Jean Charest and Gilles Duceppe

October 17, 2008
Dear * *, Member of Parliament for * *, *,
Jean Charest the provincial premier of Quebec is a traitor and I want him arrested and tried.
Gilles Duceppe MP has only committed sedition and seditious libel to my knowledge but Jean Charest MPP, Premiere, is a traitor as I have previously mentioned.
This president of France that I am listening to right now “Live” on CTVNews should be THROWN out of this country and France should be removed from any nation’s that we deal with as “friends”. Until they stop their sedition in this country.
‘New France’ was seceded to the crown of Great Britain, c.1763, in exchange for some British properties and was defeated by war with Great Britain.
Do put a stop to any further “Francophonie summits” within Canada please.
Cancel the Official Languages Act in Canada immediately and do stop calling the Province of Quebec, PQ, “A Nation”, Mr.Prime Minister, and do remove the “National Assembly of Quebec” from within Canada.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Why isn’t Karl Heinz Schreiber facing a criminal trial for his admission of “bribing” a former prime minister of Canada?
Sorry, that is called being “above the law” and we all know ‘that aint right’.


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Say No to Trudeau

‘Duceppe blasts Trudeau for backing bilingualism’

October 11, 2008

Dear member of parliament for * *, *, * *,

Seems that Gilles Duceppe does not approve of the official languages act.
“Trudeau’s son described those who are unilingual as lazy, as if it wasn’t normal for someone to speak their own language, live in their language and to want to work in their language.” – Gilles Duceppe, Oct.11 -canwest news service
If the Bloc Quebecois do not want national bilingualism then the Canadian government should abolish that act.
I would like to see the metric system in Canada abolished also and the “Atlantic Accords” that are still sending money to some eastern province’s and any other “deal” that allows Saskatchewan or any other province to get around paying or receiving fair transfers.
“Ontario pays twenty billion” more than supposed to to the federal treasury each year, if there is any truth to that then that should be fixed. Ontario is hurting and Quebec is laughing.
The Bloc Quebecois does not want official bilingualism so why do we have have this act in Canada?
Canadians do not want official bilingualism or the metric system for that matter, this government should get rid of both of them.Only the Liberals support this bogus act.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada
P.S. Employment Insurance is not for those who are self-employed and this is further abuse of the original purpose of this program-(unemployment).
E.I. is not for maternity leave either and should be completely scrapped if this is the way the program is going to be used,abused.(Unemployment Insurance)
The “spent” “57 billion” E.I. Surplus must be returned to those who overpaid they’re E.I. premiums and those who ” spent” that should be held “accountable” or the police should be investigating this as a criminal matter!
Karl Heinz Schreiber, Brian Mulroney, Gilles Duceppe and now Paul Martin, who’s going to be next in this country to not be charged for breaking the law, some of us could only wonder?

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