Coast Guard’s web page. There doesn’t seem to be any stationed in the Great Lakes area at all?
Christmas is coming, call “Santa” and order me one please.
Tell him we also need the job’s here that would go with it, and I want a station too, a big one, may be ask for a Polar Class even though I know he’s out of those.
Sincerely yours,
* *
*, Ontario, Canada

P.S. Not kidding

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