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October 09, 2008
Dear member of parliament,
Seems income-splitting would encourage one parent to stay at home to care for the children rather than needing welfare subsidies from the tax payers.
Obviously this would be costly to the government and money could be saved by cuts to tax benefits and social welfare spending and by making business pay a fairer share, (individual Income tax are a business cost, expense, do not overlook those economics), the higher tax brackets may need to be adjusted upward some.
Income-splitting should be a priority for the government including provincial governments and especially those considered “Conservative”.
A big vote getter no doubt.
Income-splitting should be for everyone.
Very do-able in my opinion.
Sincerely Yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

Daycare children abused

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Ontario welfare yuppies

Dear *(my provincial member of parliament),
Is Ontario using it’s cuts in general welfare to municipalities and savings from amalgamation to fund welfare day-care for “Yuppies” ?
I was reading in this mornings news that the province of Ontario is going to be funding child day-care for families that earn a NET income of sixty thousand dollars a year.
You say (my mpp) in the article that “children need help in their preparation for entering grade one”.
A “welfare mom” receives less income today due to provincial decreases than in the 1980’s.
Yet the province has money to subsidize day-care spots for the child of a family with a net income of sixty thousand dollars.
There is something so obviously wrong here that I must consider that something criminal may be going on in your government which could lead to this present situation.
I’ll look for stuff and if I find anything disturbing enough I shall consider involving the police, attorney general and Ontario’s human rights commission if or when warranted.
Sincerely yours,
*, Ontario, Canada

“Hate crimes”

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