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“EU climate policy” is not and should not be Canada’s climate policy.

October 16, 2008

Forwarded to the Honourable’s David Emerson and Josee Vernier,

October 16, 2008
Dear Member of Parliament for *-*, *,*,
Canadians do no longer accept Stephane Dion and the Kyoto protocols premise of “man-made” or “man-causes” of the “Global Warming/Climate Change” presumption.
Canada should not even be involved with EU climate policy that allows for the presumption/falsehood of “man-made” or any C02 causes for “global warming/climate change”.
Science does say that the sun’s activity is the real cause of “climate change/global warming” and that this is “predictable and historical”. I would like Canada out of the Kyoto Accord altogether along with the Atlantic accords that still give Newfoundland too much transfers.
EU – “Free-Trade” with Canada should not be undertaken until the U.S.-Canada-Mexico agreement (NAFTA) is fixed. In fact most Canadians believe Free-Trade should be cancelled or even “abrogated”.
I would ask that the prime minister do not even attend the EU climate change or free trade-deal meetings. Canada does not need the EU and if you or this prime minister does not like that you should know “where the door is” and use it.
Resigning your seat or office is not out of the question if you believe that the EU has anything to offer Canada that is not in the best interest of Canada and are lacking in “intestinal fortitude”/guts to say to them “No Deal”.
The Canada/U.S “Free-Trade Deal” was a scam according to some well respected Canadians and I remember allot of talk about Canadian “softwood lumber” not being honoured by this “deal” and how Jean Chretien PM had made a promise to scrap this deal or “abrogate”. The government could and should keep this promise and cancell American “Free-Trade” (NAFTA), and do so for the majority of Canadians that did not and still do not support this Brian Mulroney Trade “deal”.
Or the prime minister should be asked by yourself to resign in my opinion.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Say no to Kyoto

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No Deal

Flaherty meets with G7

October 11, 2008
Dear the Minister of Finance the Honourable Jim Flaherty, MP,
Canada should not have any part of signing any “deals”, “treaties” or “agreements” with the same ‘morons’ that are responsible for this mortgage/economy/banking/credit – crisis in the U.S.
I sent an email to this minister and Cc: to the Ontario minister of finance last year after George Bush blamed “the borrowers” and not the lenders for what was then only a “mortgage crises” in the U.S. I mentioned that was wrong for President Bush and that he had “missed the ball” by blaming the borrowers when the lenders were the ones that caused the problem.
Their government is responsible for this mess and for letting the irresponsible lobbying schemers to take charge of the policy making of their government.
The U.S. government’s own corruption is the real cause of the trillions of dollars in losses and bailouts being suffered.
Let them fix their own mess.
Beware of any “deals” with them or the European’s and this finance minister if re-elected should try to get back the TSX from the S&P in Toronto asap.
I support the Conservative Party of Canada this time and “the abrogation” of ‘Free Trade’ or NAFTA.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. What has NAFTA done for Canada’s softwood lumber industry or Canadian manufacturers lately?

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